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Author Topic: Ghastly Creatures  (Read 787 times)


Offline Ghast

Ghastly Creatures
« on: February 13, 2017, 02:30:05 PM »
 This is where I keep my ideas.:


- a poetic recluse of a bluerider {J'kal and Morianth}
- a transgender candidate from a fisherhold (with firelizard)
- a lazy bluerider from a beasthold {D'vante}
- a very gay young weyrbrat candidate {Valtala}
- a girly bigger girl candidate who loves sewing and treats {Mylaeah}
- a rebellious female candidate, holder's daughter, who looks like Rihanna, lol {Rheyanis}

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Re: Ghastly Creatures
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J’kal of Blue Morianth

Gonna rise again in the rolling wind
Gonna hang my cries on the morning light
Like a wedding bell, like a guttural moan
From the ash and bones she will carry me home

Pre-Honorific Name: Jakal
       Pronunciation: Jah-call

Honorific Name: J’kal
       Pronunciation: Juh-call


Hey baby, take me to the fire
Red of wing and weak of desire
Hey baby, take me to the fire
Gonna blow with the wind in the neon sky

Face Claim: Jaco van den Hoven

Height: A rather small fellow, J’kal is able to (just barely!) stand taller than most Pernese women at five feet, nine inches. He detests having to look up at other men, but tends to get around the unpleasant task by raising his chin and looking down his nose at them instead, which he views as an entirely different scenario. The dragonrider doesn’t tend to look at people in this way when they are shorter than him -- unless they’ve made him angry!
Weight: Though his height may be of no small issue to him when in comparison with other men, J’kal has never been bothered at all in regards to his lean, willowy frame. He weighs no more than a hundred and thirty-five pounds, and is rather stable at maintaining that weight for himself, even when there are the odd days when he does not remember to eat at all. As well as being thin, J’kal also has no body fat, nor muscle, to speak of: just another thing that sets him apart from his male peers. It is a uniqueness that he has come to pride himself in, rather than come to dislike in himself, although he has been made fun of for his slenderness in the past.
Eyes: Often caught with his dark brows furrowed in an almost perpetual frown, J’kal’s gaze is never-the-less striking, as his pale blue eyes are almond shaped and the colour of ice. Knowing this, he tends to be very expressive with his eyes – he lids them when he believes he is superior, and flutters his thick eyelashes at individuals he finds attractive, for example! -  to the point of often letting their expressions speak for him, instead of communicating with his words.
Hair: With his long, wavy locks of dark auburn-brown hair grown down well past his shoulders, and his face sporting very little facial hair at all (of which he keeps immaculately clean shaven, anyway), J’kal has been mistaken for a woman -- more than once! - at first glance. His small frame certainly does not help this occasional matter, although J’kal’s slight lean towards androgyny – and the confusion that does sometimes result! – tends not bother him as much as it has the potential to bother others. He prefers to keep his mane clean but loose and (slightly!) untamed, even while riding, and it is not uncommon for his locks to take on a vaguely windswept look.
Distinct Markings: Despite the fact that he used to get into regular fights during his youth at Harper Hall, J’kal is lucky enough to escape his skirmishing years with no noticeable scarring. The dragonrider does, however, have a set of large moles -- horizontally two inches apart from one another! – that are located midway down the center-front of his neck.

General Appearance: J’kal is a beautiful man. His face is a perfect oval, with high cheekbones, a pointed chin, and full lips in the shape of a cupid’s bow. There is a soft line between his straight brows from frowning (for it is with a frown on his face that this man thinks best), and his eyes are large and sport long dark brown lashes. J’kal’s skin is smooth and tends to be very pale, as he has the predisposition to spend the hottest of his afternoon hours indoors, where he writes. He tends to burn easily in the sun, and keeps himself covered as best as possible when out of doors in order to avoid acquiring unsightly burns or risk destroying his complexion; for you see, J’kal is also vain and takes great pride in his looks.

   Even though the fact remains that all dragonriders age at a slower rate than the rest of their Pernese counterparts, J’kal also has a youthfulness to him that would make most other riders seem almost geriatric in comparison. The bluerider has the face of a boy in his mid-teens (despite being in his thirties), and boasts a short, slight figure to match. Were it not for the knots that he wears on his shoulder, J’kal could easily be confused for a Candidate. With this in mind – and with being mistaken for a child a pet peeve of his! – J’kal tends to carry himself proudly, with ram-rod straight posture, and a quick, impatient gait when he walks. J’kal also takes very good care of his physical presentation: his hair is always clean (even if he does let it run wild), his face is always washed, nails are always trimmed (although ink can occasionally find its way underneath them!), and teeth are always rubbed clean. The bluerider believes that paying attention to the details of his appearance will assist others in drawing the right conclusions surrounding his age and maturity.

General Attire: The first thing that most people tend to notice about J’kal’s wardrobe upon meeting him is that the majority of his clothing is completely devoid of colour. The dragonrider prefers to wear almost nothing but black, with the odd exception being made for articles of clothing dyed in deep or dark shades of blue – indigo is his second favourite colour! – or grey. Except for what he wears to train – a pair of short cloth pants, and a light, sleeveless shirt! – all of J’kal’s garb is acquired with the purpose to cover as much of his body as possible. Sleeves are always long (some are flowing, others are tight fitting), while collars are almost always high. As far as style goes, J’kal prefers a simple but elegant look. He tends to shy away from patterns, and his favourite articles of clothing to wear are scarves and tunics. He also wears a thin silver chain around his neck with a pendant made from the shell of Morianth’s egg. The necklace is one of two of his most prized possessions.

   J’kal’s sense of style remains the same when he’s dressing formally, however, a formal occasion will often see him wearing more colour (he prefers to wear the same shades of blue as Morianth’s hide, or else Harper blue) and flashier fabrics. Shirts or tunics worn to formal gatherings will often feature embroidery on the collars and sleeves. When he’s dressing to impress, J’kal will comb back his wild waves until his hair is straight, and will often braid his long bangs down the back of his head (leaving the rest of his hair loose), so that they are out of the way and his face is clearly visible. It is also not uncommon for the dragonrider to show up to an event in leathers – he has a formal set, which he keeps for just such an occasion! – or even his (immaculately kept) riding gear and shoulder knots. J’kal is incredibly proud as his status as a bluerider.

When the blackbird sighs and the willow weeps
I will pen my lines, I will bury them deep
They can have my blood but not my love
In a bed of coals she will swallow me whole

Primary Rank: Wingrider
Secondary Rank: Junior Journeyman Harper
       Wing Assigned: This will be filled out by an admin.

Education Details: Throughout his lifetime, for what J’kal has lacked in physical prowess, he has more than made up for it in mental cunning and intelligence. The dragonrider’s first education began with his early life in Ruatha Hold, where he was born. His mother, though she was employed as a drudge in the kitchens, none the less knew many stories – mostly about dragons! - and had a vivid imagination, all of which she took great care in passing on to her growing son. His basic tutelage thereafter was swift; Harpers of the hold could not teach this bright child fast enough. J’kal’s mentors saw him speed through the learning songs and early literacy, where he began to learn to read at the age of four. The boy consumed the Harpers’ knowledge of the hold, history, writing, numbers, and music, all with gusto and stunning accuracy. But of course, what J’kal wanted to learn of most of all, were the tales of dragons and Threadfall from years gone by. Even though the public opinion of riders bordered on the edge of hostility, the young boy had nothing but admiration for them, and desperately wished that he had been born in a Weyr, instead, so that he could learn more about them.

   Impressed with J’kal’s mental prowess, the Ruathan Harpers suggested to the boy and his mother that, once he was old enough, J’kal should travel to Harper Hall to become an Apprentice and continue his education there. As J’kal was particularly seduced by the art of poetry, he left for the Hall as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and thus began the child’s education as a Harper.

   As an Apprentice, J’kal devoured all new knowledge the way a starving man devours food. This was in part due to the fact that the boy could not make friends when he arrived, and threw himself into his studies as a result. This had the unfortunate consequence of distancing him even further from his peers, and J’kal had no alternative but to do well in his classes, as he was bored and lonely without having something to accomplish, otherwise. Though the growing youth excelled at most everything that he studied at the Hall, the art he eventually took to specialize in became that of the written word. His penmanship was so neat that it took on the look of calligraphy, and the boy was often assigned the duties of record keeping and note taking by his Masters. With a stoic dedication to his Craft, J’kal became a Journeyman Harper merely days after his eighteenth turn.

   Things changed for J’kal when he became a weyrling. As he did not grow up around dragons, nor the beneficial dragon-focused training of weyrbrats, the bluerider suddenly found himself at odds with his lessons. Though he did give his training the same sort of devotion in which he approached all other learning, J’kal initially had major difficulty in understanding the often physically demanding skills he needed to have as a dragonrider. Much to his chagrin, he often required additional tutelage in his lessons, although Morianth was, in the least, always patient with him, even when the youth made frequent mistakes. It was only through countless hours of additional training and drilling that the weyrling was able to finally match his peers in their skill level.

   Even now that J’kal is older, and now that he finally has a decade’s worth of experience behind him, the bluerider still takes a great deal of extra time out of his schedule to practice his drills with Morianth. He is now considered to be an ‘excellent’ rider, but the dragonrider is ambitious and always strives for perfection. J’kal continues to learn, and throws all of the dedication that he once had reserved for being a Harper into his dragonriding skills.

Hey baby, take me to the fire
Red of wing and weak of desire
Hey baby, take me to the fire
Gonna blow with the wind in the neon sky

       Writing: Whether it’s a ballad, a sonnet, or a serial fiction about a beautiful Weyrwoman doomed to love a man who is not the Weyrleader, J’kal loves to write! The bluerider spends almost all of his free time with a quill and parchment, always working on spinning his next greatest tale. Often he and Morianth will throw ideas or stanzas at each other until J’kal finds something that he likes. Most of his work is for his eyes only, although he doesn’t mind sharing his creations with friends, or presenting to an audience from time to time. J’kal has the tendency to write (and profess!) poetry to those he falls in love with. He is very romantic, although he is very selective in whom he chooses to pursue.
       Flying: Nothing pleases J’kal more than being in the air with Morianth. Even when they are taking the extra time in their schedule to perfect formations and drill components, the bluerider is having the time of his life. He is always willing to practice even the most difficult of maneuvers – in fact, J’kal has become a bit of a daredevil! – and is forever seeking out new aerial challenges for Morianth and himself to prove their skills with. When they are not practicing drills, the two are often out joyriding through the Pernese skies. J’kal’s favourite time to fly is after dark, when the skies are clear and the stars are out.
       Darkness: Being more than somewhat of a night owl, J’kal spends a good amount of his time in twilight – and likes it that way. While most are willing to call it a day when the sun goes down, the bluerider is more often than not just beginning his as the sun sets. Because of his nocturnal schedule, J’kal is often given the duty of Watchrider at night; a task which he takes very seriously (as anything he does!), and enjoys the responsibility of. Being awake while most of the world is asleep does not tend to bother him, as J’kal has grown to love his solitude over the years, and in fact values this time for the space it allows him to work on his stories within his mind’s eye.

       Sexism: Perhaps J’kal’s opinions on women are ahead of his time, but this dragonrider has developed a very healthy respect for females, and tends to view them as equals (if not as superiors) to men. This is largely due to being raised by a single mother; as a child, J’kal often witnessed the unfair ways in which his came to be treated (or was even used) by men, and over time the boy came to view women with empathy and men with a jaundiced eye. J’kal even warms more quickly to females, and believes that they can do anything that men can do – including having the ability to ride fighting dragons, and taking positions of Mastery and leadership within Crafts.  Even though his views are unpopular, J’kal genuinely hates to hear about women being treated as inferiors and will openly challenge anyone’s views who put them down as ‘the weaker sex’.
       Common Weyr Opinions: Having come from a Hold himself, J’kal is all too aware of what the world outside of the Weyr thinks of it and its dragons. Few things get under his skin more than the relations between High Reaches and its Holds; the bluerider views the skimpy tithes and supplies afforded to his home as insult to injury more than anything else, and it take more than a little effort for him to treat Holders with anything other than open disdain.  If only the people of Pern could see the dragonriders for the brave heroes that they are, for J’kal believes that Thread is coming, and then there will be nobody for whom they will have to depend on more than the denizens of the Weyr to protect their Holds and Halls.
       Lyrial: Though J’kal is required to follow her orders out of duty to the Weyr law, the bluerider currently has a low opinion of High Reaches’ Weyrwoman – although for the time being, he keeps that opinion to himself. Because their dragons were clutch mates -- and because J’kal and Lyrial were weyrlings in the same class! – J’kal feels that he knows the Weyrwoman well enough to judge her actions. He shares many of the older riders’ disapproval on Lyrial’s decision to bar Ranalin from suicide following Cydrith’s death. Even though Lyrial rescinded the order soon after giving it, the bluerider views the act as a selfish one on the Weyrwoman’s part (something that he does not see as a good quality in a leader), and following the tragedy, sympathized with the ex-goldrider, instead. More than that, J’kal is furious with Lyrial over the recent disappearance of the Sun Runners -- he views the weyrlings’ trip to the past as reckless and an unnecessary risk to the new dragonriders' lives, a bad decision on the part of the council! - for failing to protect the youth from the risks of timing it (as he sees it), and for remaining silent when the rest of the Weyr became frenzied over the 'loss' when she undoubtedly knew -- and must have had some hand in! - the true whereabouts of the missing. As a result, J’kal has come to the conclusion that the Weyrwoman is dishonest and does not trust her: he would prefer if a new Weyrwoman were to take charge of High Reaches, instead.

       Fearless: Nothing scares J’kal. Not Threadfall, not /between/ (he likes it!), not heights, not creepy crawlies nor wild beasts, not fire nor water, not illness nor death, and certainly not the idea of getting in a fight with a man who is bigger than he. The bluerider stands up for his beliefs against all those who oppose him, even the individuals whom could make easy work of beating him into the ground. J’kal is a risk taker in more than his public relations; when he and Morianth are in the sky, the bluerider is often thrilled to practice even the most harrowing of aerial maneuvers. His penchant for flying in the dark, or at great lengths /between/, is sure to get him in trouble someday. But for now, at least for J’kal and Morianth, the thrill of danger far outweighs the potential consequences.
       Creative: Perhaps the most prominent of all his attributes, J’kal has enough creativity to rival that of a Master Harper. He is perpetually thinking of new ideas for stories, songs, and poems, and spends the majority of his free time working on his creative projects. He is never hard pressed for a tale to tell, and prides himself in his ability to tell a story. Not that his creativity is limited to just storytelling and balladeering; J’kal’s potent imagination can also be lent to problem-solving in real life scenarios as well, for he has a unique view of the world and is great at facing challenges in new ways. Perhaps the bluerider’s solutions to difficult situations are a little more than unorthodox, but his heart is often in the right place.
       Intelligent: J’kal is a very well educated man, and has spent the majority of his life learning new skills with intense focus. When it comes to activities that require a great deal of intellect – enterprises such as writing, mathematics, record keeping, and composing! – there is no limit to what he can do, and the bluerider approaches mental tasks with an astonishing level of detail and accuracy. J’kal loves complex words and tends to speak fairly formally, even at running the risks of not being understood, or sounding like a ‘snobby Harper’ -- it is, after all, what he indeed exemplified before he was a dragonrider. J’kal has very little time for those he considers below his intellect, or sees as half-witted, and prefers the company of other intellectuals, like himself.

       Critical: Every person on Pern is bound to have a few flaws, and J’kal is exactly the sort of individual to take notice of each and every one of them. Particularly unforgiving of others, the bluerider is swift to judge another by his (or her) faults, and criticizes others (often harshly) for their mistakes. J’kal holds lofty expectations of the people around him, and grows bitterly disappointed in others if his ideals are not met. He is always searching for the ‘perfect’ person to associate with (or to love); a man or woman who can fit his (unreasonably) tall demands in character and personality. J’kal is attracted to men who are noble and heroic, and women who are wise, experienced and compassionate, whom share his views on the world. There are few he can find without fault, and so the dragonrider is often resigned to discontented loneliness as a result.
       Cold: For those he does not like – and there is certainly no shortage of names on that list! – J’kal’s patience is more than a little thin. He is quick to view another as ‘an enemy’, and therefore spares no love – nor pity! – on those he does not view as ‘on the same side’ as him. If something unfortunate were to happen to these people, J’kal would be glad, and would see any ill-fated event as deserving on the part of the offending person. The bluerider is also slow to warm to strangers, and can be mistrustful of those he meets for the first time. This can cause him to behave distantly or to act aloof towards new acquaintances, and it is often more than a little difficult for J’kal to make friends for himself because he operates in this manner.
       Short-Tempered: It is very easy to get on J’kal’s nerves. The bluerider has a short fuse, and the littlest thing can set him off. This is largely due to the fact that J’kal believes others are looking down upon him and are trying to antagonize him on purpose, as they did act accordingly towards him in the past. This was especially true of his life within the confines of Harper Hall, and though this may not necessarily be the fact of the matter now that he is an adult, J’kal has difficulty believing that his adverse times with others are over. Though there are occasions when the bluerider does try to contain his temper -- and there are also certainly instances where he regrets his actions afterwards! - it seems that J’kal’s short fuse is constantly getting the better of him.

Habits: One could say that J’kal is a perpetual thinker. It is not uncommon for him to lapse into thought (and silence) mid-sentence while speaking. He also tends to frown when he thinks; and if a train of thought is troubling enough, the bluerider will chew his lips, sometimes to the point of making them bleed. J’kal also has a tendency to sigh a lot, even when nothing is wrong – in fact, in the right circumstances, it can also be a mark of pleasure from him. When he is not pleasured, and is about to lose his temper, the bluerider tends to grit and grind his teeth – even while speaking through them.

   J’kal also keeps a diary, in which he tends to write inside of every few days. The ‘book’ is no more than a stack of parchments bound together with twine – the man did the binding himself! – which act together as a record of his day-to-day pass-times and inner most thoughts. Those who venture to read it may have difficulty in doing so, however, as the dragonrider has considered the idea of prying eyes and has written the entire journal flipped in reversed print: it can only be read through the reflection of a mirror. Luckily, J’kal’s second most prized possession is a silver-backed hand mirror – a pair of dragons twist around the oval rim, with their tails twined together around the handle! – which was left to him by his late mother, and he uses to write his diaries in cipher.
Personality: J’kal is an introverted man. He is fairly independent, and enjoys spending time by himself. He is not the sort of individual who would be the life of the party, but the comfortable wall flower, instead. Though he is not shy, J’kal is a reserved sort of person and tends to keep his feelings and thoughts on the inside rather than expressing them to others around him. He is mistrustful of new people, and finds greater comfort in keeping others an arm’s distance from himself, rather than close to his person. Though lonely for companionship, J’kal is definitely the sort of person who builds great walls around himself, and then tends to observe the world from his sheltered vantage point atop of the barricades he’s crafted. Thoughtful and introspective, the bluerider also spends a great deal of time analyzing not only the world outside of himself, but the one within the confines of his mind as well.

   The inside of J’kal’s mind is a vibrant place, where art and mythos come together to create intricate fantasies more dynamic than the most vivid of tapestries. The bluerider draws inspiration from the people and surroundings about himself to create diverse universes inside of his head: J’kal will never run short of a tale to tell. He loves poems and ballads, and can pull one out of thin air when put on the spot. His favourite fables are of dragonriders and Threadfall, and it thrills the bluerider to consider himself ‘part of the story’ now that he has Impressed blue Morianth. Wanting more than anything to be like the well-sung heroes of old, J’kal demands perfection of himself and his dragon in their strict practice of passed down thread-fighting techniques, and he waits with baited breath for the return of Threadfall so that he and Morianth can put their skills to good use in protecting the world of Pern.

Set alight my soul, set alight my pain
Let the shadows come
We will send them down, down, down, down

Birthdate: 01.01.478 AL
Birthplace: Ruatha Hold
True Age: 30
Impression Age and Date: 18 Turns (07.07.496)
       Physical Age: 27 (Looks to be in his mid-teens.)

Mother: Righana. B. 454, D. 486. (Pneumonia.)
Father: Unknown.
Siblings: None.
Past Lovers/Weyrmates:
   Eleanne (b. 468, Cook.)
   K'lo (b. 480, Greenrider.)
       Current lover/weyrmate: None.


   Born on the first day of the new Turn, Righana was often fond of telling her newborn son that all the festivities of Turn’s End were really being held in his honour. The boy was a quiet baby, but sickly, and needed constant care during his infancy. Righana, a drudge within the kitchens of Ruatha Hold, best accommodated this situation by carrying her son around in a sling upon her back, and it was precisely in this manner that Jakal came to be raised within the confines of a scullery. Often, Righana would sing lullabies and tell stories about dragons as she worked, and these seemed to keep her son asleep or occupied during her long occupational hours. Even as the child’s health became restored, and as Jakal grew from infancy towards toddlerhood, the boy became accustomed to the pots and pans as much as his mother’s constant presence. The small child was comfortable in the kitchen, and spent hours playing games with the cooking utensils and spices while Righana worked.

   As the toddler grew, Righana noticed that her son was beginning to try to read the writing on food jars and recipes around the scullery, and so – when they were at home in their cothold and away from all the hustle and bustle! – the woman began to tutor the boy in learning to read. Trying to read soon became Jakal’s favourite pass-time, and by the time he was nearing his fifth Turn, he could already read and was eager to learn more. He began taking lessons from the Hold’s Harpers, and it wasn’t long before Jakal was outperforming his peers; devouring any and all new information, the boy had an appetite for learning that could not be sated by his mentors. Young Jakal, instead of playing games with other children, would spend his hours alone – or with the Harpers who would encourage him! – often studying subjects such as Ruatha’s history, mathematics, music, or focusing on learning how to write.

   With each passing year, Jakal challenged himself to learn more, and began to favour lessons with growing complexity. Though his mentors would make suggestions to him and his mother about becoming a Harper when he was old enough to select a craft, the boy had dreams of dragons – still, by far, his favourite subject! – and wanted to move to High Reaches as soon as he was able to stand as a Candidate. Righana, though she did not share the common holder’s disparaging opinion of dragonriders, also was not keen on supporting Jakal to accomplish his goal; riders of dragons were forbidden from owning property, and the young mother wanted more for her son than a life of servitude, as hers had come to resemble. She made the young boy promise to pursue his education before any and all else, as this was the only way Righana could see her bright small child overcome the obstacles of living beholden. Out of love for his mother, Jakal gave her his word and put his dreams aside, then began to focus on his love of storytelling as a potential future career, instead.

   When Jakal was eight years old, Righana caught a cold that she would never recover from. The woman spent a month in bed, gradually growing worse in condition until she passed away on a frigid morning in the middle of the Turn. Never having known the identity of his father, Jakal was now largely considered to be an orphan. Broken-hearted, the boy had no relatives close by that he could move on to, and so he decided to pack up what little his mother and he had owned – largely, her silver hand mirror and stacks of papers from his lessons! – and then caught a ride with a trader caravan headed towards Fort Hold. His destination was the Harper Hall beyond.

   Unfortunately, Jakal was met with a complication upon his arrival: the boy was considered too young to become an Apprentice, and so he went to work in the Hall’s kitchens until he was of age to begin his Apprenticeship one and a half Turns later. Perhaps it was his time as a drudge that initially made the boy unpopular with the other Apprentices in the Hall, but Jakal found no friendships waiting for him when he joined their ranks. Now without a confidant in the world – as his mother had once been to him! – the ten year old threw himself into his studies full heartedly as a means to abate his disappointed loneliness.

   As he had done before in learning, Jakal did very well as an Apprentice and quickly outshone many of his peers through his hard work and single-minded dedication. This had a very negative effect on his standing with the other Apprentices, however, as those who were previously indifferent to him became increasingly hostile towards his presence and growing success within the ranks. Other boys began to taunt Jakal and make him the butt of practical jokes, and it was not long before the boy was getting into fights with the other children. Despite the bullying, however, the young Apprentice was determined to do well in his classes: Jakal began to put his nose to the grindstone with increased vigor out of spite as much as his love of learning. And though he did not have friends, the growing youth was well sung by his Masters, and on the third day after his eighteenth Nameday, Jakal became a Journeyman Harper.

   Jakal’s eighteenth Turn would become the most eventful year of his life. Five and a half months following his rise to Journeyman, Harper Hall was visited by a Searchrider hailing from High Reaches Weyr. The dragonrider was on the search for Candidates; gold Cydrith had lain her clutch upon the Sands, and twenty new dragonettes were expected to hatch soon. With his heart pounding in his chest, Jakal left the records he was printing for his Master upon his worktable and went to introduce himself to the man; though he had so far made good on his promise to Righana to pursue his education, the youth couldn’t help himself but to at least make one attempt to harness his oldest (and never forgotten) dream. The man’s green sensed something in the awestruck young Jakal, and after a lengthy discussion between rider and boy, Jakal was invited to stand at the next hatching. Knowing he would not return even if he did not Impress at this standing (he would simply try again at the next clutch!), Jakal did not look back as he left behind his life at Harper Hall. The day of the hatching came soon after the youth’s arrival at the Weyr, and with it came the fullness of life with blue Morianth. Jakal had once again found himself a companion, while at the same time realizing his greatest dream.

   Following his Impression of Morianth, Jakal had to work hard to make his place in the Weyr. Though he tried his best at his Weyrling lessons, he lacked an education of dragons and often needed extra tutoring to bring his skills to the same level as his peers. Jakal craved excellence of his performance, however, and so the bonded pair began to spend all of their free hours practicing what they had learned in class. Things would remain this way for the two of them even Turns after their graduation. Fueled by stories of Threadfall from the past, J’kal and Morianth desperately wanted to become heroes, so they trained hard and took all of their duties to the Weyr as seriously as possible. Neither of the two ever complained about any of the tasks that they were given, and the pair spent long hours in the sky – and /between/! - to perfect their Thread fighting techniques and aerial maneuvers. As the Turns went by, the bluerider and his dragon improved in their skills, and could begin making some time in their schedules to do other things. J’kal, once again, began to pursue writing.

   J’kal now spends many of his hours making up stories to tell Morianth, as his mother had once done for him.

Raising up the light that we've stolen
Raising up the light that we've stolen
Raising up the light that we've stolen
Two become one to rise above the shuddering fire.


The Blue Recluse


   He’d had that dream, again.

   J’kal stood along the shoreline upon the shallow end of the lake in the Weyr Bowl, alone. It was high noon on a clear day, with the sun searing down from the turquoise sky directly overhead like a belch of fire from a dragon’s maw. Blinking into the sunlight, the bluerider reached up to wipe a sheen of sweat from his brow with his forearm, and when he did he turned his icey blue eyes back down onto the water of the lake. What he should have seen was the harsh light glinting off the gently lapping waves, and the sandy bottom of the lake beneath. But what he saw, instead, was nothing but empty blackness: no reflections, no lake bottom. It was if, instead of water and sand, the edge of the world crumbled suddenly into a great black crevasse, a horrible mouth that threatened to swallow up anything that dared to stray inside of it.

   Suddenly, the heat from the day was gone, and J’kal could tell from the great chill that emanated from the pit – and that also caused his breath to come out in puffs of cloud from between his lips! – that what he was staring into were the lightless depths of /between/. Somehow, the world had gotten torn open, and the inky darkness was now all that was left of the lake that had previously been there.

   And then, he was not alone, anymore.

   Their cries came from the sky. The Weyrlings, the ones who had suddenly disappeared without a trace, were high above him. And, just as in the last time he had seen this dream, they were all plummeting down towards the blackness at his feet. The chorus of their screeching grew louder as they fell closer to him, and as the grew closer, J’kal could see that this time they were older, just as they had been when they had first come back to the Weyr that day some weeks ago. The first time he had seen this dream (days following their strange disappearance!), the dragonets had just been hatchlings, and their lifemates had fallen, flapping their limbs helplessly, beside their dragons. But this time, the dragons were big enough to ride, and the children – for that’s what they were to him! – were astride the backs of their dragonets, their faces tanned from the sun and their mouths stretched wide to facilitate their screams. They fell just the same, as if the great winged creatures were flightless now that they were adults. J’kal could feel the cold reaching for them, and knowing what came next, his heart lurched to his throat as he started to wave his arms at them. He opened his mouth to shriek back at them. Tried to stop what was going to happen.

   Fly! he howled at them, pleading, no words actually escaping his lips. Fly! FLY! he commanded in desperation, gritting his teeth as the closest one came plunging down. A blonde girl, clutching the back of a blue dragon, a blue like his own. But it was already too late for her to heed his warnings, for it was already starting to happen to the pair of them: as the dragon and rider fell closer to the gaping chasm in front of him, frost started to spread over their bodies like mould over old food. The crystals on their hides grew larger and sharper, and more pronounced, by the second. The screaming – from both dragonet and girl! - stopped when their mouths froze over with icicles, and by the time they reached the pit, the duo was frozen solid. J’kal moaned through his gritted teeth but he could not look away.

   The dragon-shaped ball of ice breached the blackness of /between/ in front of the bluerider, but instead of simply just disappearing into its expanses, the iceberg smashed into a thousand tiny pieces, as if it had connected with the face of a great black table instead of the emptiness the darkness was supposed to represent.  The sound of the shattering was like that of breaking glass – a lot of glass! – and it echoed in J’kal’s ears as the second pair came down, frozen just as solid as the first two had been, and exploded in front of him, again, with chunks of body parts scattering across the surface of the darkness before finally sinking into its depths to dissipate. The tragedy repeated itself twenty-five more times, with the noise of the impact growing louder each time.

   The sound of it grew to be so loud that J’kal woke up, startling awake in his bed and sitting upright with a jolt.  As he looked around his bedroom with wide eyes, the bluerider could still hear it ringing in his ears.

   You dreamt about the Weyrlings, again. came the familiar voice in his head, and J’kal sighed, nodding to himself before rubbing his temples with his fingertips. He had, indeed.

   However did you come to know that, love? the bluerider ventured groggily as he flung aside his blankets and swung his legs out of the bed. His feet touched the warm stone floor, and J’kal stood up, raising his arms above his head in a stretch. He turned and began to make his bed.

   Other dreams don’t upset you. And you were talking in your sleep, I heard you from here. the blue offered from his couch, with a twinge of apology in his voice. I wanted to wake you. I should have. But, I was hoping that it would pass, and that I could let you sleep, instead. You have not been sleeping enough. the dragon reported, and J’kal could hear him shifting in the other room. Morianth was perpetually restless – it was strange that he had not gone down to climb in the bowl, or swim in the lake, but the bluerider imagined that his dragon had likely stayed to watch over him, instead.

   I was not aware that I was capable of speaking in my slumber. J’kal sighed, again, as he finished with his bedding. He moved past the folded pile of yesterday’s laundry upon the floor and opened his armoire, sifting through a sea of dark clothing for something to wear. He selected a woolen black scarf, a plain black tunic with a button up collar – the wooden buttons were shaped like leaves! – and some simple black trousers. His thoughts turned to Morianth, and the rider allowed himself to smirk in appreciation as he dressed. You are always looking out for my best interests. I am grateful towards you. he thanked the dragon with his usual formality.

   It is my duty! the dragon rumbled, proudly, in response. We’re sworn to each other! So we must look out for one another. the dragon spoke resolutely.

    That is true, my love. the bluerider conceded as he finished his dressing and moved out to the weyr, where his dragon was waiting for him. Morianth bugled at him in greeting, and stood up from his couch, furling his wings open and closed to stretch them out. J’kal closed the distance between them and reached up with his left hand to scratch the blue behind his eye ridges. The dragon nuzzled his shoulder in return, appreciatively.

   “I cannot stop myself from ruminating over what has happened with the Weyrlings.” J’kal admitted quietly, closing his eyes with a sigh. He rested his forehead against the top of his dragon’s head. “It is because of their evanescence that I began to lose sleep, but now, I have found that their reoccurrence has done precious little to alleviate my insomnia. I keep on deliberating to myself on what would have happened if they had been lost in time, instead of returning to us. I cannot push the risks that they have taken outside of my mind.”

   He sighed, again, opening his eyes and pulling himself away from Morianth.

   “I am sure that it is enough to drive a man towards madness.” he stated, frankly, moving to sit in front of his writing desk with despondence. J’kal’s eyes fell over the white parchment of his latest ballad. He had not contributed to it for well over a week: he had to admit to himself that he was in a rut. The bluerider bit his lip, feeling his mood slip further into desolation.

   What about your journal? the blue asked, almost tenderly. Perhaps writing down your feelings may help you to feel better… or at least, maybe it’ll help you to get the Weyrlings out of your thoughts? Morianth suggested, not without hope.

   J’kal looked towards the twine-bound stack of papers with consideration. It had likewise been at least a seven day since he had made his last entry in its pages.

   “I could certainly try…” he trailed off, thoughtfully, hope beginning to catch him a little. The dragonrider picked the paper volume up in his hands, and gently began to leaf through it’s encrypted, backwards written entries. Though J’kal could already read backwards – he must, if he can also write as such! – he preferred by far to use his mother’s handled mirror to read the passages. It occurred to him that he had not looked over the things that he had written before for some time, now. Perhaps he could do that today, as well.

   You should get out of the weyr for a while, too. Morianth advised, swishing his tail as he leapt off of his couch and moved towards his ledge, instead. He was likely going to fly down towards the lake for a dive, if J’kal knew his dragon at all. It will help. the blue added.

   J’kal had to admit that he hadn’t left his quarters for two days. He had been too busy stewing over the Weyrlings, too busy trying to write (without success). His dragon was probably right. A little air might do him some good. [i[A few breaths of air, and some nourishment.[/i] the bluerider corrected himself, as his stomach gave an audible growl.

   The dragonrider hurried to finish getting ready for his day, and then made quick work of packing his satchel. The journal, his mother’s silver hand mirror (wrapped up within a large square of white satin), his quill (in a wooden case), the ink bottles, and a pencil all made it into the bag’s indigo coloured, canvas depths. J’kal decided, as he buckled his small pack closed, that he would go down to the kitchens on his way to the Weyr Bowl for something to eat. The idea grew more appealing by the second.

   The kitchens were one of J’kal’s favourite places to be, especially when he was feeling despairingly. The smell of klah wafting through the air, the sight of food being prepared, and the familiarity of being surrounded by cooks and drudges were all a comfort to the bluerider. All these things reminded him of his mother, and her memory always raised his spirits. Really, he should have thought about visiting yesterday, when he was feeling worse, but he had been in a mood and hadn’t been thinking all that clearly. The man lightly threw his satchel over his shoulder, and began his trek to the scullery. It was time to eat. It was time to feel better.

   By keeping a brisk pace, J’kal was able to get to the kitchens in less than five minutes.

   Just as he had predicted, the scent of klah – and other tantalizing odours! - wafted through the doors to greet him as he opened them. The bluerider lidded his eyes, smiling dreamily, as he took in the familiar smells and sights. Truly, it was like coming home. J’kal sighed with pleasure as he moved towards a great pot on one of the ovens closest to him. Inside was a bubbling stew that looked positively delicious. The dragonrider carefully hung his bag over the back of a chair placed before a serving table, and went to grab himself a bowl. His stomach murmured again as he was ladling out some of the broth into a dish – he simply could not serve himself fast enough!

   Though the stew did turn out to be delicious, J’kal found that his mind could not wander far from what had happened with the Weyrlings for long. It was not as if he found fault with the young dragonriders, themselves; in fact, he believed that they had acted bravely, and that they had also made a marked sacrifice of their time in order to be heroically ready for the first Fall. It was a song-worthy forfeiture – in fact, the ballad that he was currently struggling with was about them! – and the ex-harper would be sure that the gesture would not be left forgotten by himself or others. He appreciated it, as he was sure that most of the Weyr would also be grateful once Thread had actually begun to fall. Every dragon was going to be needed, then. Every adult dragon, especially.

   But Timing was a dangerous science – more so when it was being practiced by hatchling dragons who had not even begun to learn how to fly, yet. If two experienced riders had come back in time at great risk to themselves and their dragons (and from what J’kal could gather, barely made it to the Weyr in one piece at all!), had it really been fair towards the Weyrlings to ask of them to make the same kind of irresponsible gamble with their lives? The lives of an entire clutch, an entire wing? Since an inexperienced rider couldn’t possibly be aware of all the risks of playing with time, who had been the one to pass such a hazardous verdict over the lives of so many?

   Of course, J’kal already believed himself to know the answer to that question. It was too easy: who else in the Weyr had that kind of power at all, and who else was given the final say to any decision but the Weyrwoman? Of course it had been Lyrial! An entire wing simply does not disappear, especially for training purposes, without the express permission of the Weyr’s leader! Despite the fact that she had lied through omission about the entire ordeal to the entire Weyr about it – the Weyr, the Holds, and anyone else who had the decency to be on the search teams for the precious young riders and their dragonets. J’kal, himself, had joined in the hunt for the Weyrlings. And found nothing, because there was nothing in this time to be found! And Lyrial had known all along: had known all along, lied about it, andhad gambled with so many lives as if they had been Marks.

   The bluerider brooded to himself, darkly, as he finished his meal in silence, He couldn’t help but to grit his teeth and grind them as he washed his own dishes – he would certainly not have any drudge wait on him, nor add to their workloads! – and headed out the doors towards the lake, festering to himself. He hoped that watching Morianth swim – and perhaps, he would give the blue a bath after he was finished with his journal! – would help to soothe his soul back into a state of grace. Even though the dream had featured the lake in it, and the vision had upset J’kal greatly, the dragonrider did not want to stay away from one of his most favourite places. It is silly to avoid any one place as the result of a nightmare. he thought resolutely to himself.

   Morianth was waiting for him when he reached the lake, diving beneath the waves and paddling alongside the sandy part of its bottom with gusto. Not for the first time, J’kal wished that he could be as athletic as his dragon. Though he spent time throughout his week running and training with weights, the bluerider never seemed to gain any muscle mass, nor did he seem to get any stronger. His endurance, well, that was the only thing about his performance that had improved over time. Everything else stayed exactly the same, otherwise.

   I’m strong enough for the both of us! the blue boasted with obvious pride as he breached the surface of the water, vaulting into the air as high as he could without flying before coming crashing down, causing spray to rise up on both sides. A corner of J’kal’s mouth twitched into a half-smile at his dragon’s antics. He reached over his shoulder to pull off his satchel.

   Only, his bag wasn’t there!

   The dragonrider gasped, eyelids fluttering as he immediately looked around himself in disbelief, then whirled around to stare at the path behind him with a stricken expression upon his face. No sign of it anywhere! He hadn’t dropped it, had he? Surely he would have noticed that! J’kal could feel his sense of panic rising. His journal! His mother’s mirror!

   What’s happened? Morianth paused in his swimming to watch J’kal upon the shoreline, his voice emanating with concern.

   I have left all of my belongings, my satchel, somewhere! J’kal proclaimed, immediately stalking back the way he came with a hurried step. It suddenly came to him as he began to trace his steps back up the path, away from the lake and Morianth. The chair! He had left his bag slung over the back of the chair in the kitchen! Shards!

   Could he get there fast enough?!


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Spoiler: Morianth • show
[center]Blue Morianth [/center]

        [td]Stat Title[/td]
        [td]   STR   
        [td]    CON   
        [td]   DEX   
        [td]   STA   
        [td]   INT   
        [td]   PER   
        [td]   LUCK   [/td]
        [td]Dragon's Stats [/td]

Dragon Name: Morianth
      Name Pronounced: More-eye-ahnth
Dragon Colour: Blue

Hatching Date: 07.07.496 AL
Hatching Weyr: High Reaches Weyr
Home Weyr: High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Name: Remembrance Lane
       Clutch Mother: Cydrith
       Clutch Father: Diresth
       Key Word: Diligence
       Egg Image:
Spoiler: Egg Image Placeholder • show


All measurements should be when mature and in meters.
Length: 30.75 m
Height: 15.50 m
Wingspan: 46.25 m
Scars & Markings: J’kal often likens Morianth to a night sky in appearance: though he is generally a uniform dark blue all around, there are subtle lighter patches of the same colour (but that are of a different shade) on Morianth’s neck, chest, and stomach which are vaguely ‘cloud’ shaped. There are also speckles of the same tone on the undersides of the dragon’s wings, which J’kal lovingly refers to as Morianth’s ‘stars’.
Mindvoice: Vincent Price
Weyrlinghood Image:

[center]Personality and Character Traits [/center]

   Every action ever made or considered by this dragon is propelled by the overpowering desire to become a hero. Being very much influenced by the songs and tales of the dragons and riders who have given their lives to protect Pern from Threadfall, Morianth feels that it is his destiny to become a ‘guardian’ of the planet just as those brave souls from the past once were, and this very large blue tends to behave accordingly to match his notions. With a soul akin to that of a Terran medieval knight, Morianth is at once chivalrous and brave, and is constantly on the lookout for the good of others. If left unbridled, however, his will to protect others – mostly manifested as advice given to them! – can quickly become overbearing, so boundaries must often be exercised by those he comes in contact with, lest he attempt to control too much of a subject’s life through his ‘noble’ intentions.

   Morianth considers himself to be a role model for younger dragons – although he would rarely converse with one, and tends to save his social interactions for humans and a few of his clutch mates, instead! – and tries his best to lead through example; the big blue works hard with his dragonrider to prepare for the onslaught of Thread, and never shirks a duty assigned to him – no matter how grueling or unappealing the task is. The dragon is not the sort to be idle for long, and grows uncomfortable if left more than a few hours without ‘work’ to be done. He expects the same mentality from his peers, and rarely understands when another dragon is not as dedicated (as he sees it) to Weyr duties as he is. Morianth finds great satisfaction in training, drilling, and bettering his physical condition for future fighting, and though he is not as big as his bronze brothers – he is, however, the size of a small brown! – he believes he exudes many of the same qualities that they do, and wishes he had a larger part in the responsibility of the Weyr, as they seem to have.

       Physical Activity: There is nothing more that Morianth loves than the feeling of moving his body around. With a penchant for hard work, the dragon throws himself into drilling especially, but he also enjoys such activities as flying (difficult maneuvers are his favourite to practice!), climbing, swimming, and diving. Anything that requires physical exertion from him (except for participating in Flights!) is generally something that Morianth would like to be doing with his time. This dragon is strong and muscled for a blue -- not to mention rather large in comparison to most brothers of the same colour! – and tends to love showing his body off by doing as much as he possibly can with it. Morianth always tries to push his limits in various ways; when he is in the water, for example, he tries to dive deeper or for longer than he could before. Though he has been known to strain himself upon occasion, the blue is also exceedingly tough and will often try to work through his aches and pains instead of ‘lazing about’ – as he sees it! - to allow himself time to heal. J’kal can feel his dragon’s discomfort through their bond, and usually tries to keep the blue grounded when he is injured – much to Morianth’s distaste and complaints.
       Music: This big blue dragon is never one to pass up an opportunity to listen to a musician, and will often take advantage of J’kal’s background as a Harper in order to satisfy his tastes for song. Whether it is in the midst of a bath or oiling, or even midflight in the air, Morianth will request ballads of his rider, and is constantly nosing the man into playing instruments for him when they are grounded. Though he is not as intelligent as J’kal – and will sometimes struggle with words when they are working on something written together! – the dragon none the less has a good ear for music, and can memorize the melody of a song to it’s fullest even when he has only heard it once. Morianth tends to get over-excited when there are large groups of Harpers in attendance with one another, and can’t help himself but to steal as closely as dragonly possible to the musicians during a Gather.
       Humans (Especially Children): Though he is not very social when it comes to spending time with other dragons (with the exception of a few of his clutchmates), Morianth enjoys the antics of humans and is fascinated by watching them whenever he can. During the occasions in which the blue is grounded, he loves to spend time especially in the crèche with all the little weyr brats around him, often playing games with them to keep his mind occupied. This dragon is known to speak to humans directly – especially dragonriders! – instead of speaking through his rider or through other dragons to them, and while he does not often take the time to remember many names, Morianth is often polite (albeit brisk) in his addressing of people.

       Disorder: To Morianth, there is a place for everything, and everything must be put in its rightful place if the dragon is to remain happy for long. The blue is much tidier than his rider and will often push J’kal into at least organizing his piles of paper in their weyr, or else he will go on and on about a cleaning task in J’kal’s mind until the task is finally completed. Morianth’s love of order extends into other areas of his life as well; the dragon appreciates keeping a schedule and is often militant in adhering to a coordinated day’s list of tasks to be done. If the dragon is given too much time on his hands – or freedom over his rider, for that matter! – he organizes J’kal’s days as well, and can grow sulky when his ‘recommendations’ are not followed. Morianth also enjoys rules and regulations, and will be quick to remind others when he sees they are not being followed. To some, the blue may come across as remarkably bossy, but the dragon does not see the error in his ways, and simply sees his actions as ‘keeping order in the realm’.
       Criticism: Like his rider, Morianth is a perfectionist and expects nothing short of the impeccable regarding his own performance. If someone were to describe his conduct as anything less than that, the dragon would take it badly – even to the point of being angry with the individual over their criticism of him. Though the big blue is very proud in nature, he is also very sensitive, and even small comments made about him can affect him quite negatively if they are not favourable in nature. Morianth is also very sensitive, in the same way, in regards to what people are saying about his rider. Because of J’kal’s past, the blue is overprotective of him and will grow instantly furious with anyone who has anything bad to say about the man.
       Humour: Morianth is a very serious and literal dragon, and most forms of wisecracking are completely lost upon him. During the odd moment when he does understand a joke, the blue doesn’t see the point of joking, and will quickly dismiss any farce as stupidity on the part of the jokester (which is something Morianth simply does not appreciate in others!) and is a sure way to draw criticism – or estrangement! - from the dragon. To Morianth, the world is a solemn place, and deserves dignity in its response from its inhabitants.

       Diligent: As his egg name (Diligence) would suggest about him, Morianth is a very dedicated and hardworking dragon. He enjoys spending time completing drills and complex flight maneuvers with J’kal, and has allocated countless hours out of his schedule towards his practice of them. He is not the sort of individual who would goof off on the job, and takes all tasks given to him as seriously as possible. If you want something done, give it to J’kal and Morianth to complete: the job will be concluded in a timely and efficient manner, and the results of their actions will be carefully prepared for -- and presented perfectly! - each and every time. The big blue dragon gets upset when their efforts amount to anything less, and he takes any mistake as a personal failure upon his part. Morianth is his own biggest critic.
       Fearless: Perhaps it is because of the fact that he is bonded to such a courageous rider, but there is no denying that Morianth has a valiant streak to himself, regardless of its origins. Fuelled by J’kal’s tales of heroic dragons from hundreds of Turns past, the blue aspires to be one of them, and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Morianth has grown unafraid of the perils that could assail him during his lifetime; from stormy weather to the threat of Threadfall, the dragon is excited to face new challenges and desperately wants to be given the chance to prove himself. Mentally, the blue prepares himself for anything, and can always come off with a level head while facing any of the daunting tasks he’s come against so far.
       Resilient: There are few dragons tougher than Morianth. The big blue spends much of his free time pushing his physical limits so that he can better his performance. In doing so, he has grown used to strains, scrapes, and bruises. The dragon is no stranger to pain, and can often work his body through injuries, taking minimal time to rest after overexerting himself. Because Morianth is so used to pushing himself, the blue relies on his rider to tell him when ‘enough is enough’. And, though he might complain about being taken away from his ‘work’, the dragon does have sense enough to listen to J’kal when the man sets his boundaries for recovery, even if he does so reluctantly.

       Imperious: If ever there were someone with a problem to be solved, Morianth would tend to believe that he’d possess the solution for it – even if his ‘advice’ were to be unsolicited. The big blue not only sticks his nose into the affairs of others, but spends a good deal of time trying to ‘organize’ the lives of the various people he knows. When his bossy suggestions are taken unheeded, the dragon is quick to feel slighted by the disuse of his prescriptions; after all, Morianth feels that his ‘guidance’ is coming from a good place and has his subject’s best interests at heart, so why wouldn’t someone want to follow his advice unless they secretly felt him to be unintelligent? Any of the blue’s recommendations that are not followed must be paired with several good reasons as to why, as well as ample reassurance, if one is to avoid hurting Morianth’s feelings.
       Hypersensitive: When it comes to taking criticism, Morianth is very touchy and can be easily hurt, even by comments that are not intentionally made to harm him.  The dragon holds the opinions of others in high regard, especially if the ‘other’ in question is a dragonrider or another human being of some sort. Morianth cares a great deal about the reputations of himself and his rider, and is quick to get defensive if he hears anything – from anyone! – that might be remotely unsavoury about either of them. The blue constantly reports to J’kal about his findings, and when he grows too distressed over them, bleats to the bluerider for help until the perceived ‘errors’ are set straight. Morianth is yet to grow a thicker skin.
       Boastful: Morianth is very proud of his (and his rider’s) accomplishments, and he wants all of Pern to know about every single one of them. To make sure this happens, the blue is quick to brag about his (or J’kal’s) feats whenever possible, but especially within passing conversations with others. Morianth thrives in the spotlight whenever it is afforded to him, and the big blue is never short of a boastful statement regarding his performance; or, better yet (to him, at least) the blue is always happy to show off his skills by demonstrating them for any onlooker. 

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