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Author Topic: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]  (Read 2056 times)

Description: 06.24.508 AL - Early Evening

Offline Evesa

Re: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2017, 02:30:55 AM »
Ithiskarien had slept in her own weyr. The tension between the two women was almost as awful as that between Lyrial and her riders. Evesa was trying. She was. She wouldn't let Ithiskarien go, not again. Yet...how in the world could she... No. Not now. Reprimanding herself, she donned her dress uniform and made her way down to the Weyrbowl, Seriath watching from high up. This all felt wrong. She ought to have been walking down with her weyrmate, her love. Holding her hand, perhaps giving her a kiss for good luck. Instead, grim-faced and stiff-backed, she arrived alone and took her place with her wingmates in Fire Sky. Slightly-bloodshot eyes sought out Ithiskarien on the other end of the aisle, and she struggled not to stare at the bluerider as R'nic and Zy'kou received their knots and honorifics.

Her heart stopped when Ithiskarien was called next. Relief mixed with anxiety as the bluerider advanced. Her love wouldn't be in her wing. They wouldn't have any risk of being distracted during drills or Fall. Yet...she had hoped...at least if Ithiskarien had been in Fire Sky, she would have known immediately of any injuries... A wave of eager, bubbly affection and joy washed over her, courtesy of the dappled green who was struggling to keep still on her ledge. The pair listened to Lyrial with baited breath...and a startled gasp escaped Evesa's lips. An honorific! Seriath! In that brief moment, their troubles were forgotten, and she smiled a genuine smile at her lover and clapped louder than she had for the previous graduates. If the Weyr was going to be subdued... A bugle sounded, and she smiled wider. Seriath could surely make up for the lack of human enthusiasm in the crowd.

We are so proud of yoU! the green told Khyrth and Ith'rien. We love you so so much!

And that brought Evesa back to reality. Back to the strain, the mistrust, the worry. Her smile dimmed, yet her gaze followed Ithis--Ith'rien--longingly as the woman joined her new wingmates. Please know that I love you. I love you. Pregnancy symptoms or not, heartache or not, she needed to Ith'rien to know how proud she was.

Offline C'aelo

Re: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]
« Reply #16 on: January 23, 2017, 01:09:17 AM »
The lines on Caedarlo’s clothes were crisp. His hair was styled as usual, slicked back and neat. This was not where he initially saw his life going, but the idea of working with this team to protect all of Pern was definitely something he could be proud of and look forward to. And by the Egg, he’ll be good at it. Tiennath could barely contain his, large brown self due to the excitement. And pretty much after every person was called, he would respond with Now us? It almost caused Caelo to break into a smile from his otherwise composed self.

And then they were called, and Tiennath’s voice boomed happily across the sea of people’s minds. That’s us! Caelo groaned as he stepped forward. Tiennath never seemed to have gained the habit of only talking to his rider and other dragons, despite having grown up. He just enjoyed talking with others and it helped get his rider out there, much to Caelo’s dismay. Keep it together Tiennath He gently reminded the brown as they composed themselves and made his way down the aisle. His blue eyes briefly sought out the unique green rider Havalyn. Seeing her red hair caused his chest to blossom with pride and warmth. Yes, I’d be content to live a life protecting them with you Tiennath.

Once he reached the end, he bowed to the Weyrwoman has he had seen many others before him do. She was a woman he respected, as he should, but felt he didn’t know well. He smiled at J’ren as he took his knots. ”Thank you, you won’t regret your decision.’ He promised, then made his way to the section dictated to be Fire Sky’s section, satisfied that he was one of the first to be called.

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]
« Reply #17 on: January 24, 2017, 07:07:53 AM »
Lyrial smiled at the newest brownrider and clapped with the Weyr as he exchanged his knots with the Co-Weyrleader. Her chest ached with pride as each new rider joined the ranks of High Reaches and she had to wipe at her eyes as they misted up thinking about it. Once they took their place among the Fir Sky wing, the Weyrwoman called out the next name.

“Releck and Bronze Gryseinth, congratulations on completing your Weyrlinghood. Wingleader J’ren has tapped you for the Fire Sky Wing. Welcome, Bronzerider R’leck.”

The Weyrwoman couldn’t wait to get through the wing tappings… there were a couple more promotions to ranks that she wanted make after the work the riders had done in the Past. She couldn’t force N’vet to take the position of another Weyrlingmaster, but she did have M’han and Havalyn in mind for higher ranks within High Reaches. After all, they had a lot to do with the success of the mission at Far Isles Weyr.

Even more exciting for Lyrial was the fact that she had finally figured out a lesson plan for Apprentices to the Dragonhealing Craft she had opened in the Weyr. She would be opening the Craft to people who wanted to learn and the thought had her vibrating with excitement. She and Alicona would be teaching what they did best, at last. It had been a long, rough road getting out from under the Masterhealer’s thumb, but no longer would the Weyr have to look to the Halls for permission to care for their dragons as Healers. Now, they were Dragonhealers.

Offline Weyr Trader R'nic

Re: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]
« Reply #18 on: April 19, 2017, 12:56:23 AM »
R’nic stood proudly with his new wing as the rest of his class received their new names. The only real surprise so far had been Ithis (or should he say, Ith’rien?) shortening her name. He made sure to give the weary blue a warm smile as she came to join them. She would perhaps need the most support of all of them, if the crowd was any indication. Quite aside from the complaints about tradition, R’nic found it simply stupid how some of the weyrfolk seemed determined to tear down what would otherwise be a valuable rider. Of course, the rest of the weyr hadn’t had the chance to test her either. The weyrlings all been subject to the doubts and mistrust over the past weeks, to some degree.

They would learn better, with time.

The somber thoughts vanished into the sun as he watched Aende make her walk, and R’nic cheered as loudly as he could for his weyrmate as she took her place.

Send Elmindreth our love, would you? And tell Aende how proud I am. We’ve come a long way to get here.

Certainly. And we’ll do even more yet.

He gave a respectful nod to Kaltyra as she joined them. He knew that many of the other weyrlings had disliked the woman, but he’d managed a workable relationship with her during their time on the island. Kaltyra was simple enough to deal with if you understood her, and Rynic had dealt with far more obnoxious holdfolk and crafters – that had far fewer talents.

As the ceremony wound on, R’nic did his best to stay focused and pay attention to the graduates, particularly those that would be in his wing. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event for them all, and he felt obligated to show his support for all of them. Nevertheless, as they began to fill the other wing and he no longer had to shake hands or exchange brief words with the graduates passing him, his mind began to wander to the future, and his attention shifted to trade routes and old contacts to reach out to.

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]
« Reply #19 on: April 19, 2017, 01:59:04 AM »
Off-Topic: Regarding Releck and his Graduation... • show
I apologize again in advance... It would seem school and life had gotten the better of Chief and she has had to step away again. In order to move this forward, I have graduated R'leck to stand with the wings using as little god modding as possible. However, it needed to be done in order for us to progress with the plots on site.

From this point forward, R'leck is an NPC going through the motions off-camera.

As the newly graduated bronzerider made his walk up the aisle with the Weyr chanting his new name, the Weyrwoman looked carefully around the faces without moving her head. She was afraid that L'ric would make a scene about another female bluerider, but as of yet he hadn't commented. Lyrial grimaced, that man was a nuisance and she didn't like him sniffing around her goldriders. She thanked Faranth once again that T'rius had won the mating flight and in the distance, Eireth rumbled her agreement.

She clapped her hands as R'leck and his bronze received their new knots from J'ren and looked to her list once more. "Raesyn and Green Neyith, congratulations on completing your Weyrlinghood. You have been tapped for the Fire Sky Wing as well as the Silver Sear Search Crew. You will continue your training with Search Captain Syra in addition to your new Wingleader J'ren. Welcome, Searchrider R'syn."

The crowd began chanting the greenrider's name and Lyrial added her voice and clapping to the sound, waiting for the newly graduated pair to reach them at the end of the aisle. If nothing else, the Far Isles timing had done what it needed to; prepared these riders for the threat of Thread, and giving their wings a much needed dragon power boost.

Lyrial was sure they would suffer many injuries if they had to fight for all of Pern with one Weyr, but by the Egg she was going to do her best to prepare the world for Thread... one disbelieving Holder at a time.

Offline Seachrider Raesyn

Re: [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate [SR Weyrlings/Open]
« Reply #20 on: April 28, 2017, 11:19:29 AM »
As the graduation ceremony went on, the crowd's attention was mostly set on the pairs that were successively called and made their way to the front to cheers and and chants and, well, a few boos for Ithis (though Raesyn made sure to clap extra loud for her because of that). And so attention was not on the certain nervous wreck of a green weyrling (soon to be rider) in the back. Raesyn was a jumbled mix of emotions as he waited. Joy, nerves, pride, anticipation, and everything else mingled together in him. Happiness and pride for his fellows swelled each time another one was called, momentarily overshadowing his apprehension. Glances to his sides at the others from their clutch, at least, let him know he wasn't the one feeling that way, he was fairly certain. He had always been a bit of a people watcher and that had only intensified since he had started his training with Syra upon returning. It was a comfort to him to know that he and Neyith had a specific spot waiting for them beyond even being placed in a wing and helped to quell the absolutely irrational fear that grew in him as more and more were called before them that somehow they had decided not to tap him and Neyith at all.

But then there is was. She had called his name. It was really happening. And- oh right, he was supposed to be walking now, right? He took a stuttering step forward and tried to walk forward with confidence. Raesyn was so tall that he often tried to shrink his frame to look shorter, especially around groups of people. He had grown even taller in their time on the Isles, he wondered if those in attendance noticed? The last time  most of them had seen him it was right after he'd been mauled. A blush grew on his cheeks as he realized the hatching had scarcely passed for them and wondered if that meant that the fact that N'vet had kissed him in front of the Weyr at the Hatching would be fresh in their minds.

He was distracted from that mortifying thought by hearing Neyith in the back of his mind, talking to any dragon near her that would listen. Hey! Hey that one is my person! That big cute one there. The green beamed with pride at her rider and herself, chattering on. But that at least brought a smile to Raesyn's face and calmed him down as he walked. He managed to reach the front after only almost tripping once (he quickly caught himself). At the front he grinned a dimpled grin at Lyrial and J'ren before bowing and acquiring his new knots that marked his new name and rank as Searchrider R'syn.


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