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Author Topic: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]  (Read 1287 times)

Description: 07.12.508 AL - Mid Afternoon to Late Evening

Offline Search Captain Syra

Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« on: February 04, 2017, 10:24:30 PM »
Syra dressed nicely under her riding leathers, wanting to make a good Impression on the Weaver woman she was going to visit. She had asked the Candidate Nikoa to meet her that afternoon so that they could take a trip to the Weaverhall territory to visit the old woman. Rasenth, she had found, still spoke to her and listened for her responses. It made Syra happy to hear that he had liked her so much that he wanted to be in contact.

The pair had spoken during the clutching and Nikoa had shown Syra how to use a drop spindle… in return, Syra had offered to teach him cooking… but this was a surprise. She had felt his curiosity about her tapestry bed cover but hadn’t acted on it at the time. Now he would get to meet the old woman that Syra held in such high regard. The message, delivered to Nikoa by her little green firelizard Mimic, had also asked for him to dress nicely for the visit.

Rasenth lay in his riding straps, gleaming from his fresh oiling and looking handsome while he did so. The bluerider was smug with pride in her dragon, her care during their Weyrlinghood had kept his hide perfectly unmarred and soft. The rest of the Weyr may look down on them for being a woman riding a fighting dragon, but Syra could care less about their opinions. She did her job and she did it well… and she and Rasenth were the best Search pair that High Reaches had. Finally ready to go, the woman made her way down the ramp that led from her and Sy’dan’s ledge and climbed onto Rasenth’s foreleg to lean back in the sun. “Nothing to do but wait now, my handsome Rasenth.” She told her dragon, flinging an arm over her eyes in the afternoon sun.

Mimic arrived from between with a soft displacement of air that made a small pop! beside Rasenth’s head. She chittered happily at the blue who regarded her curiously with a single eye as she told him her life story of her adventure. It would seem she was not well received by the Kitchens when she stole some food. Rasenth informed Syra, having better understood the flashing images and irate tone in Mimic’s imaging than his rider.

Syra grinned, “What else is new? At least she didn’t swim in the wine vats this time.” Syra commented, remembering when Ranalin had spanked the firelizard with her deadly spoon. The bluerider hadn’t felt bad for the firelizard, either. Mimic knew better, and the spoon whack had taught her not to repeat that particular activity again.

Offline Nioka

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2017, 12:47:14 AM »
There was something about Searchrider Syra that kept Nioka off kilter. It wasn't a bad thing, not necessarily, but he often found himself doing things, or being brought into things that were far outside of the scope of what his normal day to day looked like. For instance, he'd received a summons from a firelizard: no one he knew even had a firelizard (except how he knew Syra, but that was a whole different conversation).

Nioka showed up to the Sands wearing his Gather finest (it was loud, and beautiful, and the craftsmanship was the best he could do: which meant it was nice for the Weyr, but Nioka was honestly a little worried about how it would be taken outside of the Weyr), and holding a thick coat. He was already wearing the thickest gloves he owned, and a grey brown wool hat (the yarn it was knitted from had been undyed, so the color pattern was lovely but tame in comparison to his outfit) was shoved over his hair. He'd only gone Between a handful of times, but even that was enough to know to wear extra.

Rasenth wasn't too hard to find, not for Nioka who made a point of going Dragonwatching, and had a fairly good grasp on which blue he was looking to find. Also, the directions on the summons that the green Firelizard had brought to him were relatively easy to follow.

"Hey Syra; am I late?" Nioka called once he was within shouting distance.
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Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2017, 05:04:57 PM »
Syra peered down at Nioka and had to grin at his attire. At least he was smart and dressed in layers for the bone-chill of between. “No, you aren’t late. Technically. It’s just that the Wingleaders expect you at least a quarter of a candlemark early or you’re late so I got here… very early.” She sat up and reached a hand down to the young man to help him up onto Rasenth so she could settle him in the straps. The dragon turned his head to regard Nioka with whirling eyes as his rider settled them into the harness.
“I bet you’d like to know where we are going,” Syra teased, looking over her shoulder, “Well too bad. You probably wont even recognize it when we get there.” While she did a last check of the straps, Mimic settled herself on Rasenth’s head and wrapped her tail around one of his knobs to hold on for dear life while they shifted between. “Alright, hold on tight. We’re off!” she called as Rasenth winged into the pair and called to the Watchdragon. A moment later they were in the black of between… and three more before they popped into the sunny afternoon around the territory surrounding the Weavercraft Hall.

Rasenth hovered in view of the Hall, “That’s the Weavercraft Hall. We are going to visit Grandam.” Syra said, turning to look at Nioka, “She lives in the area around here, they have a huge round building with looms in a circle inside. She’s not my real Grandam, but she says I’m too young to be her lost daughter so she adopted me as her grandchild that she never had. Make sure you bow, she’s highly respected here.” The bluerider told her passenger, before allowing Rasenth to find a place to land behind the old woman’s home. They’d be walking to the loom house.

Syra pointed around them at all the dwellings, “A lot of the Weavers live in this territory, but the older ladies are treated like the Lord Holders are in other places. The Craftmaster himself lives here among them.” She pointed out a few more landmarks before she ducked into the biggest building in the small settlement on the outskirts of the Hall, “This is the loom house.”

As she opened the door and the interior came into view, the smells of food, cooked with Igen spices, greeted them along with the sounds of working, low chatter and the story of the first dragonriders being told by the Craftmaster himself in the center of the circle of looms. It was unusually busy, but Grandam was in her usual place working hard at the finishing touches of something she was making. Syra led Nioka to her side. “Grandam,” she bowed, “how are you today?” she asked, leaning in to hug the old woman as she turned away from her loom to greet them.

“Achy as ever, child. And who is this?” she asked, catching sight of the you male companion Syra had brought.

“This is a Candidate of the Weyr, Grandam. He’s also skilled with Weaving, I think. I brought him to visit you. I thought he would have some fun learning from your vast wisdom.” Syra grinned, nudging Nioka with her elbow where the old woman couldn’t see. “Nioka, meet Grandam Arishe, she came from Igen Weyr in her day.”

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Offline Nioka

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2017, 08:54:27 PM »
Riding Syra's dragon was jarring. Nioka hadn't realized how much he expected it to be like riding with Q'nem; Raseth was much smaller than the brown Nioka was used to, and strapping in behind Syra felt nothing like strapping in behind someone he was dating.

It threw him off balance, a sensation Nioka was beginning to associate with Syra, especially after some of their body language lessons. The woman bluerider was unique, even if she wasn't the only woman bluerider anymore.

The frigid stillness of Between was bracing, rather than inciting pure horror in Nioka's heart; it had taken a few trips before Nioka had calmed down about it. Nioka assumed that if he ever, when he Impressed that his lack of a reaction would do him and his dragon in good stead.

The sunshine of the new location warmed him up quickly, what with all the layers he was wearing, but as soon as Syra announced where they were Nioka chilled again. He was wearing his Gather best, but how would that measure up to the daily wear of a Crafthall?

"You know I'm not even a real apprentice, right?" Nioka confirmed, slightly worried. He didn't think Syra would spring too much on him, but they absolutely had different definitions about what too much was. They were meeting with a woman, so at least they wouldn't be meeting the absolute head of the Crafthall, but that was about all the reassurance Nioka could muster.

He trailed after her, noting that she seemed well aware of where she was going. Nioka had never been to Igen before, and after only a handful of steps, he stripped off his gloves, his coat, and was seriously debating his shirt next. The heat was oppressive, especially given that Nioka wasn't used to any great heat of any type.

The loom room was impressive, the kind of setup that the Weyr might have once had, but with low tithes and an importance put on mending and reusing, there was never this kind of bustle near any of the loom setups. Nioka smiled, and looked around, wondering if this was the kind of room where a Harper would play to a captive audience, or if they filled it with gossip.

Before Nioka had a chance to get too lost in the new environment, Syra was introducing him to an ancient woman, which made sense if she'd started out at Igen Weyr. Nioka bowed deeply, remembering Syra's words from earlier.

"Crafter Arishe it's my pleasure to meet you. Searchrider Syra has told me so much about you."

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2017, 12:16:07 AM »
Syra grinned. She had waved off Nioka’s protestations that he wasn’t a real apprentice — he had already said as much — and now she was watching him bow to the one woman the Craftmaster himself bowed to. "Crafter Arishe it's my pleasure to meet you. Searchrider Syra has told me so much about you."

“Oh-ho! This one has manners, eh Grandaugher?” Arishe laughed, her eyes twinkling. “And look how colorful he is.” She continued, grabbing one of his hands and pushing a sleeve up to peer at his skin. “Take off some of those clothes, young man. You’ll suffocate. Do you need a shirt to borrow? There is some linen shirts hanging in the corner if you need to change.” Always a doting woman, Arishe wanted to make sure that Nioka wouldn’t pass out during his visit and the clothing he had worn was very likely too hot for the loomhouse or the heat in Southern Boll. The bluerider found herself fixed with a lazy glare, “Didn’t you warn him?”

“Not really, Grandam. This trip was a surprise for him. I told him to dress nice, not hot.” Syra quipped right back, plucking at Nioka’s clothes, “Besides, doesn’t he look handsome?” she grinned.

Arishe shook her head at Syra and stood up, going to the corner and plucking at the un-dyed linen shirts there. While she was muttering to herself Syra turned to Nioka, “She likes to make sure everyone is taken care of. Don’t feel bad about the clothing… if nothing else, we could tell you weren’t used to the heat.”

“Here, Nioka? Was it? Try this one. One of the Senior Journeymen outgrew it and donated it to whomever needs it.” The old woman told Nioka as she returned, bearing in hand a shirt that was almost Master quality and soft as silk on the skin. It was cut in the most recent fashion and, from one glance, Arishe had found one that would fit Nioka perfectly. While she waited for him to change she woman hummed to herself, working slowly at the loom, “Syra said she thinks you are skilled at Weaving. What do you know?” with a canny grin, Arishe turned back to him, "What would you like to know?"

Offline Nioka

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nioka]
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2017, 12:18:03 AM »
Nioka accepted the shirt without protesting; he didn't want to be half naked in the Crafthall. If either of his mothers heard that he'd so much as doffed his shirt, he'd be doomed, but the level was certainly different it was simply a matter of him not wanting to protest a gift.

That didn't stop him from chirping back at Syra and Arishe.

"My gather finest is both warm and colorful; both things in short supply in High Reaches." It wasn't his strongest response, but Nioka was distracted by how nice the fabric was. It was obvious that the fiber itself was spun to a much tighter weft than the Weyr normally did, which made sense given the difference in temperature between the two.

Nioka grinned warmly at both women; the casual flirting they were both engaging in was comforting. It was Weyr typical mannerisms, rather than the stuffiness of Holders, or the quiet condescension Nioka had experienced from Crafters before.

"I'd say I was good for a Candidate, but I'm surrounded by actual crafters every day. I know that I'm a beginner." Nioka started, unwilling to brag or claim skills past what he had. It might have been a harsh assessment of his skills, but Nioka was well aware the time he spent working towards dragonriding kept him from leveling quickly in Weaving. When Arishe asked him what he wanted to know, Nioka bit his lip, ducked his head, and thought carefully before responding.

"I'm going to start working on a tapestry project soon," Nioka started, slowly, gathering together the fullness of his question before continuing.

"I've seen the one you made Syra, and I wanted to know if you based it off a painting, or if you dye it into the fabric freehand after the fact?"

Syra could probably sense the tapestry project was important, Nioka thought, taking stock of how he was standing and projecting. Though, if Syra was as unware of the Weavercraft as she seemed, it was unlikely she'd know it was a project often used to assess if an apprentice was ready to move into a senior apprenticeship role.

What he was planning on making was not going to be as complex as what Arishe had created, but Nioka wanted best practices. He'd seen people at the Weyr laboriously dye thread row by row and then weave it in, but only with basic geometric shapes. He'd only ever seen freehanded dye drawings for more complex shapes, but the talent pool of the Weyr wasn't equivalent to the Crafthall.

Nioka had been considering creating his own tapestry since his conversation with the Weyrwoman. Her edict to know himself had forced him to start considering a life where he wasn't a rider, and Nioka had floundered a little under the knowledge that he would have a hard time staying at the Weyr if he failed to Impress, which made having a fallback more important.

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2017, 08:30:57 AM »
Arishe’s face scrunched a bit as she thought of how to answer Nioka’s question. Syra thought it made her look rather shrew and somewhat intimidating but she let them talk while she wandered to the materials closet and plucked out a bag of raw material to card and a spindle. After Nioka had taught her at the clutching of the Honor Bound eggs, the bluerider had been practicing and spending time with Taioryn while the goldrider worked on her much lighter weyrling workouts. The younger girl, having grown up in the Craft, was higher ranked than Nioka but Syra thought they shared a similar teaching style as Taioryn had shown her slightly more advanced methods of spinning and also how to purify the material she used a spindle with. Thinking about it, she grabbed a spindle and cards for the young man as well. If they were going to distract the old woman, they may as well make themselves useful while they did it. Especially since the Craftmaster was in attendance that day.

Syra returned to her companions just as the old woman was preparing to answer Nioka’s question, “Actually, Syra drew the pattern of what she wanted. That whole design of her tapestry blanket is her own. We matched the blue to Rasenth’s hide color and pre-dyed it. The rest of the work was done by myself and my most senior Journeyman. He’s moved onto Master, now.” She said, gesturing across the room to a man who was stirring the pot of Igen Spiced Herdbeast Stew. The bluerider set the tools and bad beside Nioka and retrieved chairs for them to sit on. Arishe fixed her with a look of curiosity, “What have you got there? Are you carding for me now? What in Faranth’s name?” she asked.

“Nioka taught me the basics and I’ve been working with a Senior Apprentice while I supervise her during her workouts. She’s pregnant so she’s on a lighter schedule but tends to overdue it. Haven’t you always said I should make myself useful? Well I can’t cook this time, since you all have food going. I thought I’d put what this young man taught me to work.” Syra grinned, pulling at the cards and letting them take any impurity and tangles out of the raw fiber. It had already been through the teasing process, likely by some unfortunate Apprentice, so Syra simply had to pick out the occasional bits stuck in the mixture.

Arishe watched Syra for a good bit before she nodded and turned back to Nioka once she decided the woman was doing a quality enough job at carding to be passable. “Syra’s blanket is one of my largest projects, thicker than is typical and was made with an angora blend to trap her heat for those cold High Reaches nights. Which of course means it took a little longer than it normally would have. If you aren’t an Apprentice to the Weaver Hall, why are you working on such a project?” she asked him, almost as direct as Syra was when she wanted to know something.

Offline Nioka

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #7 on: February 27, 2017, 11:11:15 PM »
Nioka nodded along to Arishe's answer. What she was talking about made sense, though Nioka wouldn't be attempting anything as complicated as she'd made. Free-hand dyeing increased the likelihood of color bleed, and could make it harder to properly wash a blanket, though pre-dyeing would be far easier to wreck, with any shortening of a yarn leading to a completely ruined tapestry.

He was going to interject but Syra returned, and Nioka had to laugh at Arishe's consternation around Syra being helpful. By the time Arishe's focus returned to him, Nioka had forgotten what he was going to say, so he simply listened while the craftswoman continued.

Nioka, who had been leaning forward, listening both eagerly and intently, leaned back when Arishe asked him about his plans for this blanket. He didn't want to obfuscate, but he also didn't want to drag the general mood of the group down. He waved his left hand slightly, down close to his waist.

"I'm twenty." Nioka offered, with a quick smile. "I know my moms would be proud of me for thinking about the future, and what better way to show that thought, than officially joining the craft I've been working with since I was a boy?"

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Visiting the Elders [Nikoa]
« Reply #8 on: March 23, 2017, 01:55:52 PM »
Arishe regarded Nioka with a shrewd eye before nodding, "Sensible. Just because you are a Candidate doesn't mean you'll be chosen. I'll tell you what. In... what is it now? 3 turns?" she paused, waiting for Syra to confirm with a nod, "If you fail to Impress and these old bones haven't given up the ghost, I'll take you on as your "Master" of sorts." the old woman offered, eliciting a small shocked look from Syra before she too, grinned.

Syra was busily looking at some of the carded material she had been working on when the Craftmaster himself came up to their small group after finishing his latest story. Arishe turned her head to him and the man beat down to the small woman and kissed both cheeks, "Who have we here, Arishe? I see you have them working hard while they visit." the man, named Claril, said with a hint of curiosity.

The bluerider stood, giving a polite salute to the man who held rank in the settlement and Weavercraft Hall. "I am Search Captain Syra, rider of blue Rasenth. My companion is a Candidate of High Reaches Weyr, his name is Nioka. Your Craft holds great interest for him and I brought him to visit Granddam because of it. I don't believe I have had the honor of meeting you?" she offered, her tone tinged with a query for the man's name.

"Craftmaster Claril at your service." the man responded, reaching out for her arm and grasping her wrist in greeting. "I've long said that Arishe should be a Master, but you know the rules... women and all that." the man scoffed, apparently not in agreement with that edict in the Crafthalls. "But have no fear, Nioka. If you Apprentice her, she will be one of the best Masters available to you. And she doesn't take on many apprentices as it were." he held out his hand in greeting to the young man as well. Having made his introductions he turned an eye on Syra again. "So, how is it you come to ride a blue? I thought women only rode gold dragons, if they rode at all."

Arishe reached up and smacked at the younger man who outranked her, "How rude!" she admonished, and Claril jokingly cringed away from the woman.

"I'm sorry! I've never seen a woman rider before, except Lyrial." he cried, fending off her swats.

Syra took her seat and smiled, "Why don't I tell you the story of 'The Woman Who Rode Blue'." she offered, naming off the story that was now being told in the Creche to explain why she rode a blue dragon.

Claril grinned, "By all means. The storyteller stands in the center of the looms, though. So you'll have to give up your chair to me and tell the whole room." the man said, gesturing her to take her place.

After a glance around the room, noting that Claril's raised voice had brought the attention of the Weavers on her. She could feel a question in the air and the interest from them for her story. Finally, nodding in agreement, Syra stood and took her place in the center as Arishe turned her attention back to Nioka, "You need not answer right away, young man. Take your time to think over my offer. I assure you, I wont be offended."

In the middle of the room, Syra took on the voice of storytelling, clearly having done it before, and began the sad narrative of a young woman who never truly fit in with the other girls for interest in them was more than just friendly... and her dreams of fighting with the boys...


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