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Author Topic: Green Mating Flight Timely Distractions [Ceresa]  (Read 1871 times)

Description: 06.24.428 AL (Afternoon/Sunset)

Offline H'kyn

Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:33:02 PM »
Shortly before the midday meal was scheduled to be served, a small child of roughly nine turns could be heard begging for special treats. While not exactly an uncommon thing, what made this particular instance stand out in folks minds was that these treats were not destined for the child's own belly. No, this sweet child had another's good health in mind. Well to be truthful it was a pair of somebodies that the small girl had on her mind. One being her proud papa and the other was a sweet lady she had become friends with over the past few weeks. The girl knew she shouldn't press her Papa into something while he was still recovering from the loss of her mother but how was Elirynae supposed to ignore the pain of a friend? She didn't know all of Ceresa's story but the pain in her eyes almost matched that in Eli's papa's.

What started the girl's quest today was a quick glance at the half-familiar hide of Araseth and the half-recalled overheard conversations with her aunts and uncles over her short turns. Worry had set in the young girl's heart for her friend and for most of the morning Eliry had racked her mind for some sort of solution to this problem. Everything circled back to her Papa and Mero. If she could manage to get the four of them alone then maybe her Papa could help Ceresa with her pain too! After all Papa could all of Eliry's hurts so why couldn't he help her friend? The biggest problem was getting them away from everyone. From what Eli could tell there was little interaction between her father and the green rider so how to fix that small hiccup? Then a brainstorm of an idea hit the young girl and nearly bowled her small frame over. So here Elirynae was begging and stealing treats from the kitchens for a goodie basket for a good picnic. After she had let the secret slip that it wasn't for her, several folks chipped in ideas that Eli hadn't thought for. Finally, when the basket was almost too heavy for the girl to carry, Elirynae left the kitchens to corner her papa.

In the end it didn't take much for Eli to convince H'kyn to take a longer lunch break than usual. However what had the blue rider stalling was the company he was to take on this outing. "Eli," The father said in a warning tone, "What are you up to this time?" "Papa... Her Ara-Araseth is brighter today than usual! Can't you help?" Eli begged pulling on her puppy-pout. Noting the emphasis on the word brighter, H'kyn's eyes flew open wide in both comprehension and worry. "Eli... Who taught you that.." The worried father's response won over the understanding adult rider's. "Ummm," Eli hedged unwilling to give up her sources so quickly. "I'm going to be a rider too, Papa. I need to know such things!" The girl said in a tone that made all the sense in the world to her. Shaking his head, H'kyn knew now wasn't the time to address such a talk. "Ry, we'll have a good talk soon. You know this right?" The blue rider said ruffling the girl's hair. "I know, Papa. I'm growing up faster than you want!" She giggled before pushing her papa towards the door. "Go find her!" Elirynae said knowing that her father understood.

So that's how H'kyn found himself searching the common areas for a certain green rider with a bulging basket over one arm and a blue's chuffing laugh in his ear. You know I could just call for the ladies to join us, H'kyn, The pale blue said unable to hide his pleasure in the possible events for the day. "Now that would be too easy, Mero. Eli said I should invite her on my own and not use the easy way out," H'kyn said with a hint of laughter in his tone. Odd how draconic good humor could be infectious like that. I sense that the young one has a plan, old man, The blue added before tilting his head slightly towards a pretty toned green. You're blind by the way. The ladies are just over there. Grumbling a few choice words at his closest friend, H'kyn adjusted his path to intercept the goal of his mission for the day.

"Miss Ceresa?" H'kyn begun hoping that he had the right lady, "My daughter suggested that we escape the Weyr for the afternoon and relax. Would that be agreeable to you?" H'kyn recited the question Eli had drilled him over before she abandoned him a quartermark ago.
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Offline Ceresa

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2015, 09:11:52 PM »
The day had been coming for some time, Ceresa knew it. She had been dreading it. Even worse, she was still in the past and E'zan was not with her. Araseth was being proddy and pestering her rider much moreso than usual. Instead of working out with the Weyrlings during their lesson as she was prone to doing, Ceresa had decided it was high time to do... well, anything that got her away from the young ones under restriction. Especially since Araseth's color would begin to glow at any time and her mating flight would begin. Once again, Ceresa fretted over who would fly her dragon... it was a painful subject for her that the brownrider she was harbouring feelings for was not there, and even worse that she wasn't close to the ones who could potentially win her dragon's fight. The greenrider had heard of inhibiting her dragon by her own feelings and anxiety and that was the last thing she wanted to do -- especially since it usually meant that the dragon went between in confusion and didn't come back.

That was a fate Ceresa refused to allow.

And so, the woman found herself in a deserted part of the Weyr trying to move heavy rocks alone. It wasn't the most ideal of options, but she was able to keep her dragon away from the weyrling young ones. The less temptation the others had from a proddy green flirting with their dragons, the better. Unfortunately she was still in the Weyr and that was much too close for her comfort. The thought of her old master and her past made Ceresa tremble with fear at the prospect of being flown by a stranger. She closed her eyes, taking deep breaths and trying to remind herself that the Cotholder Lord was dead by her hand and could no longer abuse her as he had for so long. It was during her self-calming meditation that she was interrupted by the sound of a smooth male voice. Somehow it was comforting.

"Miss Ceresa?" It was H'kyn, she noted, "My daughter suggested that we escape the Weyr for the afternoon and relax. Would that be agreeable to you?"

Escape the Weyr? Relax? His daughter? Trust the one child on the Island she had befriended to notice her dragon being proddy and preparing to rise. Elirynae... Ceresa groaned to herself, always playing matchmaker... But the idea was sound, and she needed to get away anyway. Opening her eyes she slowly let the breath she had been holding go, attempting to hide the wild fear in her eyes from the man. But he was a bluerider, and natural empathy would likely give the man an idea of her inner turmoil. Cautiously she gave him a once over, noting that he was carrying a basket bulging with food. Her stomach cramped hungrily at the sight of it. There were worse ways to spend the evening, and perhaps spending time with Elirynae's father was a good way to ease the anxiety before her dragon rose to mate.

Perhaps she would even choose Merodeth.

Choose Merodeth! The idea flew through her mind as soon as the idea that the blue might chase occurred to her. Araseth could have a private mating flight, away from the Weyr! And H'kyn could be her flight partner! At the very least, she had some interaction with the man, considering he was the young girl's father, and so he wasn't a complete stranger. It was... the best of a bad situation.

Araseth rumbled from her sprawled position in the field under the sun, Why Merodeth, surely you wouldn't mind spending the day with me? she flirted, trying to further encourage her rider that the blue pair wanted their company and were not being forced to be by their side.

Ceresa's voice cracked a little with emotion and slight relief when she finally got around to answering the bluerider, "That sounds like the most wonderful idea I have heard all day." she commented, the flirt coming more easily than usual. Perhaps that was because her dragon was preparing to rise that day. Even so, once the words were out, Ceresa smiled sheepishly and turned her gaze toward her green. Hopefully H'kyn wasn't thinking she was being brazen because of a proddy green. "Uh... but Araseth is going to rise at some point... I don't really know what to do about it." Ceresa commented, referring to the fact that greens weren't supposed to leave the Weyr when they were going to rise, but remembering that that had been a rule because Holders would be affected by the intense emotions and it caused problems for them. At the same time, the greenrider hoped that H'kyn would sense her internal conflict about having Araseth near the restricted Weyrlings and their young male dragons. She had started to shake, the memories of her abuse flaring up once again and causing her mental anguish. Araseth crooned toward her, trying to send a calming balm of emotion to her rider.   
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Offline H'kyn

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2015, 06:51:43 PM »
For a few moments H'kyn wondered if his daughter had misread the situation. The hidden fear that flickered across the woman's face had an answering emotion darting to H'kyn's mind. Curious now about the protective streak that flared over this green rider. Following his rider's concern or perhaps even the cause, Merodeth stirred in H'kyn's mind as well. When the green's flirty comment brushed attractively across the blue's mind, H'kyn knew there wasn't going to be any fighting from his partner for this trip. There would be no hardships at all my dear! Surely we could convince our more stodgy riders to even enjoy the day as well? The blue sent back with a curl of amusement in his tones.

Distracted as he was by his blue's flirting, H'kyn barely noted the cracking emotions from the lady in front of him until she spoke further. Playing the gentleman though, H'kyn chose to focus on the flirty note above the emotions and pulled a half-smile across his face. Knowing all too well the pull of their other half's emotions, H'kyn let his blue's affections infect his own reply, "Well, given the situation maybe a trip to the other side of the isles would be in order then? That should be an effective distance from the young bucks. I'm sure Eli packed enough goodies in here for the whole afternoon."

Offline Ceresa

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2015, 07:34:23 PM »
Araseth gave a delighted shiver of her hide, showing off the shining color of green that her rider had given her with a coating of oil after her bath. Ceresa simply needs to realize that not all men are bad. the green informed the blue, kindly hiding her words from her rider and sending them privately to Merodeth. Projecting, the green added, I am sure they will be having fun together eventually. her tone was conspiratory, thinking that there would be very little to stop her rider when it came time to test Merodeth's medal.

H'kyn's suggestion about going to the other side of the Isles was a good one, and she smiled slightly, remembering a little area that overlooked the Great Sea from a wide plateau. It would be a wonderful place to set up a day camp and spend time with the man. Shock registered on her face, she really did want to get to know him a little better... Ceresa chalked that up to his daughter and her dragon's mood. "That... would work I think." She didn't comment on the fact that he had more or less offered her a private flight. Perhaps he would say it out loud and keep her from wondering if that was what he had meant. "I'll just... ahh, I'll just go back a day pack?" she asked, thinking that a bathing suit, towel and a change of clothes would be a good idea. They didn't really need to strap up their dragons for this trip, she thought, but it would be better for them to leave before anyone else noticed that Araseth was being proddy. She had taken great pains to hide from everyone that day.

Before she could step away to go to her Weyr, a young man came running up to her carrying her usual soft leather pack. The greenrider recognized him as one of the young men who worked with the kitchen staff. "I was asked to bring this to you, Ceresa. A little birdy told me."

Ceresa groaned, "Eliy." She had to be behind this, and her own dragon! "Araseth outted me to your daughter. She likely had her pack my bag with bathing suit, towel and change of clothes... I was thinking of those when I commented on it." Araseth warbled from her perch. Guilty, but no feeling bad at all. In fact, the little green minx seemed to be enjoying her rider's slight discomfort.

See there? Now you are ready to enjoy a swim and have warm clothes for after. And no need to wait for you to take your time packing! Araseth crowed, pleased with herself for having come up with the idea. Ceresa was pretty sure that if dragons understood winking, the green would have just shared one with Merodeth.

"Well, I guess I'm ready then. I know a place I like to hide away at, I'll have Araseth share the image to Merodeth?" she asked. With that, she slung the bag over her shoulders and vaulted onto Araseth to wait for the man's response.

Offline H'kyn

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2015, 07:10:37 PM »
Shaking his head at his dragon's reaction to the flirty green, H'kyn found that he didn't mind the proposed plans for the afternoon. Thankful that the day was a rest-day, the only concern was for his Elirynae. While the girl would keep busy during the day, the blue rider's mind jumped to the possibility of an all-night trip. Concerned as he as for his daughter's well being, H'kyn missed a bit of the comments from the lady before him. "Hmm? Day pack?" He murmured wondering just what he had missed. The sudden arrival of a kitchen worker had H'kyn blinking in surprise. A low chuckle left the man as he caught the next comments from Ceresa. "I think we have a pair of matchmakers on our hands, Miss Ceresa. I wouldn't be surprised if Eli packed a similar set for me in one of these packs. Am I right, Mero?" H'kyn added with a glance at his blue as the larger dragon arrived.

I have no clue what you're talking about, H'kyn. I haven't spoken to the little one since this morning when she asked me about this lovely lady here, Merodeth crooned as he moved closer to the group. Another chuckle left H'kyn as he shook his head once more. "Of course, you big flirt," H'kyn addressed the blue before turning to the lady-rider, "You're more than welcome to send the destination to the flirt. Is it a surprise though? Shall I wait to see what you have in mind for your half of this outing?"

Offline Ceresa

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #5 on: December 12, 2015, 09:08:25 PM »
Turning in her straps, Ceresa peeked into the pack... sure enough, men's clothes accompanied her own. "I think matchmakers is correct... you have clothes and a towel in here too." She thought for a moment though, before asking his second comment. "It's not a surprise, really, but if you like you can make it one." A faint smiled played on her lips though before she concentrated on the image in her mind with closed eyes before asking Araseth to send it to the blue.

See you there, dear Merodeth. Araseth crowed, giving a powerful flap of her wings and taking off into the skies before popping into the cold of between to their destination. Ceresa shivered in the cold of between, but they were only there for a moment before they came back out into the heat of the evening weather above their plateau. The wide expanse spread out wide on either side of them and sloped back toward green forests behind them. Covered in soft grass it was a lovely place to spend time and sunbath on rest days away from the Weyr.

Taking a deep breath of the sea air, the greenrider slid from Araseth's back and went to stand at the end of the plateau and spread her arms out to her sides, letting the wind flow through her hair and clothes to cool her from the heat. If she had wanted to, and had changed into her swimming suit she could have dove from the edge and into the water below... Araseth had already told her it was safe, with no rocks since the green had moved them far out. She stood there for awhile, enjoying the sensation and was completely unaware when H'kyn came out of between.

Offline H'kyn

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #6 on: December 27, 2015, 06:48:59 PM »
An embarrassed grin came to H'kyn's face when Ceresa admitted there was a suit and towel for him in the pack. "Good to know that the brat thinks about me too," H'kyn said with a chuckle as he settled on his blue's back. It'll be too long, my lovely. Come, H'kyn! Get the lead out of those britches! "Oh hush! I'm ready when you are, you over grown lizard!" H'kyn teased as he tightened the last strap. "See you soon," The blue rider started just the ladies popped away. Chuckling, H'kyn patted the neck below him in a signal to take off.

Even as Merdoeth landed as carefully as he could, H'kyn barely noted what was going on below him. Just past their landing site H'kyn was greeted with a sight he was certain no one else would ever get to see. Not aware that he was staring H'kyn was speechless as he watched the wind dance around the lady on the cliff side. Habit had the blue rider sliding off the crouching dragon before the man knew what he had planned. Quietly, as not to distract Ceresa from her thoughts, H'kyn moved to stand behind the lady. Still functioning on autopilot, H'kyn made to slide an arm around the woman's shoulders. In a soft tone H'kyn commented, "It's a got a lovely view don't you think?'

Offline Ceresa

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #7 on: December 27, 2015, 07:52:45 PM »
Ceresa's mind was in heaven as she felt the wind overtake her arms and move them as if they were fluttering wings. Araseth seemed content in her mind as she watched her rider enjoy the sensation she felt every time she flew... but it was this that alerted Ceresa that H'kyn had arrived with Merodeth. Her mind eased more when she realized they were far, far from influencing the weyrlings and causing problems. Hadn't the Weyr Council thought of that issue when they sent the riders back in time? Clearly they had put a little thought into it, sending male dragons back, but not the ones that people wanted. Her brow creased remembering that E'zan was not there for Araseth's mating flight but she chased away the thought quickly. Ceresa was determined not to inhibit her dragon when she rose that day.

As a gentle arm swept over her shoulders, the greenrider lowered her own arms and leaned slightly closer to the man to that she was curled toward him instead of away. Her body tried to recoil from the touch that wasn't asked for, and because it wasn't her beloved brownrider, but again she suppressed the thoughts. More than once the brownrider had told her that not all men are as the Lord Cotholder had been; they didn't wish to take advantage of their partners -- nor of children. And she was no longer a child. Ceresa heard the man speaking and smiled slightly at the words as the wind played with her naturally wavy hair.

"It's beautiful here. I found it by accident actually. Araseth was feeding so I went for a hike." She had wanted to keep the place a secret, but what better place to disappear with the bluerider for Araseth's mating flight? Again, she refrained from bringing up the fact that H'kyn had more or less offered her a private flight. While the idea still gave her thoughts of uncertainty, Ceresa understood the kindness he was doing her, even if she wished he were E'zan and he didn't know her past.

In a gesture that was out of character for her, Ceresa turned herself against the man and wrapped her arms around him to bury her head in his chest, "Thank you..." she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She wasn't sure if he would hear it, or feel the words against his chest, but the greenrider hoped her understood why she was thanking him if he did. One day she might tell the man why she was so conflicted... both because of the man she loved in the Present Pass, and because of her own personal past, but their day together was just beginning and by the end of it, H'kyn would know her as only one other man did - no matter what she said about it.

Araseth for her part was performing a series of draconic flirts with Merodeth. If she had been human she would have been showing off her best features to the blue and giving him suggestively flirty looks. Ceresa chose to ignore the actions of her dragon who was clearly more pleased about the situation than her rider. Privately she commented to the blue, I hope your rider is kind to mine. She needs a gentle man in her life while we are here... She, of course, remembered the man who was often on Ceresa's mind... it was almost impossible to forget when his face flashed between them so often. But, as a dragon, she didn't see the need to settle for one partner. And so she tilted her wings to catch light on her freshly oiled colors and tempt Merodeth with her attentions.

Offline H'kyn

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #8 on: February 21, 2016, 08:31:08 PM »
A small hint of a worried frown came to H'kyn's features when he noticed the slight hesitation in Ceresa's actions. Had he made a misstep? Granted his actions were out of an old habit from his turns with Eirwen but the moment... Forcing the thoughts to slide away from his mind, the blue riding builder focused on the green rider once more. "Do you make it a habit to stray from the Weyr?" H'kyn asked not noticing the worry ringing in his tone. His question seemed to hang in the air though as the woman turned further into his embrace. Her whispered thanks was felt more than heard but again H'kyn felt his brow furrow. "It's just a picnic, Miss Ceresa. An escape from the pressures of routine," He said in a soft tone even as he returned the awkward hug. Unaware of the conflict within the young woman, H'kyn hoped that this small break would help the worries slip away from Ceresa if only for a few hours.

While his rider was soothing Ceresa, Merodeth was returning the sly flirtatious gestures that Araseth was sending his way. Just because his rider was a bit dense didn't mean that the blue held the same issues. His words however were a bit more serious than his mannerisms were showing, My H'kyn is a gentle soul despite his gruff exterior. No harm will come to you and yours today, lady Araseth. Choosing this moment to make a bolder move, Merodeth shifted his bulk to lay closer to the flirty green.

Offline Ceresa

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #9 on: February 23, 2016, 10:51:06 AM »
"I don't know that it's a habit that I try to make myself comfortable in a situation I'm  uncomfortable with." Ceresa said by way of answering his question. Being in the past without the one man she trusted was hard enough, but being made to socialize with those she wasn't close to was almost as bad. She sensed the worry in the man's voice, but she didn't like the overtone of being protective of her. After all, hadn't she lived off the land more than most people ever had to in their lives? Ceresa had long since learned how to care for herself. Instead of calling him on it, however, she stayed quiet. The woman knew she didn't exactly let people in to really know her, and her past was mostly a secret from everyone.

It wasn't until H'kyn called their outting 'just a picnic' that she pulled away slightly. It wasn't 'just' anything to her. It was a gift of less worry. Still a lot of anxiety given her circumstances, but Ceresa had thought he knew what she had meant. Clearly that wasn't the case. She faltered for a moment, trying to compose herself and the prickling of tears behind her eyes at the offhand comment, "Right... Just a picnic." her voice was more resigned and she had once more pulled away from the bluerider's embrace. The greenrider tried to remind herself that her hug was out of character and he was probably confused by the sudden change, but she suddenly felt awkward and silly for the way she had clung to him thinking he knew her struggle. Not wanting the man to read her face, she turned it back toward the ledge and looked down. Swimming sounded like a wonderful idea and as far as she could tell, Araseth wasn't preparing to go up just yet.

I hope not... Araseth responded, feeling the roiling emotion in her rider's mind as she worked through her twisted thoughts and anxieties. She is remembering the first man, the one who hurt her, and her second man.. the one she loves, not being here. She feels as though your rider doesn't understand her and why this means so much to her... but she knows that it's her fault for not finding friendship in others. she explained, trying to make sense of Ceresa's mind. She desperately wanted to help, but there wasn't much she could do but send a tendril of love her rider's way. Even to the green, it was clear that Ceresa needed a human's touch to help her begin to recover from the trauma of her past.. and even if it wasn't the one she really wanted to be doing the comforting, if Merodeth was right - H'kyn would do good for her.

Meanwhile, Ceresa had once again moved away and toward the bags. She found the suit that had been packed for her and quickly turned her back to strip off her shirt without giving the man a show. She pulled the tank over her head, pulling it so the elastic under-band lay several inches below her breasts and stepped into the shorts, leaving her undergarment on under them. The greenrider was aware that a lot of skin was showing, but it was comfortable... considering the important things had been, and were covered in a decent fashion. "Race you?" she quipped, gesturing off the ledge of their picnic area.  With a quick grin, the greenrider turned and took a running leap before taking a practiced leap off the edge and diving into the deep water below.

When she came up back her hair slicked itself wetly back away from her face as she treaded water and looked up at the ledge. Here, the water was much calmer than the open ocean. A bay of sorts with the water warmed from the sun, a calming caress as it moved about her body. Ceresa had come to love swimming since their time on the Isles. Taking a breath, she allowed herself to float on her back with her eyes closed as she waited to see how the man would respond to her challenge.

Offline H'kyn

Re: Timely Distractions [Ceresa]
« Reply #10 on: April 21, 2017, 07:32:22 PM »
While it had been quite a few turns since he had truly dealt with a female on an outing like this, H'kyn remembered enough to know he had stuck his foot in his mouth. His embarrassed and rather flustered mindset was only enforced by Merdoeth as he relayed meaning the green's words to him. With a mental growl at the damage he had unwittingly done, H'kyn was at a loss as to how to fix the situation. If it had been, Eir... Only it wasn't her. This was a situation H'kyn hadn't been in before and Blue rider was about to ask for advice from his partner when Ceresa gave him an out. Watching her move across the green plateau, it wasn't hard for the builder to figure out what she had in mind. Releasing a breath he hadn't known he was holding, H'kyn nodded briefly as the young woman faced away from him to change her clothing.

He barely had time to blink before Ceresa went flying past him. Raising one calloused hand in protest, H'kyn felt his throat tighten with worry. "Ceresa!" He called out as he darted behind her, still fully clothed. Peering over the edge where he had seen her leap, H'kyn dreaded what he might see. In the back of his mind H'kyn could feel his dragon laughing at his antics before the full situation dawned on him. Feeling the stain of a blush filling his cheeks, H'kyn tried to clear the air after his blunders, "You nearly gave me a heart attack. Warn fella next time!"

During his rider's blunders and mishaps, Merdoeth was playing the part of a good suitor to his green lady. Hanging on her every mood and word, Mero was glad that he had no other to share Araseth's affections with this warm evening. I think they will do each other good, my lovely. Just as we will, The blue confirmed with a flirty move of his own.


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