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No New Posts Harper Hall

Harpers are the teachers, record keepers, instrument makers, musicians, and yes professional singers of Pern. However while they are the primary entertainers of Pern they serve a far more important duty. Journeyman Harpers teach hold children basic writing and reading as well history often through 'Teaching Songs' and even if it isn't their specialization most Journeyman are proficient in at least one or two instruments to help the process. They also act as a communication hub making the giant message drums and training their Harpers to send and interpret drum code when living at a Hall. Through song, words of mouth, drum, and message they keep all of Pern connected and store its history. Traveling Harpers are also often asked to serve in a civil capacity officiating weddings or dispensing justice.
Colors: "Harper" Blue

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Last post on June 14, 2016, 01:21:49 AM
by Sigyn in Re: Harper Hall Informat...

No New Posts Healer Hall

The Healer craft is the oldest most respected on Pern and has long had close ties with the Harper craft who also reside at Fort. If Harpers are respected Healers are sacred and to injure or impede a healer is one of the gravest offenses short of murder a man can commit. Due to the high demand for their skills it's not unusual to have several healers stationed at Major Holds and many others doing regular routes through the smaller more isolated holds. Healers do serious work and their students must be hearty often faced with 'on the job training' as there are no dummies to dissect or samples of plague to practice on.
Colors: Dark Purple

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Last post on February 19, 2017, 04:25:46 PM
by Dreamer in Re: Healer Hall Roster

No New Posts Trader Hall

Traders are technically Holdless, they owe no allegiance to no Lord Holder and have no guaranteed shelter from storm or Thread. Instead they make their living travelling in wagons and trading goods across Pern. Many traders travel in packs and keep a few Journeymen of various crafts in their ranks to both appeal to holds and guarantee fair deals are made. The life of a trader isn't glamorous however and it's not uncommon to face mistrust from holders and heavy fees from Lord Holders when circumstances require them to stay within the Holds shelter.
Colors: Steel Grey

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:41:44 PM
by The Inquisitors in Tradercraft Hall Roster

No New Posts Smithcraft Hall

The Smith craft works closely with the mine craft, taking the raw materials supplied by the mine craft and forming them into everything from simple cooking pots, tiny elaborate jewellery, to the big life saving flame throwers used by gold riders and ground crews. Smith craft apprenticeships are the longest on Pern however for those that last they have the honor of joining one of the most prestigious and respected crafts on Pern.
Colors: Bright Red

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:13:28 PM
by The Inquisitors in Smithcraft Hall Roster

No New Posts Minercraft Hall

The biggest craft Hall and mines are in Crom there are many minor halls all over Pern. While the Hall has a large influence it is deliberately downplayed and the miner hall has a reputation for being solid, honest, reliable, and most of all discreet. Due to conflicts between miners wanting to mine land that the farm craft wants to plant there is a rivalry between miner and farm craft. If they are often on uneasy terms with the farm craft miners work hand in hand with the smith craft. Traditionally they are a very forward thinking craft. Women in the craft tend to be focused on refining extracted materials or in charting rather than the actual mining process itself.
Colors: Black

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:36:08 PM
by The Inquisitors in Minercraft Hall Roster

No New Posts Beastcraft Hall

The Beastcraft doesn't just breed and raise animals; they also trace the best blood lines and act as the veterinarians of Pern. They make sure over ambitious lord holders don't breed too many animals for speed and strength or weaken the blood lines through too much inbreeding. While anyone can raise animals those of the beast craft have the best insight and knowledge of the various species on Pern. While they mainly deal with runners, heardbeasts, ovine, llamas and the like they have also raised and studied wherries, chickens, and even the occasional tunnel snake. They DO NOT deal with firelizards or dragons.
Colors: Light Tan

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Last post on November 29, 2015, 07:08:40 AM
by Search Captain Syra in Re: Racing the Sky (Tag:...

No New Posts Farmcraft Hall

Like the Beast and Weaver Craft the Farmcraft is seen as science for the average folk. Known to be at times blunt or gruff experts of the Farmcraft share their superior knowledge with Holders big and small in hopes of having the best yields from crops. While some smaller more isolated Holds may initially chaff at an outsiders suggestions the wisdom of the Farmcraft usually wins out over stubbornness. Farmcrafters have an ongoing rivalry with the Minercraft over land.
Colors: Golden Yellow

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:38:02 PM
by The Inquisitors in Farmcraft Hall Roster

No New Posts Vinter Hall

The Winecraft is special in that it is both a Hall Craft with a centralized location, ranks, and study and a Hold craft in that you'll find people practising it all across Pern! In fact you'll be lucky to find a Hold where someone isn't making their own wine or beer. However to make the best and make a good mark off it a person has to learn from the Vitner Hall at Benden where Craft secrets are close kept! In fact of all the Crafts it's said the Master Vintners of each region are the most stingy with their knowledge and slow to share with their own students much less other Masters.
Colors: Deep Red

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:44:15 PM
by The Inquisitors in Vintercraft Hall Roster

No New Posts Glasscraft Hall

The Glasscraft is responsible for production and development of glass and clay based products, such as utensils, windows, vases and more. Glasscrafters are posted all over Pern, especially where materials like sand, clay and reagents (reactive materials used for creating glazes, coloring glass, etc) are found. Crafters are taught many skills regarding the manufacture of glass and clay products. Many Crafters specialize in certain areas of focus, such as glass blowing or pottery glazes. These Crafters develop new and better processes in their chosen area, and train others who are interested in the same aspect of the Craft.
Colors: Transparent, "Glass" blue

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Last post on April 23, 2016, 11:08:19 AM
by Sigyn in Glasscraft Information

No New Posts Woodcraft Hall

Woodcraftsmen are the crafters and suppliers of rare and valuable wood products, exporting them at high cost throughout Pern. Due to the history of Threadfall on Pern and its disastrous effect on plant life, forests are limited - as such, their supply of wood for various projects is limited, and only the most wealthy Holders or Weyrfolk can obtain them. Less extravagant, if still valuable, are the paper products and blank marks that they create for everyday use. They have a particular partnership with the Harper Hall, creating books and journals for them to use in their quest to record and protect knowledge. Woodcrafters begin with simple whittling or carving and go on to working with chisels and other tools, creating everything from furniture and parts to blank marks and paper. Those with a talent for chemistry work to create the compounds used for stains, dyes, varnishes, and cleaning in their own building, which is set at some distance away from the regular buildings, as the potential for mistakes could endanger the other crafters or their works. In these disciplines, the apprentices spend a great deal of time sifting sand, sweeping debris, and gathering woodchips for plant mulch.
Colors: Dark Green

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Last post on August 02, 2015, 12:17:33 AM
by Yuliaes in Re: Unbidden Invitations...

No New Posts Tannercraft Hall

Stationed in the trade heavy Igen the Tanner Craft is constantly competing with the Weaver Hall for dominance in style and fashion. The Tanner Hall also has one of the largest non-apprentice students, people who simply want to learn the basics and have no desire to make a profession of tanning. Due to the high demand and many uses of tanning the craft doesn't see such people as a threat and eagerly takes on any student who wants to learn the basics. Like Vinters Tanners are blends of Hold and Hall craft with the best techniques and recipes privilege of craft members only.
Colors: Sienna Brown

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:43:20 PM
by The Inquisitors in Tannercraft Hall Roster

No New Posts Seacraft & Fishercraft Hall

The structure of the Seacraft is slightly different than most other crafts. There is of course the Master Fisher and Master Seacrafter the head of the craft and under them the Master Captains and Master Craftsmen. The Captains however have a different way of ranking their Journeyman and apprentices using old sailor traditions. Apprentices start off as cabin boys and lure tiers before progressing through the Journeyman level ranks of seaman, able-bodied, second mate, and fist mate. Craftsmen however use the traditional apprentice and Journeyman titles.
Colors: Sea Blue

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Last post on March 11, 2015, 11:40:15 PM
by The Inquisitors in Seacraft and Fishercraft...

No New Posts Weavercraft & Tailorcraft Hall

While many holders practice the basics of this Craft there's no competitions in terms of quality. The weavers and tailors of Southern Boll have not only access to superior quality raw material and stores of knowledge but also giant looms and closely guarded Craft patterns from the ancients. The hall is also very diverse making everything from sturdy work boots to fabulous gowns and all the cloth in-between. There is an ongoing rivalry between the Weaver and Tanner Halls over which is the fashion center of Pern.
Colors: Lavender

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Last post on March 23, 2017, 01:55:52 PM
by Search Captain Syra in Re: Visiting the Elders ...

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