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Author Topic: Fiara [Creche Attendant B.476]  (Read 811 times)


Offline Fiara

Fiara [Creche Attendant B.476]
« on: February 06, 2017, 11:40:48 PM »
Fiara of High Reaches Weyr
She loved him like he was
The last man on Earth
Gave him everything she ever had
He'd break her spirit down
Then come lovin' up on her
Give a little, then take it back

Name: Fiara
       Pronunciation: fee-Are-ah

She'd tell him about her dreams
He'd just shoot 'em down
Lord he loved to make her cry
You're crazy for believin'
You'll ever leave the ground
He said, Only angels know how to fly

Face Claim: Anne Hathaway

Height: At five foot eight Fiara isn't likely to stand out amongst men but against her female peers, Fiara is just slightly taller than average.
Weight: Life hasn't always been kind to Fiara. Her formative turns were often spent wishing for more to eat and now, as an adult, her thin frame reflects this. With few curves and very little meat on her bones, Ara could use some fattening up!
Eyes: Rich brown eyes are a key feature in Fiara's positive traits. Her thinly arched dark brown brows are just expressive enough to draw attention to Ara's face.
Hair: Fiara's biggest claim to fame though is her dark brown hair. Often claiming that the locks are black during the winter season, Fiara takes great pride in the care of her hair.
Distinct Markings: Wide smiles are certainly a distinct fixture on Fiara's face. Her day doesn't feel complete without one!

General Apperance:

As a mature woman one think that Fiara would be cut of of a more curvy cloth. While she wishes this was true, it's hard to erase turns of lean meals. Fortunately for the brunette, the turns spent in the Weyr have begun to slowly add weight to her frame. On her best days Ara can claim a decent weigh in of one hundred and thirty-five pounds. Thankful that this weight has come in as muscle over belly fat, Ara continues to adjust her meals to keep this trend going.

There is one trait about Ara though that fluxuates more than her weight. The length of her hair often mirrors the inner workings of her mind. The more troubled her heart is the shorter the locks are. When she first arrived to the Weyr, Fiara's hair was cut close to her scalp. Once her worries were put to rest her hair began to grow back. Now that she has relaxed into her new home the locks now reach her shoulders.

General Attire:

Fiara's day-to-day routines have shaped her wardrobe since her arrival in High Reaches. In her early days the young woman wore drab dresses that never drew attention to her. However, much like her hairstyles, Ara's clothing soon changed to show the person growing underneath. Now the woman's attire could be described as eccentric. Wild colors that often clash with each other, patterns that seem to follow no logic but their own, Fiara is proud of her unique tastes. Most of her oddball pieces are created by her own two hands but Ara is quick to point out if she's wearing someone else's crafting.

When it comes to cleanliness Fiara has become quite the stickler. Her morning and evening routines involve at least one full bath and the brunette is often found cleaning her hands if they become soiled. Her clothing choices are freshly laundered and are often stored with fresh-smelling sachets. Her nails are neatly trimmed and her nail beds are as clean as she can keep them.

As formal occasions arise in the Weyr Fiara has shocked a few around her with another side of her eclectic choices. Daring dresses and bright colors draw attention to her thin frame. These occasions are also among the few times Ara splurges on her appearance. Kohl, lip rouge, eye colors and a bit of cheek powder add a dramatic touch to her normal countenance. Her favorite dress has become quite worn over the turns though and Fiara should be looking for a replacement soon!

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you ought to see her fly

Primary Rank: Creche Auntie
Education Details:
Farlan had long ago decreed that his only child was going to be a tender like him. The bitter man rarely allowed his daughter to attend the extra lessons the Harper's had offered to help the poor girl to learn. Because of the man's stubbornness, Fiara's education is severely lacking. Barely able to read beyond a child's story or to do simple math, Fiara has become adept at hiding her inadequate skills.

When it comes to her children however, the mother hen is a stickler for attending their lessons. Encouraging and stern, Ara made a vow when Vulfiar was born that her kids wouldn't be as ignorant as she. While this has a mixed bag of reactions from her charges, Ara feels that in the long run they will thank her for riding them so hard.

One Sunday morning
She didn't go to church
He wondered why she didn't leave
He went up to the bedroom
Found a note by the window
With the curtains blowin' in the breeze

       Betting & Gambling: A freedom Ara has come to love. Be it in the form of playing cards or the betting on dragonets, Fiara has a hard time backing down from the fun.
       Dancing: Though most would describe her as having two left feet, Fiara loves to dance. Structured dances to impromptu performances in the creche, Ara enjoys letting loose when she can.
       Mulled Redfruit: A chance encounter with the mulled beverage has become a life-long love. While she does enjoy the nonalcoholic versions, Ara is often seen with a mug steaming in her hand during the cooler months.
       Bruises: A life time of abuse and her own clumsy nature has taught Fiara to have strong feelings on the discoloring of her skin. As a mother bruises on her children have become a source of nightmares and worries.
       Mornings: Fiara is not one to be cheerful as the sun rises. Preferring the afternoon or evening shifts, Ara puts off waking up as long as she can.
       Loud Noises: Loud and sudden noises often herald unfortunate tidings. Fiara has come to fear the changes in pitch and volume.
       Nurturing: A few times Ara has been likened to a brooding hen when it comes to those she claims as family. Protective and guiding, Ara strives to be the best mother she can be.
       Organized: Drilled into her from childhood, organization has become a staple in her life. Simple things that she can control, Ara feels more at ease when the world around her is tidy and in their place. The brunette can often be found reorganizing the toy boxes and shelves in her section of the creche.
       Energetic: At odds with her shy moments, when Fiara is around children or critters Ara allows her true bubbly self to show. Able to keep up with just about any child, Ara has become an asset to the older aunties in the creche.
       Shy: Men. Authority figures. Bold women. All these being out the submissive side of the brown eyed woman. In most social situations with adults, Ara can be described as a wallflower.
       Vertigo: This inner ear problem is the root of Fiara's clumsy moments and dizzy spells. Tying into this would be Ara's fear of heights. an oddity amongst dragons and their home, Fiara tries to hide her ailment from everyone.
       Anorexia: Ara's on-going battle with her weight ties in closely to the poor woman's formative turns. Always told to watch what she ate or directed not to eat at all, Fiara has a hard time remembering that she can eat whatever she likes.
In the rare moment that Ara steals for just herself, Ara can be found knitting or crocheting. What started out as a strengthening exercise for her injured arm, has become an escape for the young woman. Losing herself in the repetition of the stitches and the organized thoughts of the patterns it's easy for Fiara to relax.

When tensions build and Fiara is unable to escape to her projects, her finger nails can be found between her lips. A nervous habit she picked up from her father, Ara's poor nails are a good indication of her mood.
If one were to ask a child what Auntie Ara was like you would most likely get a description of a fun adult who loves to dance. Her own children speak more of the fun they have with their mother over the punishments they have earned. With a head full of games she wished she could have played as a child, Ara can come across as a big kid at heart. Which is true. While surrounded by children Ara is childlike herself.

On the other hand, if someone were to ask a passing adult who Fiara is most couldn't put a face to the name. While part of this is due to the sizable population of the Weyr, another portion is blamed on Fiara's quiet mask. Afraid to draw attention to herself by her actions, Fiara stays to the sidelines of adulthood. Very few can claim that they know the brunette with any convection.

When her two worlds mesh, Fiara has a hard time pulling on the shy mask that hides her from the adult world. Choosing to focus her attentions on the children around her it is rare to find the woman without the company of a child. Ara finds life so much easier and clean cut with the unbiased eyes of a child to being her back from the darker aspects of her past.

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you ought to see her fly

Birthdate: 12.31.476 AL
True Age: 32

Mother: Idari. B. 455, D. 477
Father: Farlan. B. 453
Siblings: None
Vulfiar, son of @Vu'li, 05.30.500
Aralion, daughter of @Br'lon, 07.09.502
Fiziona "Fizzy", daughter of @Z'lud, 10.20.504

Past Lovers/Weyrmates: Xuldar (Husband), b. 475, d. 499
@Brown Rider Vu'li
@Bronze Rider Br'lon
@Brown Rider Z'lud
       Current lover/weyrmate: Open hearted


In a marriage that held more bad times than good, Fiara's mother held hope that the birth of their first born would bring her husband closer to her. Unfortunately for Idari her first and only child was destined to be a girl. Born in the middle of the Turns' End celebrations, one would think that Fiara would have brought good luck to her family. It wouldn't be for several turns that her luck would change for the better. Within days of her birth Idari passed away. Fiara would never know if it was complications of her birth or the final abuse from Farlan that actually caused her mother's death.

For the majority of her early turns Fiara didn't know a kind word. Shouts and angry tones were the staple of her father's speeches and the vast majority were directed towards his wife's mistake. While the physical abuse was scarce, Farlan would often forget to feed his young charge if she wasn't in the care if her maternal aunt. However Ilda had several children of her own and rarely had the paitence to raise her dead sister's child. It would take turns for Fiara to make a friend outside of her family's influence.

As a young teen Fiara didn't have many chances to meet anyone unless they came to the pens she tended with her father. Given the rather smelly and unpleasant nature of the animal pens it took a strong soul to visit on a regular basis so when a young man kept making excuses to visit the area, Farlan took notice. Xuldar, as he was called, had formed a crush on his daughter. It would take several seasons for Xuldar to admit this to Farlan but shortly after his hesitant confession a wedding was planned.

As luck would work for Fiara just days before her wedding, a strong illness hit the hold. Both Fiara and her husband-to-be fell ill. As the fevers racked her thin frame, Fiara wondered if she would survive long enough to finally escape her father's hard hand. Finally, a week after her wedding was to happen, Fiara's Fever broke for the last time. The only lingering side effect of her bout was the destruction of her balance. More clumsy now than ever, Fiara was certain that her betrothed would abandon her. A small flicker of good fortune came to Fiara's side as Xuldar recovery began shortly after her own. After a discussion with Farlan behind closed doors, Xuldar agreed to continue with their wedding.

For their first turn together Fiara and Xuldar slowly came to understand each other. While not as angry as Farlan, Xuldar wasn't a kind man. As long as Fiara kept their quarters clean and fed her husband decent meals there was peace in their household. Things turned sour though as their second turn together proved to be unfruitful. Despite their time spent together in bed, Fiara never fell pregnant. Blaming their lack on his wife, Xuldar began controlling Fiara's world even more than her father had. Her meals grew smaller, her free time became non existent and her responsibilities doubled over night.

These restrictions didn't seem to phase Fiara at first. A lifetime of angry words and neglect had conditioned her to believe that this was normal. It wasn't until her situation was brought to her neighbor's attention that Fiara finally found an ally. The layers of bruises and the thinning frame of the quiet woman had caught Binmari's eye long before she pieced the angry words together with them. For a few weeks Fiara managed to appease the other woman's questions with tales of clumsy accidents and a lack of appetite. It wasn't until Xuldar's verbal abuse broke the quiet of an afternoon that Binmari was able to see the larger picture. It took a few more weeks for Fiara to confide in her new friend but the older woman was patient.

One evening Xuldar's anger reached its peak. After nearly three and a half turns or married life, Fiara's womb lay as barren as it had been before their wedding day. His angered fists and feet eventually broke Fiara's wrist, nose and cheekbone. Bleeding, broken and in pain, Fiara fled to her friend's side before Xuldar's anger found the knife he was threatening to fetch. Xuldar had no idea that his wife had befriended anyone and had believed that she had escaped to her father's hut for the night. After shouting into the gloom that he would fetch her in the morning and make her pay all over again, the bitter man turned to drinking his problems away.

That night Binmari finally convinced Fiara that she had to escape. While the process had been easier than she thought, it still took a few hours to break through the shell Fiara had built around her. Unsure of how far Xuldar was willing to go to fetch his wayward wife, Binmari decided that the safest place for her friend would be High Reaches Weyr. The plan was simple as they could make it. The hold's tithe was scheduled to leave early the next morning and Fiara was to leave with it as a animal tender. An easy task for the young woman but there was a hurdle to pass first. Fiara's broken wrist would have to be tended before dawn.

As the tithe train left the main gates, Fiara was slowly making her way along side the scrawny critters destined for the Weyr. While each step was painful, Fiara's heart was light as she escaped her desperate situation. The trek wasn't as long as the young woman was expecting and sooner than she realized Fiara's brown eyes feasted on the sanctuary that was High Reaches Weyr. A few of the others assigned to the train knew of her situation and insisted that her first stop be the infirmary.

It would take almost two full seasons for Fiara's physical wounds to heal properly. A full turn for her weight gain to appease the stubborn healer that took her under her wing. However there are some wounds that never seem to heal properly. Skittish and shy, Fiara only seemed to shine around children and animals. Finally settling into the creche as a care-giver, the young brunette's true personality came forth. Her wardrobe and hobbies slowly shifted to the eccentric traits she had hidden from her family. Fiara's luck was finally starting to turn it seemed and the young woman blossomed under the bright rays of fortune.

A turn and a half after her escape to the Weyr, Fiara's world turned completely around. After experiencing her first Gold Flight, the brunette began noticing signs she had only witnessed in others. It took a pair of trips to the healers for Fiara's dreams to become a reality: she was to become a mother in a few short months' time. Shock, amazement, wonder, Fiara felt it all before she realized something important. It was never her fault. All the abuse, the angry words, the blame fell squarely on the shoulders of the men in her old life. With that thought firmly  in her mind, Fiara made herself a promise to never let a man control her world again. Leaving her past behind her, Fiara now asked those in her new home to call her Ara.

Drama and change rocked the Weyr around her as the seasons shifted into turns but for the most part Fiara's world centered on her children. Both of her blood and among the weyrbrats, Ara loved them all. It wasn't until her oldest began dropping hints of wishing to be a dragon rider one day that Ara wondered if there was more in her future. Her charges were growing older and her children were steadily becoming more independent. After a few discussions with her fellow aunties, Ara finally made the choice to ask the Headwoman if there were other options open to a woman like her.

With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you ought to see her fly

See Larisae for RP Sample.

Created by: Lanni
Inactivity Preference: NPC or plot fodder.
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Offline Fiara

Re: Fiara [Creche Attendant B.476]
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 08:04:23 PM »
One of the healers that Fiara had spoken to over the turns had given the brunette the idea to start a journal when she felt comfortable enough to share her story with others. Of course the biggest obstacle the woman had to clear first was her lack of writing skills. So after seasons of struggling along side her children, Fiara finally took up the offered advice. Starting with a brief outline of the earliest memories with her father, Fiara began documenting her past.

Now Ara was nearing the time when she caught Xuldar's attention. This timespan was hard for her to put down into words. Afraid that her meager skills wouldn't measure up to the experience, Fiara hesitated to commit her thoughts into the journal that she had skipped her daily writings for nearly a week. It wasn't until she happened upon her healer friend again that she had the urge to write. Taking the older healer's advice once more, Fiara started her entry as if she was writing her younger self a letter.

"Dearest Fiara," She began, "I know you are wondering just who would take the time to write you. I also know that you are hiding in the farthest corner of your small kitchen on the little stool with the one leg that doesn't quite match the others. Do I have your attention now?" Ara's words brought a small fond smile to her face at the memory of the small seat from her childhood. "Good! Now let me intro-int-introduce myself! I'm you! Confused yet?" Ara giggled at the words flowing from her charcoal stick drawing the looks of her older children. Tossing a smile at Vulfiar and Aralion, Fiara forced herself to stick to the task at hand. "Well, don't fret too much, Fiara, for I am a future you. One that has finally escaped that dark kitchen.

I was given the task of writing out my old pains and fears in hopes that it would heal me. And guess what! So far it's worked! I've worked past a lot of the abuse Father put on us. Yes. Abuse. Father was wrong to treat us that way, no matter what his words and actions said. Recently though I came to realize that I was about to describe a more difficult part of my life. A time you are about to experience first hand. Whole the future seems dark and bleak, hold hope, Fiara. Hold hope that one day your life could change.

Soon Father will be approached by a familiar face. He'll ask for your hand, you see, and Father will be glad to be rid of you. He'll say that too. Foolish old man... By seventeen I was married to a man I thought would help me escape a life of pain. For a while it was good. Hope grew and my memories of hungry nights faded into bad dreams. Unfortunately life had a few more curves and snags for me to find before I could escape for a better world. Our husband soon believed that it was our fault that we couldn't bare him a child. That thought turned him into a bitter man. A man who took his failures out on his wife. Free time dwindled, food became scarce. My chore list doubled and I could do nothing right.

By the end of our second turn together my husband began to use his fists to show his pain and displeasure. I suffered for another pair of seasons before a kind soul would help me turn my fate around. My first true friend, an older neighbor of ours, convinced me to escape. I won't go into the details of the night that finally changed my mind. Not this time... But it was enough to make me see the light. Soon I was on my way to a place my husband would never think to look for me.

I've been in my new home for over ten turns, Fiara. Ten turns away from hungry nights. Away from fists and belts, bruises and broken bones. In those turns I have made a place for myself here. The children our husband swore we could never have because of my failures? Well I have three. Three amazing, stubborn, loving children that call me mother. See? There is hope, Fiara. Don't ever doubt that. Despite all our pain. Despite the tears and darker thoughts, there is hope. I have friends. Lovers. People who care if I hurt. Hard to imagine, I know but one day they will be there for you too.

In short, Fiara my dear, don't give into the dark thoughts in your head. Don't tough that dull blade I know is sitting on the table just out of reach... You are loved. You are needed. Those three brats I am staring at right now wouldn't forgive us if you gave up now...." She ended the letter there. A few salty drops punctuated the last words on her scrap as Fiara remembered the pain her sixteen turns old self felt that day. She never understood how she mustered the strength to leave that blade on the table but now... Now with the knowledge of timing in her mind, Ara could almost understand. Something had stopped the dark thoughts that night and had kept them at bay for more turns than she had ever hoped. 

Maybe that healer knew more than she was letting on... Maybe this journal meant more than the older woman could tell her just yet.


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