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No New Posts Rider's Weyrs

The dragonet weyrs are smaller caves at ground level, or with ramp access in the lower levels of the surrounding mountains. The adult dragons choose their weyrs to their own desires higher up where the larger natural caves are located. A basic dragonet weyr has a small alcove to one side for the riders bed, and a larger area with a natural stone hollow that serves as a couch. Each adult dragon's weyr is different, given to the way each cave was uniquely formed.

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No New Posts Weyr Bowl

The Weyr bowl is a wide open expanse of short, soft grass. It is very wide across to each side of the surrounding small mountains and is dotted with ground level caves. Because of its protected central space, there is no access to creatures from the outside. Down the middle of the Weyr Bowl is a small freshwater river that serves as the Weyr's access to drinking water and bathing.

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No New Posts Dining Halls & Kitchens

The Dining Hall is a large, natural cavern with protected venting holes near the high ceiling. The overhang of rock prevents weather from entering the Hall. Because of its open vents, the Hall tends to be cold in the mornings, and a reprieve from the heat after the height of the afternoon sun. Bench tables like those of High Reaches provide seating. To the right of the entrance to the Dining Hall is access to the Kitchens where a small compliment of normal Weyr life was resurrected in the form of stoves for cooking and spit-pits for roasting large animals and smoking jerky. Like the Dining Hall, it is well ventilated.

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No New Posts Store Rooms

The store rooms are cared for by all weyrlings and riders. Because of their unique placement on and island, resources for food and seasoning as well as preservation of meat fall to the whole Weyr. Bedding supplies, Sky Broom wood for creating desks and Dining Hall benches as well as cots, hammocks and beds are stored here as well as spare bedding, linens and whatever else may be gathered, stored and saved.

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