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Author Topic: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]  (Read 751 times)

Description: Early Afternoon - 06.25.508 AL

Offline Search Captain Syra

Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« on: July 24, 2017, 02:04:35 AM »
Syra sat her back against the warm stone of the ledge overlooking the area where children from the Creche spent some of their play time during the day. It was only the day after the Sun Runners had graduated and Syra had named Demori and Raesyn as Searchriders. Training ones, but still. Rasenth was above her on the rim of the Weyr sunning as he often did in the afternoon but his rider was preparing for another lesson. The man who had taught her the art of Searching was no long with the Weyr, and so the task had fallen to her to train the teams of Searchriders as they were named to their ranks. She was well aware that the Weyrwoman was not fond of her. Many of the men weren't either, but she had earned her place as a fighting rider and graduated like all of the rest of them. The same had been done by Ith'rien in the past. Their's was a long road, but Syra was sure that they'd prove themselves when Thread began falling.

Below her, weyrbrats from 10 to 13 turns were preparing for their afternoon lessons with the Harper, but they didn't know that Syra had also planned to pit Demori and Caileth against them. She hadn't wanted to get any kid's hopes up that they might be Searched that day. No, better to let the other woman test herself against them and see how her dragon fared with sensing those with the dragonrider's heart in them.

While she observed, Syra picked a few of the kids who had special something in them but to varying degrees of being hidden in them. One of them, a young man, had it so buried that it was almost hard for her to sense. Demori wouldn't and Syra knew it but she did want to see just how skilled the young woman was. There a girl, perhaps 12 turns, who was on the harder side, but right where Syra thought Demori's limit was -- as a green Searcher that was. It was surprising, actually, how well the two greenriders were at Searching. Syra hadn't been prepared for them to find so many potential Candidates on their last outing. They had noted the Holds and some people's names for a later date, but had only come home with one young man. The woman thought the cothold had been Ceresa's old home, but for the life of her couldn't remember the name of the hole in the wall.

It hadn't mattered in the end. Their outing had given the two greenriders a very good lesson and Syra was proud of how they were progressing. Soon they'd be able to accompany her to Search for the Candidates of the upcoming clutch. Syra was elated. Rasenth, can you tell Caileth where we are for Demori to meet us? she asked her dragon.

Of course. the blue told his rider, his tone tinged with contentment at his sunning spot. Caileth, my rider would like you to know that we are above the outdoor classroom for the Creche. She'd like you to meet us here. The sun is warm. Rasenth said to the green, encouraging her to come to where he was for their lessons.

Offline Searchrider Demori

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2017, 04:08:10 AM »
Caileth perked up at the mention of the Creche, it was one of her absolute favorite places. Demori! Rasenth and the Search Captain are waiting for us above the outdoor Creche classroom. Let's go! The Green nudged her Rider incessantly and Demori smiled to herself at the antics. "Alright, alright you silly." She smoothly swung onto Caileth's back and the Green launched off their ledge in a hurry to get there.

They quickly arrived at the meeting place and Caileth landed lightly. Hello Rasenth! Are you excited to play with the children too? The younger dragon settled in under the warm sun, but where she could also watch the class. Demori quickly went over to where Syra was waiting and sat next to her. "Good afternoon Syra, what have you got in store for us today?" Demori looked down and caught the eyes of one boy who wasn't paying attention to the lesson. She gave him a small wave and then sternly gestured for him to pay attention. She knew all the kids who frequented the Creche and this one she knew was a little too bright for his own good.

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2017, 04:40:47 AM »
"Well," Syra started, "I planned to do a mock Search day for the weyrbrats with you, but I realized that it may get kid's hopes up too much if they knew about it." she shrugged, winking at the young man as he turned back to the Harper. The woman thought she heard a sigh, but decided it must have been her own. "So instead we are going to observe them from here while we test your skills." The Harper began his lesson and Syra watched as all the children began focusing solely on him instead of what was going on around them. Good, she thought, dragonriders need to pay attention. And some of this group was close to Candidacy age. Focus was a skill they were going to need.

"Anyway, in that group there's a few really good possibilities. Remember that 'something' I told you about and how it can be buried very deep in a potential rider? I found a few of the children who have it buried in them at various difficulties of finding it. The idea today is to find how how far your skills, and Caileth's, go. Though Rasenth will be teaching Caileth from up there." Syra only hoped the green had enough focus to learn.

Below, the Harper was teaching the children about whers with the teaching song about their care.

The wherling is a homely beast
That bursts creeling from the shell-
The knowledgeable wherhandler
Will feed his wherling well.

A wherling raised on hunks of meat
Will grow up tall and strong-
But woe betide the wherhandler
Who does the first days wrong.

The song wafted up to them along with the music from the Harper's guitar. Syra hummed along with the words, remembering them from her own time as a weyrbrat. "Right, Rasenth asked Caileth to pick one of the children and thing the thing in them that dragons look for. Why don't you tell me which one she chooses?"

Offline Searchrider Demori

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2017, 05:09:00 AM »
Demori bobbed her head along with the song and was pleased to see how well the kids were paying attention to their lesson. It was easy to see that they were diligent and cared about their futures even at the young age they were. Caileth took a little bit of time as well to just happily watch the lesson before she decided to get serious. The Green had been duly listening to Rasenth as she was supposed to even with her excitement to be there.

She examined the children for one who would really pop out at her as a potential. After a few moments Caileth found a solid something special in the young lad at the front of the class who had his eyes especially glued to the Harper. That one up front Demori. He's really smart and has the something Rasenth talks about. Demori found who she meant and nodded in agreement. "Caileth likes the attentive boy up front quite a bit."

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2017, 06:51:41 PM »
"Hmm." Syra murmured. The attentive boy hadn't been one of her top picks, but his potential was easy to spot. She nodded, he was likely a weyrbrat and one of the easiest to "Search" -- it was a reason that weyrbrats were always allowed a chance on the Sands if there was even the smallest spark in them. "Good, yes he would be a good potential rider. When you find them as easily as that it's usually because their parents come from the Weyr. A Holder who has the same potential as that young man would be much harder and use more effort to find because their upbringing tends to make them bury their hidden desires which dims their spark. Sometimes, it's so dim that even Rasenth has trouble finding it deep inside them. In the Weyr, they see dragonriders as their rolemodels and don't have to hide it so their spark is bright."

A dragon finds their only one,
A 'lizard must be fed-
But watchwers must be blooded to
The ones to which they're wed.

Slit your palm and offer it,
The wher will take a taste.
Let him lick a few laps only-
Any more is only waste.

The Harper continued the song and Syra noted, even having missed the stanzas between the last they had heard and these, that the man had altered it to include information about Firelizards. She grinned. Mimic, her own green firelizard, had landed beside the Harper and was trilling along with the song's melody. She didn't know the words, but the appearance of a firelizard had gotten the attention of the children.

"Do you see the smallest boy there? With auburn hair and tan skin?" Syra imaged the youngest boy to her dragon to share with Caileth, "Tell me what you think about him?"

This is a harder one, Caileth. She has hidden her hopes deep, as if she is scared. Can you sense them? Rasenth was genuinely curious. It had been hard for him and his rider, but it could be a challenge for the untested green and a lot more effort than the other potential Candidates they had ever tested her against.

Offline Searchrider Demori

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2017, 03:32:47 PM »
Demori turned and gave Caileth a thumbs up when her choice was approved. The Green bounced in place a little, excited that her choice was a good one. When the song turned the subject matter to firelizards and Syra's Mimic went down to sing along, Demori turned a questioning eye to Vulan who was wrapped around her neck like a scarf as per usual. "What about you big man?" She whispered to the Bronze flit. Vulan looked down at the scene and trilled along, but made no movement to go away from her.

Demori turned her attention to the boy Syra pointed out and watched him. What do you think Caileth? The dragon bobbed her head a bit to the music, but turned her focus on the boy. He's hard to get a sense for. I see what Rasenth means by him being scared of something. Caileth stopped moving to the music and put all of her attention on the young boy. She dug as deep as she could till she finally sensed something buried deep in there. Caileth shared this feeling with Demori. "Caileth sensed that the boy seems to be afraid of becoming a Dragonrider, but deep down she was able to sense potential in him that he has buried."

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #6 on: July 26, 2017, 04:15:37 PM »
Syra nodded again. She was surprised the green had found any spark in the young man but then, Caileth had shown a surprising skill for Searching when she was younger. It was part of the reason she was now training. The real test would be on the last child, the bluerider decided. It was one that she had had to work hard to sense, which meant that the green team shouldn't sense them at all.

The woman inched forward, settling herself with her feet over the ledge. As daring a rider as she was, Syra was not afraid to fall. "Last test," she began, roving her gaze over the students. There was a girl there, older than all the rest, and Syra herself had ferried the family to the Weyr to make a new start in life. She remembered that there had been a cothold that burned down some time ago and they had been among those to lose everything in the fire. The dragonriders, too late to put the blaze out, had worked on relocating everyone. This family, though they had been offered the chance when J'tir's Wing had initially protected them, had turned it down until recently.

Easily one of the oldest in the bunch, the girl was 13 turns and just about ready to reach the point where she'd be Searched out of the Creche and potentially offered a spot as a Candidate. "See the oldest girl?" Syra pointed, "She's off to the left of everyone and is getting bold about reaching toward Mimic," indeed, the girl had reached out a small finger toward the foot of the firelizard, likely hoping to tell her friends she had touched it, "tell me about her, next." From where they were seated, Syra saw Mimic notice the girl and deliberately turn her head. At the very last moment, the green flit had reached out a foreleg and touched the girl's finger before the girl could touch her.

In a matter of moments, Mimic was nestled in the girl's lap and getting stroked. The other children had looked on enviously. The bluerider turned to the little bronze, "Couldn't you go keep some of them company, too, you lazy thing?" she muttered, gently prodding the lizard-scarf around Demori's neck.

Offline Searchrider Demori

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #7 on: July 27, 2017, 12:16:12 AM »
Great job Caileth! You're amazing! Demori praised her for a job well done. Naturally! She was getting a bit of big head at this point having passed the difficult task. I was clearly right to have pushed us to join the Searchriders. Caileth raised her head up high in pride and waited excitedly for Syra to announce the last task.

Demori inched forward a bit as well on the ledge to get a better view of the girl Syra indicated. She giggled at the playfulness of Mimic and nodded happily as the girl allowed the flit into her lap to be stroked. Caileth what do you think? She seems pretty bold, that's a good start. Caileth looked down at the girl and started to search her mind.

At Syra's prodding Vulan squirmed and made a made a complaintive protest at leaving. "Now now, you really should socialize more mister." Demori chided the firelizard and unwound him from her neck. "Go on." Vulan looked at her for a few moments hoping to get his spot back, but Demori gave him a nudge and so he finally glided down amongst the children. He flew around a couple times to give the children a good show to fulfill his duty. In the end he decided that Caileth's first choice was best and landed on the attentive boy's lap demanding affection.

In the meantime Caileth had lost her bravado and was searching the girl as deeply as she could. It's no good, I don't sense the something in her... She said after several more moments, not having wanted to give up. It's alright love, what do you sense about her? Demori consoled her dragon.

From what she had witnessed and what Syra had told her, Caileth was above the average Green in terms of Searching talent. So this one must have found their limit or Syra had thrown in a dud. Well, you were right about her being bold. She's a tough one and seems to have been through some things. Caileth laid her head down in defeat after relaying this.

Demori sent comforting and encouraging thoughts to her. She knew her Green was too upbeat to stay down long. "I'm afraid that Caileth doesn't sense the special something in her. She did sense that the girl is bold and made of tough stuff though." Demori admitted to Syra. "Was this our limit then?"

Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #8 on: July 27, 2017, 12:37:11 AM »
Sometimes, young Caileth, we dragons must admit we have our limits. My rider tells me it's something we must learn. She calls it 'humility'. She says we might think we are the best but we must learn to be 'humble' instead of arrogant. I think this is the lesson she wanted to teach you with the last girl. Rasenth was telling Caileth. Syra smiled her inward smile as she turned and looked to Demori.

"Yes, that girl was Caileth's limit. Dragons are a wonderful sense of character and are very good at telling a good egg from a bad egg, so to speak, when it comes to one's personality, but as you can see... there is more t Searching than that. Sometimes even arrogant bastards have a spark so deep down in them that you think they'd never be a rider. Sometimes they will Impress -- and their Impression can change them into someone with a heart of gold. Or bronze... or brown... or blue or even green." The woman grinned, "And this is why the dragons help us Search. They can sense that potential to change, that 'spark' as I've taken to calling it, and they know something we will never know." Syra sat and watched the lesson a little longer, the girls and boys now answering questions and being awarded points in a sort of recall game. Mimic was now rolling on the grass with her feet in the air getting scratches and pats on her stomach. From the look in her glittering little eyes, she was in pure bliss.

"Right! We have found your limit now... let's go over how we are supposed to behave around the Holders on Search. Remember that Holds are required to allow us to Search when there are eggs on the Sands, it's part of the agreement between Holds and Weyrs but most of the Lord Holders are not friendly toward us dragonriders. Their courtesies extend no farther than their requirements to us and you'll find many toe the line of politeness. As women we face even more difficulty because the Holders don't give value to women beyond what their marriages can gain them. Disgusting as their misogynistic views are, do you remember the one thing all riders must pretend when around the Holds?"

Syra knew that Demori was intelligent and very likely straight, but it was drilled into the riders from a young age that Holders tended toward prudishness and frowned upon (and in most cases, outright hated) homosexual people. It was a large part of why the Weyr was such a sanctuary to those with alternate views on love and sex. Faranth forbid that a rider should flirt with someone of the same gender in front of a Lord Holder -- they were likely to spread the slanderous lies that the dragonriders were spreading filth and coercing their youth toward homosexual tendencies. The woman shook her head. They'd all learn to respect riders properly when those gay sons of theirs were flying Thread and protecting their property and lives.

"Okay, scenario. We drop into a Hold because our dragons sense something in some of the people there. Say Caileth tells you a boy is gay and prefers male lovers. If you were to extend an invitation to the Weyr to become a Candidate, how would you word it so that you tell the young man that you know and it's okay -- but at the same time, keep it from his hidebound, gay-hating father when you need to convince the older man to allow him to be a dragonrider?"

Offline Searchrider Demori

Re: Testing the Limits [Syra/Demori]
« Reply #9 on: August 14, 2017, 08:39:33 AM »
Humble does not sound very fun, but if it is important I guess I have to. Caileth replied with resigned acceptance. She sat up straight with determination after a moment. Fine, then I'm going to be the best humble dragon ever! Demori smiled and shook her head, unsure whether her Green had the right attitude or was just completely missing the point.

Demori sat quietly, listened, and nodded along to what Syra had to say, intent on taking the training seriously. She had to try her best to match her dragon's determination. When she was faced with the situational questions, Demori took a long time trying to think of what to say. "Um, well certainly we don't want to be obvious about it and out the boy....So...umm..." She frowned a bit in thought, but was coming up blank. "I guess I could just speak to the boy privately or have Caileth speak to him since she likes talking to people, but I don't think that's the type of answer you're looking for, sorry..."


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