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Author Topic: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]  (Read 1617 times)

Description: 06.23.508 AL -- Evening

Offline Ceresa

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #15 on: April 16, 2017, 10:28:26 PM »
Ceresa nodded at his comment about knowing his letters. She noted that he didn't tell her he could read and write which gave her the idea that it may be something he was still learning. That was fine, Kari hadn't known any of her lessons when she had come to the Weyr. "You'll sleep with us then. As soon as you finish eating. Take your time, there's no hurry." she told him.

Stretching, Ceresa conferred with her dragon, making arrangements for the green to quietly 'choose' to sleep blocking the cool night air from her ledge. She knew she could contact Lyrial through Eireth, but she also wanted to make her adoption of Kiroah formal and that would be done in person before the Weyrleaders and Headwoman. They'd also be making plans for building the wall for his sleeping area and Ceresa didn't want those directions to come through the grapevine of rider to dragon to dragon to rider and then back again. The greenrider also asked Araseth to come down from her ledge to meet them near the exit of the storage caverns. The green would be ferrying up the frame of the young man's bed and mattress while the two humans gathered his belongings and bedding.

Ceresa cast an eye around the room, catching the eye of familiar faces and offering them a polite nod in acknowledgement of their silent greetings. She noted a few likely helpers for the morning and sent out requests through Araseth as they had helped before. Ranalin would likely find the biggest, most sturdy of men to help with the heavy work when she knew about the project.

I am excited to meet you, Kiroah. Araseth told the young man privately, having learned his name from Ceresa speaking to her about him. She knew he wouldn't be able to respond, no one but Ranalin really was able to do that, but she wanted him to know that she was looking forward to seeing him.

Offline Kiroah

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2017, 12:46:41 AM »
Despite Ceresa telling him to take his time on his food, Kiroah made quick work of what he had left. He was a fairly voracious eater, partly by nature, partly because he was a growing teenage boy, and partly because for the first time in a long time he had access to as much as he could eat here. There was also the anticipation of what they needed to do after he was done spurring him on. He was honestly still a little rattled about having to stand in front of the Weyrwoman and who knew who else's scrutiny for all this to happen, but waiting around for that and dragging it out seemed worse than just finishing his food quickly so they could get it over with and taken care of.

As he finished, Ceresa's green spoke to him again and he grinned upon hearing her voice once more. And she knew his name, at that. The young man was yet oblivious to how meaningful that actually was, but it still made him feel good. Kiroah stacked his empty plates and eating utensils on top of each other and looked up Ceresa, nodding to her sheepishly. "I'm done." Which meant they could start working on what needed to be done for him to be sleeping in his new home by that night.

Offline Ceresa

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #17 on: April 18, 2017, 01:08:56 PM »
Ceresa turned her attention back to Kiroah when he announced that he was finished and nodded at him. She stacked his things with hers and picked them up. She gestured to him to follow her as she made a stop to drop off their things at a tub for washing. A quick glance to the Weyrleaders Dias told her that they weren't occupied and Ceresa led them to stand in front of the table then stopped and bowed, "My duties to you, Weyrleaders." she said formally, bowing to Lyrial and then the two men who flanked her. "May I have some of your time?"

"Of course, Greenrider Ceresa. How may we be of assistance?" Lyrial asked, her voice kind as she darted her eyes to Lyrial's companion.

Thank you," she began, "there are some matters regarding Kiroah and myself that I need to formalize with you. Kiroah is a ward of the Weyr, provided for by our stores. You are aware of my childhood situation at the Cothold where Karihnna, Nysene and I resided in our youth. Kiroah is another such from my old residence." Ceresa would never call that place 'home'. "I come to you to make my adoption of him official and take him under my protection and provider-ship in whatever capacity he wishes to see me in."

This time J'ren spoke up, straightening his back as he formally intoned, "Do you swear on your honor as a dragonrider that you will ensure that he never hungers, is provided the clothing and materials he may need for training and see to his needs within your best ability?" the man asked.

"I swear it on my honor." Ceresa responded, having learned the proper words previously. She turned to Ranalin, "The first of such duties is providing him a home to call his own. I request the aide of the Headwoman and the Weyr's builders in building a sleeping room for him in my quarters. This is both his request and wish, as well as mine."

Ranalin nodded imperiously, "It will be done at first light. Please have your dragon meet us outside so that we may sort out the furniture he will need in his sleeping room."

"It is already done, Headwoman Ranalin." Ceresa responded, turning back to Lyrial.

The Weyrwoman turned to Kiroah, "You have heard Ceresa's sworn oath to take you as family and provide for you from here on out. She has made provisions for your health and comfort to live with her, Nysene and Karihnna in their weyr. Was this decision to adopt you made with your knowledge and understanding? Do you want this for yourself?" she asked the young man, giving him a chance to decline but smiling warmly at him as she asked the formal question.

Offline Kiroah

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #18 on: April 28, 2017, 11:33:15 AM »

Kiroah followed after Ceresa, looking not unlike a lost, skittish puppy of sorts. He subconsciously moved closer to her as they neared the Weyrleaders' Dias. There, he watched Ceresa closely to try to figure out what to do. He wasn't so used to Weyr customs and he had definitely avoided being around anyone important enough to warrant bows since he had left the cothold. He started a bit, then bowed after the greenrider did, mimicking her as she bowed to all three. And even as Lyrial's eyes flicked to him, Kiroah's didn't meet her own. They darted up a few times to observe the Dias, but didn't rest on any person or place for very long.

He listened to what proceeded intently, though. He was somewhat in disbelief that it all went so smoothly. They all seemed to trust all of this so easily. Even those with authority didn't question or belittle or doubt Ceresa at all even thought she was a greenrider. Weird. So weird. He knew it should be reassuring. Maybe it did feel a bit encouraging on some level, but that was still foreign enough to Kiroah that even a positive emotion like that could put him on edge.

He tried not to jump as he realized Lyrial was speaking to him. Obviously they were speaking about him the whole time so it wasn't like he wasn't under their scrutiny, but it felt so much more magnified when he was being directly spoken to. He shifted uncomfortably for a moment. He lifted his gaze so he could see Lyrial, but didn't meet her gaze directly. Still, his answer came out clear despite how clearly uncomfortable he was with the situation. "Yes." It was a clear, calm, and simple answer to both of her questions. He knew about it. And he wanted it.

Offline Ceresa

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #19 on: May 02, 2017, 04:58:22 PM »
Ceresa wanted to put her hand on Kiroah's arm in commiseration but since she herself didn't like being touched, she couldn't imagine touching another person without being asked to do so. Instead she stepped closer to the young man as he answered the Weyrwoman's question. "You have heard Ceresa's sworn oath to take you as family and provide for you from here on out. She has made provisions for your health and comfort to live with her, Nysene and Karihnna in their weyr. Was this decision to adopt you made with your knowledge and understanding? Do you want this for yourself?" she asked the young man.

The greenrider noted that though he pretended to look at the high ranking woman, he was no looking her in the eyes. She wouldn't have been shocked if he was looking at a point just off from her head but close enough to appear as though he were making eye contact. Ceresa was prone to doing the same thing, even this far past the events in her childhood. "Yes." came the answer from Kiroah. The woman's heart skipped a beat even though she had known the answer beforehand.

"Heard and witnessed," came the response from the gathered representatives and witnesses in a tone that had the dragons outside trumpeting their approval. "Let it be known that from this moment forward, Ceresa is the provider and family of Kiroah the Foundling." Lyrial continued, making the arrangement formal.

"Thank you, Weyrleaders." the greenrider responded, bowing again to the group. "There is another matter I wanted to discuss." Ceresa waited for them to tell her to continue. "I now have three Candidates under roof. I also have a very large weyr for my green dragon. I am sure that one day, if not soon, Kiroah, Nysene and Karihnna will Impress. Given that my weyr has ground access, I would like permission for them to keep their residence in my weyr as weyrlings in training."

"Traditionally weyrlings are separated into gender groups within the weyrling barracks in order for them to be around their clutchmates. How do you propose to do this within your weyr?" Ranalin asked, sitting up in her chair.

"Headwoman, it is common knowledge that we wake before most others. It seems to be a tradition in my weyr to wake for a morning run. Each of us has our own sleeping space provided, there would be no shared quarters between them. Not to mention we are as family, so I highly doubt that Kiroah would make advances on the girls -- nor they on him. I am confident that this trend would continue into their Weyrlinghood and not only that, I would expect them to participate in their weyrling chores and lessons with their clutchmates. Where they sleep is the only affected part of their training." Ceresa responded, detailing her thoughts on the matter. "Furthemore, my weyr is closer to the weyrling barracks than most, so the trip would not be any more tiring on the dragonet than a walk from the barracks to the weyr lake nor feeding grounds."

Ranalin was nodding along, as was Lyrial. "I can see the benefit of this for your small group. We are aware of some of your history and the reasons for these measures." the two women conferred in low voices before the Headwoman continued, "Provided the Weyrlingmaster is in agreement to this, we see no problem with this arrangement. However, if it becomes a problem or duties are shirked, I would expect any of the three of them to move to the Barracks as is appropriate."

Ceresa nodded, "Yes, Headwoman. Of course." Finally, they were dismissed (not unkindly) and the greenrider bowed once more before gesturing to Kiroah, turning and walking away. "Let's go meet Araseth and set you up with your furniture for you new room. If you would like, you may run ahead and retrieve your belongings from the Candidate Barracks."

Offline Kiroah

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #20 on: May 12, 2017, 05:07:00 PM »
The moment where they were focused on Kiroah and his answer soon passed and the boy was able to breathe easier. Well, a little at least. They were still standing in front of very important people and he didn’t know what to do with himself but at least it seemed as if he hadn’t messed up answering at the very least. He still wasn’t sure what to expect out of all this, but the formalization of the adoption did stir up warm feelings in the candidate that he let himself feel, mostly suspicion free.

He remained silent after that and listened to the rest of the conversation. It seemed as if he would be able to stay into weyrlinghood. She wouldn’t kick him out as soon as she could? That caught him off guard, as well as the trust she seemed to have in him when addressing the concerns of living with the candidate and potentially future weyrling girls in Ceresa’s weyr. They had already discussed it, but still. It mostly the fact that Ceresa already called them all family, even if he had yet to reunite with Nysene and Karihnna. But he supposed there would be the immediate connection of their shared past he had already found in Ceresa herself.

Finally, mirroring the greenrider’s bow once again, he turned with her to go, finally letting out a sigh of relief. A small smile peeked through on his face when the woman mentioned meeting her dragon. Kiroah couldn’t wait. He was ready to run off ahead to gather his meager belongings right away. The only thing keeping him from scampering off already being the lingering question of, “Where should I come find you after I get my things?”

Offline Ceresa

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #21 on: May 18, 2017, 01:00:05 PM »
"Oh, we'll still be here. We have to haul the furniture up from the storage caverns. By the time you get back Araseth will be ready to wing everything to the ledge and we can follow on foot." Ceresa said, nodding toward the green dragon that they were approaching.

In response, Araseth swung her head around to regard the pair with whirling green eyes. Moving more slowly she lowered it so that Kiroah was in the perfect place to scratch her eye-ridge, Is this Kiroah? she asked her rider, cocking her head to encourage him to scritch there.

"Yes, this is him." Ceresa said, warmth giving tone to her voice as she spoke to her dragon. A young man came out of the Store Rooms and moved with purpose toward Ceresa. She waited, watching him approach and noting that he was a weyrling.

With a quick bow he addressed the older woman, "Greenrider Ceresa, I have been asked to assist you with your needs today."

The woman nodded, turning to Kiroah for a moment, "What is your favorite color? You'll need to choose new bedding as the ones provided in the Candidate Barracks likely aren't your own." she informed him. In any case, he'd be receiving a bed (either twin or full), a couple of storage trunks, a mirror, a haversack (like a messenger bag), a bedside table, desk and chair, as well as several sets of work clothes for his chore times. He'd also be allowed to choose a floor rug that would cover most of the expose stone that made up a weyr. Ceresa made the assumption that toiletries had been provided to him already and that he knew how to find towels after he bathed.

"Headwoman Ranalin said that in addition to the usual provisions, he'd be allowed to make reasonable requests for other things he may want that can be provided to him." the weyrling informed her. The greenrider assumed this was because he, like herself, had come to the Weyr with whatever he could carry of his nomadic life.

"Why don't you think about it while you go get your things?" Ceresa suggested, knowing that being put on the spot was uncomfortable.

Offline Kiroah

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #22 on: June 02, 2017, 10:21:33 PM »
Kiroah's eyes widened as Ceresa pointed out her green as they approached. He had seen the Searchdragons that found him up close, of course, and had seen them around the Weyr since his arrival, but he was still not used to seeing them. And though he was skittish about most things, dragons were one of the few exceptions that he felt nothing of the sort about. He felt nothing but awe looking at them. They were a story come to life for him. One that gave a glimmer of hope beyond that of his possible impression. If dragons were real and right in front of him, maybe other things that seemed impossible or unattainable before would also be within his reach at some point.

He reached out a hand hesitantly to the green dragon as she lowered her head near him, scratching tentatively near her eye as he had seen others do and looking at Araseth with as much awe as many would give a gold. He largely seemed to ignore the approach of the other young man, still focusing his attention on the green dragon, only he shifted so he could easily what was going on with both Ceresa and him at a glance up from Araseth. He glanced up as she addressed him, thinking for a moment about the question. "White," he said. He wondered if that seemed weird. But maybe not as much when one considered that cleanliness was not a luxury Kiroah had been able to have too often, so clear, bright white was still a novel to him. But maybe people would say that was boring. "But also red and," he added as a more colorful alternative and also to give options so as not to seem demanding. He would take any color they gave him, to be honest, and be grateful for it. The generosity was odd to him. It was compounded by the fact that the boy informed them that he could make requests for things. He didn't know what he could possibly need other than what they had already given him.

Still, he nodded to the greenrider when she told him to think on it. A bit reluctantly, he stepped away from Araseth, but his enthusiasm soon returned as he sprinted off toward the barracks. A small smile broke onto his face as he ran, making the young man look like a carefree boy like one his age would normally be, if only for a few moments. He poked his head into his room in the barracks, relieved to find it empty so he could make a quiet exit. He was sure someone would tell his roommates about this- not that he thought they would care at all. Grabbing all of his meager belongings only took a few short moments. They were easily stuffed into a bag with room to spare, even with the things they had given him since he had arrived added in.

The quick task of packing done, he took off again, having only a slight moment of panic as he was returning that he wouldn't find Ceresa and Araseth waiting there for him when he came back as he did so. But they were. And so he stopped short of them, slightly out of breath from rushing around, but with the hint of a smile on his face to greet them once again.

Offline Ceresa

Re: Ghosts of the Past [Ceresa]
« Reply #23 on: June 06, 2017, 05:09:55 PM »
"White and red?" Ceresa asked, nodding to herself. There was plenty of things in storage in those colors as the dye was plentiful. She thought he would also like a light-wood bedframe and made a note of it as he took off toward the Candidate Barracks to retrieve his belongings. "While he is gone, let's get the white pine bed frame loaded onto Araseth. If his favorite color is white, I want to focus on light-colored items for his sleeping room." She told the weyrling, as she saw Kiroah returning and waved at him.

"We are going into the store rooms now," Ceresa said, "You'll be having a white pine set, which is as close to white as natural wood gets." she said, grinning. She knew from experience that there was a full set of the furniture in white pine to match. As they descended into the cooled chambers she stopped at a wall of rugs and peered closely at them, looking for one in the colors that Kiroah liked. With a grin she stopped next to one and un-rolled it revealing a very nice white and grey one. The rug was mostly white, but there were vine-like swirls on it in a grey that looked lovely. "Do you like this one or would you prefer one of the others?" she asked.


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