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Author Topic: Green Mating Flight Taming the Tempest [Maiden Flight/Open]  (Read 767 times)

Description: Month 4 [16] Day 6 - Sunset with a storm brewing

Offline Iolana

Taming the Tempest [Maiden Flight/Open]
« on: February 12, 2017, 07:17:22 AM »
Iolana had known this day was coming. It was hard not to, with Lyricth eyeing every male dragon on the isle with them. Cooing at them, being overtly flirty and in general expressing the feelings that Io had been trying to suppress for months. Coming of age while bonded to a dragon was not her definition of fun. She had even begun to find both @Jerilex and @Zy'kou attractive, even if the thoughts also repulsed her a bit. They were like brothers to her. But the desire to explore another person’s body for the first time ever was hard to control until her green was ready to take flight. And she had pick the end of the day, as the sun was setting. Io was in the middle of eating when she felt the pull of her dragon.

Io lost herself momentarily as Lyricth’s blind hunger twisted into her. The sudden melding was stronger than she had ever thought possible, which caused her to drop her utensil. The clattering of it hitting her plate and then the table let her regain some self control for a moment. She bolted over the table, showing a glimpse of her skill that she had honed for years. Within moments she was out of the dining hall and out to the Weyr bowl. Slow down love, we need to make them earn us, not have a full belly. Io clamped down on Lyricth’s fury forcing the green to mostly bleed the herdbeasts instead. Being a green, Lyricth didn’t spend much time blooding and took to the skies with her powerful wings. She called out to the Isles, challenging all the males to raise up and try to catch her, if they dare.

As she watched her green take to the skies, she noticed in the distance it getting dark and not just because of nightfall. It was a full moon, there were clouds out there rolling in. Such perfect timing… She thought, feeling herself slipping into the desires she would finally experience. She was terrified, who would she end up with? Would they be gentle? Would they care that they got to be her first taste? Would Ithis (@Ith'rien ) and Khyrth even show? Io’s heart wrenched at the idea that the woman she so adored probably wouldn’t even show. And with that final thought Iolana lost herself to the feeling of her dragon soaring into the air, performing twists and turns that few could replicate. She was a smart, agile, beast and the experience of sharing the bond so intimately was more than Iolana could have ever hoped for.

[[ OOC;; Please feel free to join! Even if it's a brief in and out comment. I plan to have @R'ari and Kaloth catch her this time either way, but I'd like to see reactions of those she knows! ]]

Offline R'ari

Re: Taming the Tempest [Maiden Flight/Open]
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2017, 08:44:19 AM »
Rhelarin had been spending time with his bronze while the dragon prepared to eat... but the air seemed charged around them as Kaloth's mind seemed to swirl with sensations the man wasn't used to. "Kaloth?" he asked, when he saw the bronze attacking a herdbeast and not eating it.

Lyricth rises! Kaloth informed him, noisily dispatching another animal and draining it for the energy giving blood. He was on his fourth before the green emerged and did her own blooding. Before Rhelarin was sure of what was happening, his dragon was shooting into the air after a challenge-screaming green dragon.

Strangely, Rhelarin felt as calm as ever. He had been told that dragonlust would overwhelm him, but so far he was disappointed. The bronzerider was so focused on his dragon chasing in a mating flight that he didn't see Iolana for a moment until she was also watching the dragons in the sky rising up into the night. Rhelarin felt his chest tighten with desire as he moved to her side to take her hand while he had his wits about him. "Give us hell, Io." he said to her, unsure of if she even heard him.

It was his last thought before all sensation of being separate from Kaloth vanished and they became one creature. Kaloth was speaking sweet nothings to Lyricth, revelling in the joy of flying and feeling the wind beneath his wings. His body vibrated with energy as he carefully kept pace with the smaller dragon, not letting himself expend the energy blooding had given him. Best to save it for later, Kaloth/Rhelarin thought as the other dragon dared the males to follow.


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