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No New Posts Kitchens

The kitchen of High Reaches Weyr is a massive affair. Counters run the length and breadth of the room, giving the cooking staff plenty of places to work. There are large cooking hearths that are fully equipped to roast herdbeasts whole. In an alcove set into one wall there is a smaller hearth that always has klah and stew or soup ready for runners or riders coming off late duties. The ceilings are very high and when combined with the large doors leading outside, the space doesn't become overbearingly hot.

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by M'han in Re: Warming Up (Open)

No New Posts Dining Caverns

Much like the kitchen, the dining cavern is a massive affair with vaulted ceilings and plenty of sitting room. Long tables stretch in rows with benches along either side. The entire population of the weyr can easily gather in the dining cavern, though if it were at full strength it would be a bit crowded. Its uncommon to find a solemn meal being eaten here and drinking is almost standard practice.

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by Ceresa in Re: Ghosts of the Past [...

No New Posts Thermal Baths

The thermal baths are housed in a deep cavern on the ground floor of the Weyr. The cavern itself is very deep, and wide enough across that you can afford yourself a reasonable amount of privacy from the other side. It is a short walk from the Living Caverns and easily accessed by the infirm. In the farthest back reaches of the cavern are more private, far apart pools of heated water, suitable for singles or couples who wish to bathe together. Two larger pools, closer to the front of the cavern can house large groups of people, a maximum of 30 for either one of the pools. These are often used by the groups of women and men who have no problem bathing in large groups or who wish to bathe quickly. Scattered through the rest of the area are medium size pools for smaller groups.

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by Denir in Re: Helping Hands [Ches...

No New Posts Common Areas

There are several different areas where dragonriders and weyrfolk alike can relax and socialize. Most of these areas have a few tables scattered throughout where people can sit to play chess, gamble or whatever else suits their fancy. From time to time harpers can be found playing in the common areas for the entertainment of any willing to listen.

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by Vu'li in Re: Tracing the Patterns...

No New Posts Living Areas

The actual living areas for the non-rider staff of the Weyr.

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by Xilirius in Re: What Were We Talking...

No New Posts Lynxine Cloister

A large area of the old Weyr that used to be for weyrling dragons and their riders. It has been re-purposed into the quarters for the Lynxine Master and the Handlers. Each Handler has a room with its own privy, bedroom and open living area, as well as a connected communal bathing area deeper into the cloister. The Master has his own apartment with his office, bedroom, private privy and bathing area and living area with a small kitchenette. There is a food prep area mainly used for the Handlers to break down animals into safely eaten chunks of meat and for drying it into jerky. A large storage cavern is also present for the Handlers and Master to store any spare items that don't have a home in the personal apartments as well as any training aids, meat and jerky for the Lynxines.

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by Dayala in First Lessons... [Daya/E...

No New Posts Candidate Barracks

The Candidate Barracks is a rather large, oval shaped area that is encircled by large rooms shared by 4-6 Candidates. Each Candidate has a single-bed, a trunk, and three hooks to store their personal belongings. Frequent inspections are made to ensure that each space is clean and orderly. Discipline follows for those who are untidy. Holder's children are housed 2-3 to a room, but are given no other distinction from the others. Female Candidates that have been Searched specifically because there is a Gold egg on the Hatching Sands are housed in larger rooms and guarded.

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Last post on January 06, 2017, 07:18:17 PM
by Sigyn in Re: Anonymous Message

:: Candidate Classrooms
No New Posts Visitor Quarters

More lavishly set up than some of the other personal rooms in the Weyr, the Visitor Quarters have their own private thermal baths, double beds, and fireplaces within them. Lord and Lady Holders are afforded these rooms, or anyone with rank. Other visitors have less decorated rooms, housing the amenities one would need for a short stay. It is expected that these visitors use the public thermal baths, and depending on their marital status (or lack there of), they may sport a single or double bed.

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Last post on June 20, 2014, 06:50:13 PM
by Headwoman Ranalin in Visitor Quarters Map

No New Posts Creche

The creche houses all the children of the weyr that are not currently being fostered. Its a place filled with laughter, screaming, and all the other noises that children make. The walls tend to be covered in the doodles of children and a few creche women are always on hand to keep the kids in line and in good health. In the afternoons the harper spends time in the creche, teaching the children from the teaching songs and their basic education.

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by D'kaen in Re: Born of Music and Lo...

No New Posts Infirmary

The infirmary is ground-accessible and open to all of those at the Weyr or visiting. All ailments are treated here, and special rooms are set apart for surgery suites and isolation recovery from infectious illnesses. These rooms are accessible separately from the main area of the Infirmary in order to negate spreading of disease or illness. A huge side room is the location of the stores needed for healing. A private garden nearby is kept by the Healers and Weyrfolk alike to supply herbs needed for healing.

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by Kadezda in Waste Not, Want Not [Ope...

No New Posts Storerooms

Store rooms house everything the Weyr gets in tithe, or that is general population property. This goes for extra clothing, Flight leather outfits, food, booze, and basic bedding. Everything you could ever need for daily living is housed here. The deepest stores are cold enough to keep perishable food frozen and are called cold storage. Huge underground pools keep freshwater supplied to the Weyr when it gets cold, fed by an outer river line from under the ice in the winter.

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Last post on May 28, 2016, 08:00:53 PM
by Weyrlingmaster Sy'dan in [Lecture: Month 0-1] Lea...

No New Posts Classroom

Located in the depths of the Weyrling barracks, this huge area is large enough to house the weyrlings and their newly bonded dragonettes if they happen to be awake, and will be large enough for them until the day they graduate and move to their adult weyrs. The room is relatively round and benches are set around the outside of the area in a half circle with the lecturer in the middle to be heard and seen by all. At the front, where there are no benches, are the ramps leading up to the Weyrlingmaster and Assistant Weyrlingmaster's weyrs and offices. If the Weyrlingmaster himself is not lecturing (i.e during a Candidate class usually), he offers the one teaching his own office for private meetings. Both Candidate and Weyrling classes are held here.

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by Weyrlingmaster Sy'dan in Typical Schedule of Less...

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