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Author Topic: Tea, Interrupted  (Read 1223 times)

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Offline Iatario

Tea, Interrupted
« on: November 09, 2015, 07:08:21 PM »
Eyeing the brightly colored toe of his left sock, Iatario pondered the wording of this newest invitation. How could Lady Dynrae have decided she needed to invite the Goldriders to such a small party? Surely the invasion could have been planned at a larger Gather or a Turn's End occasion? Shaking his head, the poor teen scrubbed his hands against the nape of his neck in frustration. "There has got to be a better way to say all this... Marchan, where is that advice you always shared now?" Tario asked the air around him with a small hint of desperation. He had been sitting at this desk now for a good candlemark as he went over past missives for inspariation. "Just how does one ask a Weyrwoman to grace a small hold's simple gathering?" Fighting the urge to slam his head against the wooden desk, Iatario wondered if it was time to take a quick break. Needing the calm his stretches gave him, the master planner gave up for the time being.

Three weeks after that mind stretching exercise in writing, Iatario found himself darting around the Party room. Last minute decorations and supplies were going to be the death of the teen as Dynrae had changed the theme once more. Knowing better than to argue with the Lady, Iatario was just glad that the new choice wasn't t too far off the original plan. "No! No! No!" He shouted suddenly at a frustrated cook as the girl tried to place a cake in what she thought was the right place. "Didn't you hear?! The theme is dark and dusky not sea-tones! Can you fix that before the Riders get here?" Iatario asked flinging a hand at the light-blue tones of the cake. Grumbling about indecisive fools, the frazzled cook went to see what she could do.

As the appointed hour drew closer, Iatario took a moment to look over the hall for any last minute disasters. A heavy breath left the planner as his gaze couldn't find one thing out of place. "Just in time," Tario whispered letting his shoulders sag with relief. No sooner had the teen relaxed had the Lady Dynrae come breezing in wearing her inspiration for the new theme. "Oh Rio! It's just darling!" The Lady cried out as she tugged the taller male in for a quick hug. "I knew you could pull it off! Look at the stars, Mino!" Dynrae called to her companion with a gasp of joy. "It's just like my dress!" Shaking his head discreetly, Tario finally had his reason for the change. "My Lady, the guests are bound to be arriving soon. Are you not excited to greet them?" Iatario said softly bringing the twirling female back to the task at hand. With another feminine squeal Dynrae darted back out the hall to greet her important guests. "She never changes," Tario whispered into the air as he made to disappear into the background yet again.
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Offline Search Captain Syra

Re: Tea, Interrupted
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2015, 10:16:38 PM »
Syra stood by as she waited for the Weyrwoman to prepare for the Gathering they had been invited to. The bluerider was wearing a deep blue dress that sparkled lightly if the glows caught it just right. Her hair was pulled back into an elegant messy bun, and her feet were adorned with her usual boots, though hidden by the long dress with its plunging neckline. Her necklace with Rasenth's egg shard jewellery of course. It wouldn't have surprised anyone who knew her, considering most of her wardrobe was blue, deep and gorgeous like her blue's hide. Syra, however, was warned ahead of time to dress more conservatively around the Holders, which she knew anyway having been a Searcher for some time now. But she didn't begrudge the Weyrwoman her warning; it was not a misplaced one all things considered.

Tayali moved about Lyrial helping her get her outfit looking perfect, and the Weyrwoman had a constant grin on her face as she let the younger woman fuss with her. Syra was just happy she didn't have to help doll up the blonde woman. Getting herself dressed up was one thing, but another woman? Syra shook her head. There was no way she could do Tayali's job. The Weyrwoman's hair was pulled back at the crown of her head with a braid that started on one side, pulled over and was secured in a curly ponytail behind her head. Long strands of hair framed her face for a very sophisticated look. Her necklace of a gold dragon's tooth filled with powder from Eireth's egg matched the band bracelet around her wrist which itself was inlaid with eggshell from her dragon. Unlike Syra, however, the woman had decided to match her footwear to the dress she had chosen. Lyrial's dress was stunning to say the least. Having sent Tayali off to the Tailors Crafthall and gotten it custom made, it was set to show off her curves in a spectacular way without being too revealing. The dress was golden, strapless, with a long, flowing style and sparkling accents that matched Eireth's many faceted golds on her hide. It gave the Weyrwoman an even more regal bearing as she seemed to glide about her room.

"Okay, okay enough fussing! There is nothing more you can do to make me beautiful, Tayali." Lyrial laughed, scooting the young woman away. "Now off with you, go have some fun while we are gone."

Syra sighed inwardly. Fancy things were not her preference, but the Weyrwoman had invited her specially to secretly Search while they were being hosted. And to watch her back at the Hold. The most powerful dragonrider out and about with the resentful Holdfolk was not a good thing unless someone who could fight was by her side. Not that they thought anyone would hit the Weyrwoman, but... the bluerider nodded, absently casting her gaze around the room as she was prone to doing without paying attention.

"Ready, Weyrwoman?" she inquired, moving toward the exit. The other woman followed and the pair walked to the ledge where their freshly bathed and oiled dragons lay gleaming and sunning. "Rasenth, wake up dearest. It's time to leave finally." Syra called aloud as they approached, earning a sleepy gaze as the blue opened his eyes and turned to face her. Eireth and Rasenth stood, kneeling a leg to make it easier for them to mount up. Weyrling riders had prepared them for riding and Syra cast a gaze over their handiwork out of habit. She had taken to doing so after watching Sy'dan do it for so long. Everything was in order, of course, and they mounted without issue.

"To the Hold," called Lyrial, sending am image to her dragon as Syra did the same, "See you on the other side!" the woman said, as Eireth dropped from the ledge and blinked out without going to the Star Stones. The bluerider scowled, it was a bad habit to teach the young ones, but she wouldn't correct the goldrider. Instead, she and Rasenth rose to the Star Stones and blinked between, following the huge golden dragon.

Lyrial was setting Eireth down in a large, open area and dismounting when Syra landed Rasenth beside her. The Weyrwoman waited for her companion as the bluerider dismounted and rearranged her dress to look nice again. "I wonder what they have in store for us, Weyrwoman. This is a first for me." Syra commented, eyeing the place they had landed and waiting for their host to greet them.
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