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Author Topic: Site-Wide Roleplay Timeline  (Read 9084 times)


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Site-Wide Roleplay Timeline
« on: December 14, 2014, 04:39:02 PM »
Spoiler: New Timeline Entry Code • show
- D.## (Time of Day) [url=Post URL]Post title[/url] [Names/Tags]
Do not edit the spacing between the - and the D.

History Threads

Spoiler: History Threads • show

-    Hard Truths Will Out [J'tir] (Pre-Impression Alicona)
-    Lost Relationships (Taioryn Meets Z'lud)
-    The Effort for Pies (10.01.506 AL) { Open }

Turn 507 AL

Spoiler: Turn 507 AL Threads • show

Month 1, 507 AL

-   D. Unknown Now We're Even [Izayan/Dox's Drudge]

Month 2, 507 AL

-   D.07 To Learn the Lessons [Open]
-   D.15 Dimglows [J'ren/semi-open]
-   D.25 [Clutching] Eireth's Rising Stars
-   D.26 An Overdue Encounter [Sy'dan]

Month 3, 507 AL

-   D.10 Unexpected visitation  [Tags: V'eri and Weyrleadership]

Month 4, 507 AL

-   D.25 A Lesson in Vintages  {Semi-Open}
-   D.25 Missed Lunch Blues  [Syra/Tyasen]

Month 5, 507 AL

-   D.05 [Search - Aorawn] Hunting in the Morning {Z'lud/Syra/Aorawn}
-   D.09 (Early Afternoon) [Touching] Rising Stars
-   D.09 (Late Afternoon) Little Talks (Z'lud/Kiamyn/Semi-open)
-   D.09 (Night of Touching) Drowning the Fears {Syra/Sy'dan - Private}
-   D.15 (Early Morning) Music and Water (Aorawn/Kiamyn/Open)
-   D.15 (Midday) I'll Be Your Crying Shoulder (Evesa/Isthiskarien)

Month 6, 507 AL

-   D.07 [Hatching] Rising Stars: The Dragons Choose First female bluerider Impression
-   D.07 (During/After Hatching) [Feeding Cavern] Once alone, nevermore.
-   D.08 [Weyrling Class 1: - Basic Care] Good morning, dragonriders!
-   D. Unknown Moving to the new room! Tag Sy'dan (Partially open)
-   D.11 Rudely Rush In 
-   D.14 Dance into Dazzling Darkness. Descent into Madness. (The Weyr discovers between times)
-   D.21 Haircuts for All!  [Weyrlings]
-   D.21 Haircuts for All!  [Taioryn/Zevar (Personal Side Plot)]
-   D.23 Believing in a tomorrow that will never come.

Month 7, 507 AL

-   D.00 (Early Morning) Dreaming of You  (T'rius/Kida)
-   D.02 (Midmorning) Bronze Stubborness [Kiamyn/C'rin]
-   D.03 (Late Afternoon) Dreaming of You (Kida/T'rius)
-   D.07 (Afternoon) [Touching/Hatching] Unexpected Surprises (Closed)
-   D.25 Respite [Kiamyn/E'zan]

Month 8, 507 AL

-   D.13 What news from the Weyr? [Tags: V'eri!]

Month 9, 507 AL

-   D.17 Once Upon a Morning [E'zan]

Month 10, 507 AL

-   D.03 [Lecture] General Information - Gliding/Wing Strength
-   D. Unknown Rolling out of bed [Tags: Syra!]

Month 11, 507 AL

-   D.20 [Clutch Games] Pern's Silent Whispers
-   D.23 Twin Expectations [Tags: Izayan] {Open}
-   D.23 Welcome To My Sorrow {Kiamyn, E'zan}

Month 12, 507 AL

-   D.03 [Class] Non-manned Glides
-   D.17 [Lecture] Greenflights
-   D.30 [Gold Flight] The Rising Sunset

Turn 508 AL

Month 1, 508 AL

Month 2, 508 AL

-   D.00 First Nights [Open/Euaryko/Kaltyra/D'kaen]
-   D.17 (Morning) [Site Plot] Exploring 'Eastern' Isle (Exploring Team/Openish)
-   D.20 (Late Evening) Could It Be Possible?

Month 3, 508 AL

-   D.01 An Anonymous Letter [Tags: Syra, Lyrial, and semi-open]
-   D.01 Influencing Dragonriders  {Mini-RP} [Tags: Zevar]
-   D.04 (Late Evening) A Dangerous Day (Tanriel/Open)
-   D.05 Big Boys on Duty [Open]
-   D.05 (Sunrise) Born of Music and Love [Kiamyn/Daukaen - Semi Open]
-   D.06 All Hail the Mighty Hunter [Open]
-   D.11 (Morning) Students For A Master (Larisae/Tanriel/Olrina)
-   D.13 Who said work isn't fun? [Rabid]
-   D.16 (Midday) If I Can Learn to Do It [Fylanarch/Jerilex]
-   D.18 (Sunrise) [Touching] A Sunrise To Remember
-   D.21 [Drills] All the Weyrs of Pern
-   D. 21 (Early Morning) When the Morning Comes [Aerinel/Moraia]

Month 4, 508 AL

-   D.02 (Early Morning) Itchy Dragons (Larisae/Z'lud/Partially Open)
-   D.02 (Early Evening) New Perspective (Raesyn/N'vet)
-   D.05 (Midday)  In Pursuit of Amusement [Open]
-   D.08 (Late Evening)  Seeking Advice [S'lar]
-   D.10 [Greenflight] No Happy Endings (Maiden, Open)
-   D.12 (Afternoon) Restless Afternoon Bets (Open)
-   D.14 Something Lost, Something Found (Larisae/C'rin)
-   D.19 (Mid-Afternoon) {Firelizard Hatching} Copy Cats (Kiamyn/Syra)
-   D.19 (Sunset) Distractions (N'vet/M'han)
-   D.20 (Afternoon) Shards, You're Not Lost Too?
-   D.22 (Mid Afternoon) Brush Strokes (Demori/Jerilex)
-   D.23 (Predawn) Morning Run (Aendeira/Rynic)
-   D.24 (Afternoon)  Survival in the Weyr [Kari]
-   D.28 (Daytime) [Hatching] Sun Runners: Chaos on the Sands
History is made when 2 golds are revealed.
-   D.28 (Afternoon) [Sun Runners] Harmony & Chaos
-   D.28 (MidAfternoon) Remnants of Chaos [Tag: SR's Injured]
-   D.28 (Pre-Feast) Cut to Pieces (Kiamyn/Iolana)
-   D.28  [SR Hatching Feast] A toast to the Weyrlings
-   D.28 (Post-Feast) Let's Dance, Just You and Me
-   D.30 (Afternoon) Stitch Me Up (Raesyn/Larisae)

Month 5, 508 AL

-   D.01 (Late Morning) No Concern of Yours (Xilirius/Caledarlo/Open)
-   D.02 [Rising Stars Graduation] Welcome, Dragonriders!
-   D.04 (Dawn) A Dawn Jog [Demori - Open]
-   D.12 (Morning) Bathing Woes (Sun Runners Clutch/Open)
-   D.13 Dragonmen Must Fly (Kye, Elorawyn, Sindri)
-   D.15 (Midmorning) A Cooling Cleanse or a Slap in the Face? [Open/Larisae/Euaryko]
-   D.15 (Evening) Leave You In Love [Ev'ris/Ph'dar/K'nek]
-   D.16 All Mucked Up (Open/Zykougan/Raesyn)
-   D.17 (Morning) A lesson in manners [Kaltyra/Z'lud]
-   D.19 (Pre-dawn){Timing Thread} Gone Away... Gone Back?
(Sun Runners disappear back in time.)

-   D.19 (Dawn) Gone, Gone, Gone
-   D.20 (Late Morning) Persistence [Wykari/R'him]
-   D.21 (Afternoon) Catch Me I'm Falling [Aerinel/Open]
-   D.22 (Morning) Misery Loves Company [Wykari/Evesa]
-   D.22 (Late Afternoon) Helping Hands [Chesarei]
-   D.24 (9 AM) Save Me From My Solitude [Evesa/Sweep/Open]
-   D.24 (Mid-morning) [Weyr Games] Racing on Foot and Wing! [Open]
-   D.24 (Mid-morning) Heartsick [Ph'dar/Lyrial]
-   D.24(Midday) Hide and Seek [R'him/Wykari]
-   D.25 [Search] Redirecting Fireballs
-   D.26 (Afternoon) [Search] Unbidden Invitations [Yuliaes/Syra]
-   D.26 (Evening) [Search] Dragonrider Bloodline [T'rius/Xilirius]
-   D.26 (Middle of the Night) [Search] I'm Awake Now [Carthagal/Syra]
-   D.27 (Late Morning) Racing the Sky [Zekeiri/Syra]
-   D.28 (Late Morning)  [Search] Dashing Dreams [Dayala/Semi-Open]
-   D.29 (mid-afternoon) We're Family [Ph'dar/Dayala/Ev'ris]
-   D.29 (late afternoon) What Were We Talking About? [Xilirius / Carthagal]

Month 6, 508 AL

-   D.01 Young Lynxine kittens come to High Reaches to be pair-bonded. (7 weeks old)
-   D.03 (Mid-Morning) Balls of Fluff and Fangs [Lynxine Handlers & Co.]
-   D.05 (Mid-morning) Walking the Tables [Tags: Irevar/Larisae]
-   D.05 (Midday) A Devastating Blow [T'rius]
-   D.06 (Midday) Jerking the Meat [Elali/Open]
-   D.07 (Midday) Return of the Weyrlings [Debriefing]
-   D.07 (Mid-day) Where the Heart is [Ith'rien/Evesa]
-   D.08 (Mid-Morning) [THREAD] A Display of Skill [Sun Runners Weyrlings]
-   D.09 (Breakfast/Morning) Pretty Days [Open]
-   D.09 (After Breakfast) Idle Hands [S'lar/Niriayta]
-   D.09 (Midday) A Perfect Fit [Open]
-   D.10 (LATE Night - 2am) [Gold Flight] Uncertain Times
-   D.10 (Late Night) [NSFW] Instinctual Impulses [S'lar/Niriayta]
-   D.10 (Late Night) [NSFW] First Flight [Rhelarin/Nysene]
-   D.10 (Late Night) Two for One [Ph'dar/K'nek/Irevar]
-   D.10 (Late Night- 2am) The Power of Love (Taioryn/Oraeris)
-   D.10 (Late Night) Confessions of the Heart (Havalyn/Caedarlo)
-   D.10(2 AM) Playing with Fire [Tayali/Vii]
(Some people begin falling sick with the epidemic sickness. At this time, seen as a small cluster and nothing to be worried about.)
-   D.11 (Late Morning) Arrival of the Traders [Ithis/Open]
-   D.11 (Midafternoon) Common Cleaning [Open]
-   D.13 (Evening) A Dusty Encounter [Nysene/Tayali]
-   D.14 (Early Morning) Experimentation [S'lar/Niriayta]
-   D.15 (Early Evening) First Impresions [Ev'ris/Kareja]
-   D.17 (Late Afternoon) Injury Incompetence [Syra/Ev'ris]
-   D.19 (Midmorning) Amongst the Chaos (Larisae/Br'lon)
-   D.21 (Midday) Silver Sear's Newest [Raesyn/Demori/Syra]
-   D.22 (Afternoon) You have no, Until you ask [Vu'li/Aenderia]
-   D.23 ( Evening) Ghosts of the Past [Kiroah/Ceresa]
-   D.24 (Mid-Afternoon) [SR Graduation] A Reason to Celebrate (Sun Runners/Open)
-   D.26 *slaps* Back to Reality (Evesa/Syra)
-   D.26 (Evening Meal) Dissension [Nelvanic/C'aelo/Open]
-   D.30 (Late Afternoon) Tracing the Patterns [Matoskah/Open]

Month 7, 508 AL

-   D.01.(Early Evening) Unsteady Maneuvers [Open]
-   D.05 (Early Morning -7am) [Clutching] In the Weyr's Name
(Epidemic sickness is now spreading quickly and people are worried in the Weyr.)
-   D.08 (MidAfternoon) The List (C'rin)
-   D.10 (Early Morning) Bright New Day [Silen/Nioka]
-   D.12 (Mid Afternoon to Late Evening) Visiting the Elders [Syra/Nioka]
-   D.15 (Midday) Eyes on the Crowd [Dylakhrin/Nioka]
-   D.15 (Afternoon) Bonding [Ramika/Larisae]
-   D.18 (Late Afternoon) Sunshine Escape [Larisae/Open]
-   D.22 (Morning) Beneath a Burning Sun [Vu'li/Evesa]
-   D.27 (Middle of the Night) Avoidable Disaster [Vii/Oraeris]
-   D.28 (Midday) Meal Time Cheer [Tayali, Osaeris & Vii]
-   D.29 (Midday) "Oh, just touch it you dimglow!" (Irevar/S'lar - Open)
-   D.30 [Overarching Plot] An Epidemic Rises

Month 8, 508 AL

-   D.00 (Morning) Dragon Mishief (Havalyn/N'vet/Open)
-   D.01 (Evening) Once Upon a River (Kiamyn/C'rin)
-   D.03 (Midnight) Pillow Talk (Oraeris/Taoiryn)
-   D.05 (Late Evening) Lost in CandyLand [Open]
-   D.08 (Pre-Dawn) Freedom [Kiamyn/Semi-Open]
-   D.10 (Afternoon) Arts and Crafts [Z'lud/Moraia/Open]
-   D.12 (Afternoon) Baby Name Woes (Oraeris/Taioryn)
-   D.23 (Late Evening) A Mother's Worries [Fiara/Open]
-   D.31 (Afternoon) [Touching] Determination vs. Weakness

Month 9, 508 AL

-   D.01 (Predawn) Warming Up (M'han/Open)
-   D.05 (Mid-Afternoon) [Hatching] Those Dragons, Honor Bound.
A Lord Holder is murdered and word spreads across Pern that it was a dragon. The Weyr is convinced it was a set up. Tensions are higher.

Month 10, 508 AL

Mid-Month: First Threadfall begins during the epidemic. Far Isles Weyr is used as a healing Weyr and the injured are sent back in time to recover.

Month 11, 508 AL

Month 12, 508 AL

Un-dated Threads
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Re: Site-Wide Roleplay Timeline
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2015, 08:20:19 PM »

Far Isles Weyr Threads

80 Turns in the Past - Sun Runners Clutch & Staff

Spoiler: New Timeline Entry Code • show
[code]-   D.## (Time of Day) Post title [Names/Tags] [/code]
Do not edit the spacing between the - and the D.

Month 1, 428 AL

-   D.01 The Pit of Despair (Latrine Digging Chore/Open)
-   D.19 (Night) Astraphobia (Open/Vaelret)

Month 2, 428 AL

-   D.11 (Evening) Avoidance Maneuvers (M'han/Havalyn)
-   D.17 (Morning)  Discovering Home (Open to Exploration Team)

Month 3, 428 AL

-   D.03 (Morning)  [OR Clutching] And Really Bad Eggs... (Open)
-   D.10 (Afternoon) Washed Out [Raesyn/Open]
-   D.20 (Midnight)  Let the Lonely In (Open/Stand alone)
-   D.24 (Midday)  Little Treasures (Elirynae)

Month 4, 428 AL

-   D.04 Sunrise Over Sparkling Waters [Tag: Aendeira]
-   D.06 (Mid-Afternoon)  Welcome to Your New Life [Candidates]
-   D.06 (Evening) The Last Two [Nyxa/Zyxa/Syra]
-   D.09 (Morning)  [OR "Touching"] Awkward Watches, Colorful Eggs
-   D.09 (Evening) Color Me Touched [Touching/Painting] [Jerilex/Zekeiri/Open]
-   D.09 (Evening) There's No Time for Play [Caedarlo/Havalyn]
-   D.10 (Early Morning) [Firelizards] Work and Reward [All] 
-   D.11 Mismatched [Linneku]
-   D.12 (Late Afternoon) Dragonsitting, Babysitting [Aendeira]
-   D.12 (Afternoon/Overnight) [Greenflight] Timely Distractions [Ceresa/H'kyn]
-   D.13 (Late Morning) Cleaning Dinner [Open]

Month 5, 428 AL

-   D.06 (Morning) Not quite the others [Vaelret/Kaltyra]
-   D.09 (Morning, during a storm) [Hatching] Ocean's Revenge [All/Candidates]
-   D.09 (Late Morning, after Hatching) [Feeding] The End of Worrying [All]
-   D.09 (Late Afternoon, after Feeding) [Astrolabe] Breaking the Shell [All]
-   D.11 (Early Morning) Fishing with the best [Ithiskarien/Dekeron/Aendeira]
-   D.26 (Midday) As the Words Appear [Jerilex/Zekeiri]

Month 6, 428 AL

-   D.02 (Late Morning - 3am) Trapped! [All]
-   D.11 (Night) Future Plans, Future Fears [N'vet/M'han]
-   D.15 (Pre-Dawn, 4am) A Belated Turning Day Gift... [Nysene]
-   D.17 (Midday/Lunchtime) A Picnicked Tea [Open]
-   D.20 (Afternoon) Betting on Dragon Wings [Open]

Month 7, 428 AL

Month 8, 428 AL

-   D.04 (Afternoon) Dangerous Games [Kaltyra/Iolana] [/code]

Month 9, 428 AL

Month 10, 428 AL

Month 11, 428 AL

Month 12, 428 AL

Month 13, 429 AL

Month 14, 429 AL

Month 15, 429 AL

-   D.09 (Evening) [Greenflight] Relinquishing Control [Maiden/Open]

Month 16, 429 AL

-   D.06 (Sunset) [Green Flight]Taming the Tempest [Maiden/Open]

Month 17, 429 AL

Month 18, 429 AL

The Sun Runners and the support staff team that went back with them return to High Reaches at the END of this month. Most of this month is spent packing up their Weyr and returning it to the appearance of abandonment (even if it looks much nicer than when they started.
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Re: Site-Wide Roleplay Timeline
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2016, 02:00:18 AM »
Jan 10, 2016:

If you do not see one of your threads on the Timeline, please make sure to date it and post to have it added.

The roleplay timeline helps people to know when posts are happening in relation to each other and events. Please help us keep it updated by posting here when you start a new thread. I know it seems like a lot of extra work, but this is one thing that helps every time someone asks, "When did they do that?"

Thank you for taking the little extra time!


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