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Author Topic: Rangergirl's Place of Reflection  (Read 450 times)


Offline RangerGirl92

Rangergirl's Place of Reflection
« on: September 30, 2017, 10:34:23 AM »


Name: Kolkuni
       Pronunciation: Coal-Coon-I

Honorific Name: K'Kuni
       Pronunciation: Ka-Coon-I


Face Claim: None

Height: 5'9

Weight: 125 pounds. Wiry build, with more muscle than fat.

Eyes: slightly slanted, sea-green in color set beneath gently arched eyebrows

Hair: shoulder-length, warm, honey-brown hair that falls in gentle curls. It has a healthy sheen to it and is well moisturized, but not greasy.

Distinct Markings: A bite scar on his right hand

General Apperance: Kolkuni is tall for his age with a wiry build. His sea-green eyes are set in a round, almost child-like face. Freckles spread across his ski-slope nose, standing out against his pale skin. He has an almost thoughtful and intelligent air about him.

He carries himself proudly, something learned from his years as a Harper Apprentice. When he smiles it spreads to his eyes and he usually has an easy-going grin. His face is very kind, trustworthy, and easy to read.

General Attire: Kolkuni normally dresses in a simple tunic and pants with his curly hair pulled away from his face, while not disgracing his Craft with a shabby appearance he dresses comfortable on normal days with no major happenings going on.

For important occasions, Kolkuni dresses in his best Gather clothes, usually a crisp and clean blue tunic with the sleek and shiny belt knife his father gave him before going to the Harper Hall. His hair is down, with his curls bouncing and framing his child-like face.


Primary Rank: Candidate

Secondary Rank: Harper Craft Apprentice
       Assigned Wing: Will be assigned by Staff.
Education Details:
Sent to the Harper Hall at the age of thirteen, Kolkuni spent four years studying under the Voicemaster and excelling until his voice broke. During this time was the most frustrating for him, seeing as his biggest asset was his crisp, clear soprano voice. He worried that he would be returned to High Reaches Hold in shame. The apprentices, younger and older alike, made fun of him when his voice squeaked. While waiting for his voice to settle, Kolkuni turned his attention to making instruments, mostly pipes and drums. He found himself better at making the former, while the latter were decent they weren't good enough for the Craftmaster's stamp.

For each category give us a few sentences, replacing list with the trait itself.

Likes: Bubbly Pies, Exploring, Singing
       Bubbly Pies have always been a favorite of Kolkuni's since his childhood.
       Naturally curious, Kolkuni could and still can, often be found exploring his surroundings.
       While his voice is his gift, he enjoys singing because if helps him feel closer to his mother.

Dislikes: Yelling, Bullies, Writing
       Kolkuni has always had a great dislike for yelling as he usually tried to avoid verbal confrontations if he could.
       Bullying is something he will not stand for however, and he can't the times he'd gotten a bloody lip for standing up for some of his meeker friends.
       Kolkuni loves to read, sing, even draw, but he abhors writing.

Strengths: Quick-thinking, task-oriented, Patient
        In stressful situations Kolkuni has shown himself quick to react and resistant to freezing up.
       When given a task, Kolkuni is known to stay on it until it is completed, and completed well.
       He has shown himself patient with the other kids, especially those that are "slower" than others in learning the Teaching Ballads and other lessons.

Weaknesses: Quick tempered, task-oriented, ambitious
        Kolkuni has shown a quick temper when it comes to those that insult or bully his friends.
       His ability to focus on a set task is kind of a double-edged sword, while it means he finishes what he sets out to do, he does this at the expense of neglecting other duties, having once allowed a roast wherry to burn for example.
       While ambition is not always a bad thing, with Kolkuni he strives for perfection in everything he attempts and usually allows that ambitious drive to send him over the line at times.

Habits: Tends to whistle while he works. Picks at his nails and cuticles when nervous or stressed. Tends to correct other over simple mistakes.
Personality: While Kolkuni is normally quiet and mild-mannered. His temper is quick to flare up when someone insults either him, his family, dragons, fire-lizards or even watch-whers. He is loyal to his friends and loves to help others with their problems and is very quick to take those people underestimate or don’t give the time to understand under his wing.

When he sees or feels that, someone is sad he’ll make up a goofy tune to cheer them up. He is the kind of person that you feel comfortable with when it comes to relationship problems or even problems with a misbehaving child.


Birthplace: High Reaches Hold
Birthdate: 01.25.491 AL
True Age: 17

Mother: Sera. B. 478 AL. D. N/A
Father: Vexant. B. 475 AL, D. N/A
Kucan (488 AL., d. 491 AL)
Haint (b. 490, d. N/A)

Past Lovers/Weyrmates: N/A
       Current lover/Weyrmate: N/A

Born a couple of months after the death of his oldest brother, Kucan, Kolkuni was rather smothered by his grief stricken mother. It wasn’t until he was three Turns that she would let him go off with his other brother, Haint to explore the Hold and play. A precocious child, Kolkuni wanted to learn everything about, well, everything. He would sit and watch his father work with Vexast, the Hold’s brown watch-wher and pester Haint with questions about Dragons and Fire Lizards.

When he was five Turns, Kolkuni snuck into Vexast’s lair and startled him, resulting in the frightened Watch-wher biting Kolkuni’s hand. His father was furious, as was the Lord Holder and while Sera blamed Vexast, both Vexant and the Lord Holder blamed Kolkuni for his foolishness. This didn’t deter young Kolkuni from visiting the Watch-wher, but he was much more careful around the beast.

During the years that he learned the Teaching Ballads with the other children, it was discovered Kolkuni had a very nice, light voice, with exceptional range for someone untrained. His mother encouraged him to sing. This ended with Vexant caving and giving up his hopes that his youngest son would follow his path and sending Kolkuni to be an apprentice at the Harper Hall at the age of 13.

He spent the next four Turns there, studying mostly under the voice master and excelling until his voice broke.

During this time was the most frustrating for Kolkuni, his biggest talent was singing and he worried that he would be returned to his Hold in shame, the younger apprentices made fun of him when his voice squeaked and the apprentices from his own Turn made fun of him from time to time. While waiting for his voice to settle, Kolkuni turned his attention to making instruments, mostly flutes and pipes, which were passable, but not good enough for the Harper Seal to sell at Gathers. Finally, after several months, Kolkuni’s voice settled and he and the Voicemaster found that his voice settled into a rich, warm tenor with exceptional range.

Unbeknownst to the flowering young Harper, the masters were considering promoting him to Journeyman when the Dragons of High Reaches arrived on Search and he was chosen. Much to the disappointment of the Voicemaster, but Kolkuni felt honored and excited that he would be given such an opportunity, and he promised his master and mentor of the past four Turns that once he Impressed and was allowed to fly he would return to finish his training as his mother wanted.


Kolkuni whipped his head around as he observed the chaos around him. Newly hatched dragonets stumbled about, creeling with hunger as they searched for their mates among the Candidates. He watched as one lad Impressed a bronze and another Impressed a green. He noticed Eireth watching the event with whirling green eyes. If only Vexant could see me now. Kolkuni thought. His father would be proud to see his youngest son, the one he thought destined to be a Wherhandler, standing on the Hatching Grounds of High Reaches as a Candidate. Someone bumped into Kolkuni, knocking him to the blistering hot sands, jerking him from his thoughts.

Brushing his hair from his eyes Kolkuni noticed that it wasn’t a person who’d knocked him to the ground, but a small blue hatchling! He pushed himself to his knees as the small dragonet crooned anxiously, his bejeweled eyes whirling red with hunger, but tinged with yellow. Kolkuni gazed into those amazing eyes and found he couldn’t look away. He felt a rush of joy, warmth and love incomparable to anything he’d ever felt from another living being, human, fire-lizard, or watch-wher. Kolkuni pulled the beautifully wedge-shaped head toward him, pressing it against his own. “You are the most wonderful amazing dragon on all of Pern –“

Kolkuni woke with a jolt in his bed in the Candidate Dorms. He could hear the gentle snores of his fellow Candidates. It was just a dream! Kolkuni thought as he rolled onto his side and his eyes fell on the garment hanging from a peg, the ceremonial white robe that he would wear on the day of the Hatching. Kolkuni’s mind turned to images of him flying on the neck of a flaming dragon, at first it was a bronze, then a brown, but as he slipped back into a deep sleep the image refocused on a blue. A sigh of contentment passed through the young lad’s lips as he fell back to sleep.

Created by: (RangerGirl92)
Inactivity Preference: I would prefer Kolkuni be killed off.


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