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Author Topic: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]  (Read 898 times)


Offline AWLM N'vet

Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:19:42 PM »
N'vet was tired. Everything since returning home was exhausting. There were so many people, the sounds were loud, the food smelled cloying... it was an adjustment to return to the Weyr and the greenrider was having a hard time. Especially, N'vet thought, because he was usually such a social butterfly. These days the greenrider was seeking quiet spots near the Weyr Lake to sit with Merenna and Salierith, but today was the day that he and M'han were planning to combine their personal weyrs into his and live together at High Reaches.

It was a strange change for both of them, considering how they had previously avoided falling in love and weyrmate situations. But now, they were together and they had a beautiful little girl of their own to raise. The child had changed a lot for them. It had forced them to think further into the future, to how they were going to handle having a child when they returned home, and to think of a plan in case one or both of them died during Threadfall.

N'vet was sure that his brother in the Holds would take his daughter and raise her with the family if it came down to it, but he really wanted her to grow up in the Weyr where her path in life wasn't dictated by the sort of marriage that could be arranged for her as if she was a commodity. If there was anything the greenrider loved, it was the freedom that the otherwise oppressed women had in the Weyr. Secretly N'vet hoped that she would take an interest in Dragonhealing so, if she studied hard enough, she could one day be a Master of her Craft. At this point, though, she was so young that it didn't matter what she wanted to do later in life, all that mattered was that she continued to stay healthy and happy.

One thing put his mind at ease, though, and that was the fact that Syra had offered to help raise Merenna if she was needed. Anything from wet nursing to bringing her to the Creche in the mornings with her own young son, to having her sleep in their Weyr if N'vet and M'han had a 'visitor' in their own weyr for the night. He had found out so much about the bluerider during her time bringing things back and forth in time. The greenrider hadn't known that Syra was a mother twice over... nor that her daughter had been given to a barren woman because it would be a better life than having a potential rider as a parent.

All of this was going through N'vet's mind as he held his daughter in his arms and sung to her low under his voice while swaying to the music some Harper was playing in the Weyr Bowl. It was a beautiful, slow, happy song on the violin that made the man smile just to hear it. N'vet leaned down and kissed the tiny forehead, "Your other papa is coming to live with us today, my sweetling. And you will get a little room all your own." he crooned as he swayed. She was trying so very hard to keep her eyes open and stay awake.

She won't be living in my couch. Salierith informed him, but N'vet knew she was secretly enamoured with the tiny human her rider had helped produce.

Offline M'han

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2017, 11:15:17 PM »
With a small 'oof', M'han set the last trunk of his belongings by Atsaith. This was exhausting. Not the work of it, exactly, since the bluerider was accustomed to work after spending the better part of his life riding. Just everything about moving like this, M'han tended to dislike. He wasn't a terribly organized individual by any stretch of the imagination. His thoughts, yes, he kept those organized, and that was good enough for him. And he did keep a few parts of his weyr more organized than others, but other parts were rather a disaster. The clutter didn't help. Growing up with nothing meant M'han had a tendency to hold onto possessions that he didn't necessarily need or use. He had a hard time throwing things out. Funny, that, considering how little he tended to hold onto relationships.

Well, until now, which is why he was moving. Something he never really planned on. M'han never counted on having a weyrmate. He was also unambitious enough that he never expected any sort of promotion, either. So he had never really seen himself moving out if the weyr he had been in for so long. And through all the monotony of packing and going through things, he was left with little else to do than reflect and think of the past and where he was now. Ugh. M'han hated that more than anything. Not to mention there was also the fact that it all just felt like moving again right after coming back from the past.

M'han loaded the trunk onto Atsaith for the blue to carry, along with his other things, securing it all in place and double checking things before he mounted his dragon and the two flew to N'vet's Assistant Weyrlingmaster weyr. Their new home. They had scarcely landed before the bluerider was jumping off of Atsaith's back and dragging his feet into the weyr proper with a pout, complaining as he entered, "Uggh. All that and now I do it all again... backwards."

Despite his whining, though, when he opened his eyes he was met with the sight of the two reasons for all this and couldn't help but grin. He swiftly closed the distance between himself and the greenrider, leaning in to run a gentle hand over Merenna's head, noting how sleepy their little one looked, and following it up with a kiss on her forehead. Learning that he and N'vet would be fathers- it was a shock to M'han, one that had almost made him want to run. All that uncertainty had vanished the moment he held her, though. He was still deathly afraid he would be a horrible parent. He wondered if N'vet knew that fear persisted, although he hadn't mentioned it since her birth. Despite all that, though, he was determined not to be and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had now found two loves in his life, where before he thought it all a lie.

He looked up at N'vet with a raised eyebrow and sighed slightly. "I'm exhausted and my lungs are full of dust and I'm bored out of my wits and I hope you know how much I love you," he told him with his usual casual and teasing tone, though he spoke the truth. It meant a lot that M'han was moving in here. As someone so similar to himself who had never settled down in the past, he knew N'vet knew that. Or so he hoped.

Offline AWLM N'vet

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2017, 01:27:39 PM »
N'vet grinned at M'han, rocking Merenna gently to make her sleep. His personal weyr was finely furnished in a minimal style. What he did have in his open concept home was very nice, but he liked the flow of having space to easily move around. He rarely closed the doors to his privy, office or sleeping area so everything had a nice feeling of being unrestricted. A small section of his room had been cordoned off for the baby's space, her bassinet had just enough room to be able to swing back and forth gently when the fathers were trying to put the baby to sleep, and the brake that stopped it from moving when she was finally asleep as facing into the room.

The greenrider watched as M'han's face changed when he took in their daughter and grinned himself when the other man kissed the top of her head. The baby coo'd in response, still fighting sleep. "Of course I know how much you love me. You're raising Merenna with me after all. Not to mention, moving into my weyr." his tone was light, but he wanted M'han to know how much it meant to him that they were going through it together instead of alone. The bluerider had had the option of walking away. N'vet had given it to him when he had found out the woman was pregnant and intending to hand off the child to them when it was born.

N'vet felt a trill of pleasure come through his bond with Salierith and he suppressed a grin at her expense. She claimed to be indifferent to Atsaith, but whenever he showed up she was inwardly thrilled despite pretending not to care. Shaking his head, the man slowly made his way toward Merenna's bassinet and set her in it. With a careful hand he set the brake and backed away. She had finally succumbed to sleep and he was not about to wake her up. Quickly leaving the room, the greenrider swooped M'han into a sweaty embrace and lead him across the room to the music that was still drifting into their weyr from the Harper below.

"Bored, love? Perhaps you'll favor me with a dance or two..." he said low in his throat, leaning to kiss the other man.

Offline M'han

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2017, 06:57:01 PM »
M'han watched his weyrmate walk awak to put down Merenna, smiling fondly. His attention was called away by his blue, though. Erm, M'han, I know you're having family time, but these straps... Oh. Right. He had packed everything onto his dragon, but had been eager to get inside.

He jogged back over to the ledge to unhook his belongings from Atsaith and relieve him of the burden. Hello Salierith. the quiet blue greeted the implacable green. He was fond of her and they had spent plenty of time together as their riders became closer, but Salierith could be tempestuous and Atsaith was still a little intimidated by her at times. M'han just patted the blues shoulder with a wry smile. Keep at it, buddy.

Atsaith swiftly freed of his straps, M'han once again walked back, just as N'vet returned from putting their daughter down and in time to get swept into the man's arms. There were no complaints from M'han at that. The bluerider eagerly returned the kiss, giving the other man's lip a small nibble as he pulled away. "Do you even have to ask?" N'vet surely knew how much M'han hated to be bored. Luckily things rarely were with N'vet.

M'han hummed along slightly with the music as he moved to wrap his right hand with N'vet's left. He was shorter than the other man, so it was easier for M'han to take the "female" role here, bringing his left hand to N'vet's shoulder, with bodies close. "You lead," he purred, locking his playful gaze with N'vet's.

Offline AWLM N'vet

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2017, 07:34:19 PM »
Atsaith. Salierith responded, turning to look into the weyr where her rider and M'han were gliding smoothly around the open space. Her eyes whirled contentedly as she had to lay her neck over the blue in order to see. Casually, as the green would never admit that it was for any purpose but to see N'vet, Salierith rested her head on Atsaith's back as she hummed quietly in contentment.

Ask the Harper to play a slow dance, love? Salierith heard N'vet request of her, and she dutifully did as he had asked.

Meanwhile N'vet let his arm wrap around M'han's waist and pull him close, listening for the change in the beat of the music being played. The song was another happy, slow, swaying-motion in his mind and the greenrider simply smiled at his weyrmate as he took to leading them in sweeping motions across the living space that had been abandoned and cold for so long. The sounds of two dragons, his lover, and soon their daughter would fill the weyr and bring life back to where silence had dominated during their absence. N'vet was glad to be home. He sighed with pleasure as he held M'han close with his eyes closed.

Music, along with his dragon, was one of the great loves that had always brought N'vet peace in the most stressful of times. He had been glad to find that some of the support staff had once aspired to be Harpers back on Far Isles Weyr and they had brought instruments with them. In the nights, lit by bonfires, there had been celebration and relaxation amidst the hard work of training the weyrlings. N'vet opened his eyes and kissed M'han's nose as he saw the man gazing up at him. He felt his body respond immediately to the man and chuckled wryly. "Well, it's good to see that I'm never too tired for you." he said with a low voice as the music of the dance faded away.

When it was silent once more he kissed M'han again and smiled, "Do you want some help unpacking?" N'vet asked. He made his way to the couch where Salierith still had her head resting on the larger blue dragon. Over the past sevenday he had made adjustments to the weyr so that it would easily house two dragons and the straps needed for them as well. There were extra pegs on the smooth walls for hanging harnesses and extra storage areas in the supply area. He had even made space in his closet for the other man's clothing and, N'vet admitted, it hadn't been hard to put his out of season clothing into storage trunks in the back. The rest, he had mused, would have to wait to see what M'han had decided to bring with him to their weyr.

Offline M'han

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2017, 11:26:34 AM »
Atsaith, quiet as ever, said nothing as Salierith casually lay her head on him to watch their riders. He just shifted slight so they could both be more comfortable, eyes swirling contentedly. He wasn’t sure how the green would take to sharing her ledge with him here, but maybe this was a good sign.

M’han settled into step with N’vet, following his lead in their looping dance through the weyr. M’han shared his weyrmate’s love of music and in those quiet moments jyst moving along with the greenrider to the rhythm, he was able to forget about the whole moving business for a few moments. Of course it had to come to an end, but not before N’vet leaned in to kiss him on the nose He smiled back at his comment, simply saying, “Good.” It was probably a good thing, really, considering how much work the man always had to do, and now with being a parent added to the workload. M’han hoped now that they had returned and N’vet would get to back to his duties as Assistant Weyrlingmaster, instead of acting Weyrlingmaster as he had been at the isles, he would be under far less stress.

He pulled away reluctantly from the last kiss as the music faded away, sighing slightly as N’vet brought him back to the reality of moving. Really, most of it was done already. The hardest part had been going through things before and figuring out what he actually needed to bring. In the end, his pragmatism had won out over that old habit of keeping everything he could from his days as a youth. Well, and there was the fact that his pesky little green firelizard liked to hoard junk, so a lot of it had also been sorting through Rhyme’s mess. Knowing that N’vet’s weyr was already furnished (much better than his own had been), M’han hadn’t brought too much with him after all was said and done. With so many if their weyrlings from the past now ready to graduate and settle into their own weyrs as full riders, M’han had given much of what he didn’t need to them, especially those he suspected had come from meager circumstances as he had. The bluerider hated to admit it, since he had shied away from connections in the past, but shard it if he wasn’t actually fond of all the little brats he had helped train. He was still maybe even more surprised at that fact than he was that he had come back with a weyrmate and daughter.

He pulled away, though not without trailing a hand down N’vet’s chest as he did. “Yes, you can help.” He turned to head over to where his belongings were, tilting his head as he went over them. By the time he had gone through the trouble of paring things down to what was necessary (mostly just clothes and gear, with a few other odds and ends), he was so over the whole thing that he had rather haphazardly packed it all, not caring enough o be bothered to organize it.

“Clothes?” he said to himself as he opened a trunk, then nodded to himself and closed it again. “Clothes. Probably all of it is at least. Can’t promise I didn’t just throw anything else in here either. Most everything I brought is just clothes, though.” He lifted the trunk to hand it off to his weyrmate.

Offline AWLM N'vet

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2017, 10:41:56 PM »
N'vet took the heavy trunk and heaved it up with his leg muscles, making his way to the bedroom quietly as he set the trunk just inside the closet against the bare wall that held a rod from which M'han could hang his finer clothing that he wanted to ensure didn't wrinkle. He went back, poking his head into another chest that appeared to hold things other than clothes, then waited instead of poking around more. "If you close the door to the closet, the hung clothing will muffle your sounds while you unpack. Merenna is used to hearing that so hopefully it wont wake her." he could hear the steady breathing each time he made his way back and forth through the bedroom with whatever was handed to him.

Through his bond with the green, N'vet could feel Salierith beginning to doze in a light sleep. She hadn't moved, but the man knew she was awake enough to know what she was doing. The grin remained on his face when he felt, more than saw, her nuzzle her head into a more comfortable position to use the blue dragon as a pillow of sorts. I know you like him. Why not tell him as much?

I do not. He is merely a comfortable place to lie my head. Salierith responded airily, though he could feel her smugness.

N'vet stopped pestering her and felt the dragon doze off. Seeing that it was afternoon and the weyr was lit by natural light, he took the glows from their niches and set them out on Salierith's ledge to recharge in the sun. By the time they needed them again, the glows would be as bright as ever.

"What's next?" N'vet asked, turning to M'han and snagging him by the pants. He gave the man a hug and released him, knowing that the bluerider was likely stressed about moving. Had N'vet been in his position he would have wanted reassurance as well.

Offline M'han

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2017, 11:13:02 AM »
M’han nodded, taking N’vet’s advice and slipping into the closet with the door closed to work on hanging things up and unpacking. He had, though, slipped over next to her bassinet to check on the still sleeping baby. Unpacking, M’han moved quickly. He was actually quite efficient when he put his mind to it, he just tended to avoid work whenever he could afford to in favor of most interesting pursuits. He slipped back out quietly and back by the ledge.

He shook his head at the two dragons. He knew that Atsaith was playing it cool, but the blue was thrilled that Salierith was using him as a cushion. He was content just with that, though he did hope that Salierith was also fond of him and that was part of it. The blue closed his eyes so that the swirling pleased blue and green hues there wouldn’t betray his feigned nonchalance. The green’s sleepiness seemingly rubbing off on him, Atsaith began to doze off as well.

The bluerider smiled a bit mischievously up at N’vet as he asked his question and swept him into his arms. “You ravaging me on every surface in our weyr?” he offered up playfully. He sighed a little as N’vet let him go. “Or, y’know, the rest of the unpacking. And waiting for the sleeping baby to wake up.” He considered for a moment, then seemed to realize something. “You could give the grand tour,” he said. Laughing, he continued, “I mean, I think your bed is really the only part of your weyr I ever saw before.”

Offline AWLM N'vet

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #8 on: April 16, 2017, 10:08:46 PM »
N'vet looked around his weyr. He was grateful for what they had, as most riders had their dragons weyr and a single seperate room for their sleeping quarters beyond it. Bronzeriders were afforded a little more luxury than others, but the ones of rank -- and he was shocked to consider himself as such -- had weyrs that served several purposes. The Weyrleaders and Weyrsecond had their own apartments, the Weyrwoman's closer to the Hatching Sands and slightly larger. It had rooms for the Weyrleader in case the relationship was purely business, rooms for the Weyrwoman, the Council Room, and the Records Room.

The rooms that he occupied had his bedroom, a kitchenette, a living space, Salierith's weyr, a nook for dining and his office. All of which was connected to a ramp at the back that led into the Weyrling Barracks and Classroom in case someone with a young dragon had need to visit him.

In response to M'han, the greenrider grinned, nodding as he took the man's hand and led him to the entrance to start the tour. "This, my dear bluerider, is the ramp that leads us to the Classroom below for the weyrlings and Candidates. Here, this is my office. I keep the records for Sy'dan when he's busy and handle my class schedules here. My missives are also delivered to this desk." N'vet pointed to the simple, but well-crafted desk that served as his seat of rank when he had to sit at it.

N'vet led the man deeper into the apartments, "This is the privy. It has a small bathing pool for my leisure since I'm a very important, busy man." he grinned, feigning a pompous attitude as he was clearly not of that mindset. "This is the couch where our dragons, and those visiting from the weyrlings, stay while they are here..." he grinned, seeing Salierith and Atsaith dozing. "You'll notice there is a very salty green typically present here since her ledge always faces the sun at any time of day... and her consort blue, though she'd never admit that's what he is." The green was awake enough to hear him, but staunchly ignored the rider.

Turning to the wall that acted as a windbreak for the weyr and connected to the wall of his sleeping room, N'vet gestured once more, "Here is my kitchenette, stocked with klah and small edibles that take a while to expire so as to prevent me having to make a late night walk to the night hearth in the kitchens." Then N'vet turned to the open space in the middle of everything. "The common area. I often have Candidates and Weyrlings here who prefer the quieter study times."

Grinning, he led M'han to the last room -- and maybe the most important. "And this is our sleeping area, which I'm sure you are well acquainted with." N'vet said, lowering his voice so as not to wake the sleeping infant. With that final room, the greenrider captured M'han for a passionate kiss and held his hand, "What once was mine is now ours." he didn't say it, but he could feel his chest fill with love for the other man. They had been through a lot on the Isles and he had been afraid it would all fall apart when they returned to their home and their usual activities in the Weyr. Merenna had brought them closer rather quickly, but the greenrider had been prepared to raise the baby girl on his own if M'han had decided to leave.

It was no secret, N'vet thought, that he was glad the bluerider had stayed.

Offline M'han

Re: Happily Ever Weyrmated [M'han]
« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2017, 11:52:00 AM »
M’han let himself be led along by N’vet as he grasped his hand and began the impormtu little ‘tour’. The weyr really was bigger than that of a normal rider, especially of a green or blue. M’han had never needed much space to himself and he and N’vet had faired just fine in smaller quarters before, but he supposed the place did serve several functions, which N’vet explained as they went along. Somehow M’han always seemed to forget that, N’vet’s joking aside, the man was important to the Weyr at large. Which seemed odd, as M’han had just spent the entire time in the past with him where the man served as acting Weyrlingmaster instead of the Assistant Weyrlingmaster and the bluerider was of course well aware of how busy the man always was (and the bluerider did his best to take some of the stress attached to that away).

Still, he guessed it was hard to see N’vet’s importance when he was so close to the situation and man in question. M’han had always tried to keep himself away from anything that resembled leadership or responsibility, even though no he had tied himself inextricably to someone with not insignificant rank. He chose to ignore any implications having to deal with all that at the moment, and instead turned his thoughts to the more pleasant thought that having a such a large weyr would also be nice for raising their daughter.

He grinned along with the other man at the sight of the two dragon. “The consort blue would probably rather you don’t draw attention to the situation, lest you upset the tenuous peace of the moment with said saltiest of greens… but he’s just so much fun to tease.” Ha ha. came Atsiath’s sleepy reply.

M’han shook his head slightly with a small chuckle as they turned to the common room. “Looks like our weyr looks to be a busy a one. The pitter patter of little dragon and weyrling and Merenna feet and all that.”

In the bedroom, he returned the man’s passionate kiss with equal fervor. M’han looked around them a bit sheepishly at the comment from N’vet, quietly laughing that laugh he always did when caught a bit off guard, still never knowing how to respond immediately in these circumstances. It was still new to him. Finally, he brought the hand that wasn’t still being held by the greenrider to the man’s face, looking back at him and speaking quietly as well. “Well that’s good. You know I’m not really the jealous type-“ Indeed their relationship would probably not work if wither of them really was, since they weren’t exclusive. Still, they both knew that what they had with each other was different. Their hearts belonged to each other and only each other. “-but if you did belong to anyone else I think I might go a little crazy. Look what you’ve done to me, I’m normally so calm.” His tone was light and teasing and he tsked a few times overdramatically, but mixed in with his teasing was truth as well.


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