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Author Topic: These Old Bones  (Read 839 times)


Offline Weyrleader J'ren

These Old Bones
« on: October 06, 2017, 07:49:09 PM »
The Weyrleader had always been an early riser, but these days he seemed to be waking earlier than usual. This was another one of those early mornings, the sun still hiding below the horizon when J'ren’s eyes opened. He let a disgruntled sigh escape him, twisting slightly to check on the woman curled into his side, still fast asleep. The warmth of the bed was a siren's song to him, but despite his desire to stay comfortably ensconced beneath the covers with Lyrial he didn't want to risk waking his weyrmate. One corner of his mouth lifted in an affectionate half smile, fingers gently brushing his fingers through his woman's golden hair. Carefully he disentangled himself, swinging his legs off the bed and leveraging himself to his feet.

J'ren pushed himself slowly to his feet, stifling a groan as his creaking joints protested the action. There was no sense waking Lyrial with his grumbling so early in the morning, it would only make her worry and he had caused enough worry after the incident that had left Rylarth grounded. How are you feeling, old friend? He asked, limping barefooted and shirtless across the stone past the empty couch that normally was full of Rylarth.

I itch, I am sore, and I am still unhappy that I wasn’t allowed to fly Eireth. The bronze shifted slightly on the sands, eyes still closed despite his rider's chatter. All in your best interests, and you know it. You’ll be back at it soon enough, and next time you’ll chase her into the clouds and make the all the other Bronzes envious. J’ren chuckled, halting on the ledge over looking the Weyr Bowl; his gaze turning to the opening to the Hatching Sands where his bonded was resting. I like catching her. Came the dragon's smug reply.

Lately he had begun to feel his age more, the distinct ache in his bones when he rose in the morning or after a particularly trying day. Still, he was in good physical shape despite his age thanks to the active lifestyle he led. And Lyrial, of course. The Weyrleader rubbed a calloused hand across his jaw, the stubble on his chin scraping his flesh. There was more gray in his scruff than there used to be, and more appearing with every Turn. Such was the way of the world, night would always follow day and Turn would always follow Turn. The Bronzerider leaned against the wall, watching the first ribbons of pink, purple and blue snake over the rim of the Weyr Bowl.
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Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 02:19:58 PM »
Lyrial had had the same morning routine for as long as she could remember. Whether or not someone had been sharing her bed, she woke quietly and lay there. Thinking and planning her day. Usually, if J'ren were there, she would wait for him to wake up and sneak out... Then go and see him. He always thought he wouldn't wake her, but just the shift in the furs did that. One had to be a light sleeper when you were on call for middle of the night emergencies.

It had been harder for J'ren to not wake her since his injuries. Rylarth slept in the Hatching Sands with Eireth at his beck and call, while their riders slept in their quarters. Slipping from the bed, Lyrial shrugged into a soft robe to beat the morning chill and went to the other rider. Her arms went around his middle as she lay her head against his back. "Good morning my love." she grinned, breathing in the scent of him. "Rylarth being a grumble monster?" she teased, peeking around the taller man and looking at the injured bronze.

Eireth raised her head, craned it over Rylarth's back and crooned to her rider. He is always grumbly. the gold informed her rider with great affection in her tone. But I think he itches. she finished conspiratorily.

Lyrial nodded to herself, betting that was why J'ren was awake. "I'll get the numbweed." she called to the bronze as she turned away toward her small storage area she kept stocked near the Sands. There were always injuries at a Hatching. Babies simply didn't understand their bodies yet. She hafted a bag over her shoulder, stepped past her weyrmate and made her way slowly down the ramp that led into the Sands.

The bronze wasn't allowed to fly yet, for fear of tearing his stitches, but Lyrial thought he liked the heat of the Hatching Sands anyway. She murmured to herself as she looked at the long tears and their edges, noting that they were less red and irritated that day. "I thought I told you to keep it still, Rylarth." she said loudly enough for him to hear. Eireth snorted, but said nothing. The dragonhealer Weyrwoman spun the top of the jar off and grabbed the oil for her hands to keep from numbing them. Slathered properly she dipped her fingers in and began painting the wounds thickly with the soothing paste. It was thicker than typical numbweed, meant to stick harder and not spread as easy. It also held more of the oil that moisturized injuries. "Now you keep that wing up away from the water when you go bathe. I'd hate for the numbweed to wear off early." she admonished. "Don't make me have Eireth command you to keep that wing still." she finished, twisting what was left of the jar closed.

With a last pat to the Bronze, Lyrial went to her own dragon and hugged her face as well as she could. Good morning, beautiful. she murmured happily. Eireth closed her eyes contentedly as she and her rider shared a quiet moment before the beginning of a busy day. Finally the gold nudged her rider toward J'ren and the ramp.

If you would like to avoid people a while longer, I will close my eyes and feign sleep. Eireth told her, a warning that people were coming to the Hatching Sands.

Lyrial nodded, picking up her pace and leading J'ren away from the ledge. "Let's have breakfast, yes?" she asked him, smiling.

Offline Weyrleader J'ren

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2017, 09:38:19 AM »
A slender set of arms wrapped themselves around J’ren’s middle from behind, the voice of his weyrmate breaking the silence of the rising sun. “Mornin’ love.” He replied, his voice more gravelly than usual from sleep and the discomfort of injuries. He lifted his arm a bit as Lyrial peeked around his side, dropping it over her and pulling her into his side. “Old boy’s already up and complaining. I was just going to head down there and get him straightened out for the day.” J’ren curled his hand around, absently rubbing her upper arm affectionately.

I wasn’t complaining! came Rylarth’s indignant reply, his eyes opening as he lifted his head to peer back at his rider. I bet if I asked Eireth, she’d say the same thing. J’ren chuckled fondly, shaking his head a bit as he felt Lyrial slip from his grasp.

“I’m prefectly cap-” He started, but it was already too late. Lyrial had fun a bag over her shoulder and was making her way down to the Sands without him. “able..” He trailed off, the smile reserved for the Weyrwoman creeping back across his face as he watched her work. He hadn’t been Weyrleader when she had run headlong onto the Sands during a Hatching, trying to help some poor sod that had gotten mauled; but he had been watching with the rest of the Bronze riders. Then Eireth had hatched and in the next moment High Reaches had gained a new Junior Weyrwoman. He’d known she was going to be a handful from the start, just not his handful. The pair of dragons lounging in the heat of the Sands had made sure of it though.

Her hands are softer than yours. Rylarth crooned contently as Lyrial numbed the tears in his wing. Of course they are you great git. J’ren grinned, arms folded carefully to avoid irritating his own injury. But I’m certain she likes me more. The Bronze huffed, laying his head back down in the warmth of the sand, perfectly happy to bask in the heat while he was grounded. She’s threatening me with Eireth if I don’t keep my wing still. he grumbled, even though J’ren knew he would behave. Be glad she’s only sicking Eireth on you instead of the Headwoman. I’ve been hit with a spoon more times since she became the Weyrwoman than during my entire childhood. He leaned against the stony wall, his eyes not leaving Lyrial as she stood with the Queen, her frame seeming even smaller compared to the massive bulk of the Gold.

She’s come into her own, you know? A Weyrwoman to be proud of. J’ren said, definite pride coloring his tone. In truth he was damn proud of her. Lyrial had come into the leadership roll when she was still little more than a girl, and when Eireth had Risen for the first time she had ended up with him as the one to bring her into womanhood, so to speak. Of course, there had been some initial rumbling of displeasure over their pairing but it had died off fairly swiftly after they had proved themselves as effective leaders. Eireth chose well. Rylarth rumbled approvingly, twisting his neck around to peer at the golden beauty beside him.

The Gold gave Lyrial a nudge and the woman began her trekk back up the ramp to their shared quarters. J’ren pushed himself off the wall at her approach, the small smile on his face oddly affectionate even for those moments they had to themselves. “Let’s have breakfast, yes?” She asked as she guided him from the ledge. The man reached out to snag her hand with his good one while they moved out of view, an unusual move on the part of the typically stoic Weyrleader. “Breakfast it is, love.”

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2017, 10:42:25 AM »
"Of course you were capable, J'ren. But you aren't a Dragonhealer." Lyrial grinned, responding to his protests she had earlier waved off in her attempt to aid the bronze before his rider could exacerbate his injuries. Eireth had already bespoken the Headwoman and placed their breakfast order. In short time, the pair was welcoming a weyrling that was sworn to secrecy about their wakefulness.

The tray of food brought the warmth of spiced scents wafting into their quarters. Folded wherry eggs, spiced herdbeast sausage, fresh bread, citrus fruits and small, green, seeded fruit that had been found on the Eastern Isles during the exploration in the present time, klah, juice and butter were on the menu for the morning. There was also a warm gravy in a crock and if Lyrial knew what that was for, it had to be for the latest favorite of hers -- sausage and gravy on bread. The folded eggs also held fresh vegetables and wherry meat chunks in them, and were thick and fluffy by some secret of Ranalins. The woman always sent enough food for four, but it never went back to the Kitchens. The tray was always picked clean.

Lyrial sniffed at the juice, hoping it wouldn't have the spiced scent the Healers added to denote when it had been spiked with fellis juice for the injured rider. Safe! She grinned, "Quite the spread this morning," she said turning to her weyrmate and offering him a plate so he could make his own dish. She loaded half of hers with bread and the other side with one of the folded eggs. On top of her bread went the sausage and then poured over with gravy. Last but not least, she sliced a greenfruit in half and spooned out the interior onto her plate.

"We should talk about the mating flight again. About how we are preparing for it." It was a heavy talk, but J'ren was probably aware of her how she was trying to not inhibit her dragon as a rider was warned against doing. She was especially afraid that T'rius would get her pregnant when her weyrmate was well aware that she only wanted his child. She had become pregnant a few times, but before it could get far -- she took a trip between. It had simply never been the time to bring up keeping a child with her weyrmate. But Thread was coming. J'ren could die any time. And Lyrial wanted a piece of him to keep with her always. "There's... also something else I wanted to talk to you about." Lyrial said, her voice dropping to a quieter tone.

Offline Weyrleader J'ren

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2017, 12:29:43 PM »
The chair beneath J’ren creaked ominously as he settled himself in for breakfast, though they had never broken on him before there was always that moment of panic when it sounded like the furniture was going to go out from under him. Lyrial passed him a plate and began to fill her own as he surveyed the spread Ranalin had determined would be their repast for the morning. He had to give the Headwoman credit, she certainly knew how to put together a meal. He loaded his plate with one of the folded wherry eggs, some of the sausages, and a decent portion of fruit before pouring himself some klah to ward the off the morning chill. It occurred to him that he could have taken a spare moment to put on a shirt before breakfast, but the moment had passed. He cast a look at his weyrmate, taking note of the pensive expression on her face.

“We should talk about the mating flight again. About how we are preparing for it."He could tell she was worrying again, which he could understand given the unconventional nature of her ascent to leadership. She hadn’t had time these past few years to understand to come to terms with the way weyrleadership tended to ebb and flow. They had a plan in place already, but that wouldn’t ease her disquiet so easily. "There's... also something else I wanted to talk to you about." Her voice had gotten quieter, as though the particular subject she wished to speak about was something she almost was hesitant to bring up. J’ren’s eyebrows went up briefly as he took a sip from his mug. “We have a plan for the mating flight. T’rius is a good man, he’s my Second for a reason. And you can’t hold Eireth back when the time comes. It’ll be bad for both of you if you do.” He said as soothingly as he could manage. There really wasn’t much they could do until the time came, and worrying over the plan would just be more stress Lyrial didn’t need to try shouldering.

J’ren set his mug down with a sigh, pushing his chair back a bit to make some space for Lyrial. “Get over here woman.” He gestured to his lap, offering her the kind of closeness they shared in the quiet hours. “You should know by now you can speak with me about anything without fear. So come here, tell me what has you so ill at ease. You’ve got my word I’ll hear you out.” Whatever it was seemed to be important, and it felt as though she need him a port in the storm more than ever.
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Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2017, 01:02:52 PM »
Lyrial grinned, taking her plate and sitting on J'ren's lap so that her legs were between his and she was on his good side. "I know. And T'rius will be a wonderful person who shares our values. I'm worried about Rylarth. You're going to have to be on the Sands with him when Eireth goes up. I know that Taioryn, Kida, Alicona and Moraia will do their best to keep him down but it would be better if he wasn't being forced against his will by all of the gold dragons in the Weyr to stay down if they can't convince him without compelling him." she paused to take a bite of her folded eggs, perfectly cooked. The Weyr had no shortage of eggs when they had begun cultivating their own wherries. "I just... Don't want him to come to harm over this and being grounded. Those two are so close that it's uncanny."

The woman knew he was right about the whole event but she was still acting like a virgin Holder on her wedding night. Lyrial had only ever slept with J'ren and the idea of it not being in her bed when she was in the throes of lust was... Concerning. What would the Weyr do? She decided to put it aside for now, again, and talk to him about her other topic.

"J'ren. I want to have a child with you." she began with no preamble. They hadn't discussed the topic in a couple of years. But now the threat of Thread was looming. "You know I've been pregnant before and ended them because of our choice before. It wasn't the right time, while we were preparing for the worst and coping with the loss of Cydrith. But now... We have done everything we can. The Red Star has been seen and verified. You said it first, everything can end in an instant. You could have been killed when Rylarth saved the green." her voice broke, "I would have lost you and lost Rylarth. There would be no part of you left on Pern except me and the dragons Rylarth sired. I don't know what I'd do if you died but... If you did, I would want to have your child to tell how brave and wonderful you are. I would want to raise a son, if it was that, to carry on your memory and the way a man should be." Lyrial lay her head against his shoulder in the crook of his neck. "I love you, J'ren. I want a family with you and I think we should try to have a child together after Eireth rises and I make sure it wouldn't be T'rius' child."

Her hands shook with emotion as she expressed her deepest fear to her weyrmate. One day, just to shock the Holders, Lyrial wanted to ask him to marry her too. So she could call him weyrmate and husband. "If you have to leave me... At least leave me with your child so that Eireth and I have something to live for. We talked, once, about going with you if the time came."

Offline Weyrleader J'ren

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2017, 05:24:50 PM »
J’ren wrapped his arm around her lower back, hand resting on her hip as she got comfortable in his lap. He had been right; she was worried about the mating flight, still worrying over an event they could only take in stride now. At least she was eating though, rather than worrying herself sick. He was glad to see it, in truth. Lyrial was the heart of High Reaches where she knew it or not. While she would no doubt still be in flux until she got more comfortable with how the mating flights could go, he could still try to ease what ever other burden that was plaguing her so greatly. “Let me worry about Rylarth, love. I’ll keep him on the ground and out of harm while Eireth is in Flight. I promise you that. Now what else is running through that pretty little head of yours?” He assured her giving her a gentle squeeze.

"J'ren. I want to have a child with you." J’ren froze at the statement, surprised that she was bringing the topic up. How long had it been since they had last discussed it? There had been other time when it could hve happened, but they had agreed each time that the timing wasn’t right. For the life of him, he wasn’t quite sure why now, out of the blue, she wanted it. As she talked he had his unasked question answered. Thread, it was true that he could lose his life when death itself rained from the skies. If he died fighting she would lose him and Rylarth to Between.

Lyrial had tucked her head against his shoulder as she spoke and the Weyrleader pressed his lips into the the top of her head comfortingly while she spoke. He could see her hands shake and feel the slight tremors of her body, clearly pouring out a fear that had planted itself in her. J’ren was silent for a long moment after she had stopped speaking, weighing his words carefully before he said anything. With great care he lifted his injured arm, put his curled fingers beneath her chin and gingerly pulled her chin up so she could see his face.

“If you are ready, and if that is what you want…” He paused locking eyes with the young woman settled on his lap. “Then after Eireth has Risen next, I’ll gladly give you as many children as your heart desires. On one condition.” His tone turned more solemn at the last bit, eyebrows lowered as he became gravely serious.

“When the time comes that Rylarth and I say our last goodbyes, and make that last trip into the Between, you must promise me that you and Eireth will not follow us.” There was a tension to the way he spoke, a fierceness born of affection and concern. “You have to promise me that you and Eireth will fly high and fast until you are old and gray and our grandchildren are Standing for Impression or already soaring in the clouds with their dragons. And if the time comes Eireth no longer Rises to mate, and there are Queens in their prime, then and only then can you follow us. We’ll wait for you there.” J’ren leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Though let’s hope for a girl, yea? You might end up with a boy that has a mug like mine otherwise.”He teased, breaking the tension from a moment ago. “Besides, I wouldn’t mind having a little girl running around the Weyr causing as much trouble as her momma does.”

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #7 on: October 08, 2017, 05:44:31 PM »
Lyrial's heart leapt into her throat as J'ren lifted her eyes to his. He was going to say no. Refuse her! And then a sob escaped her when he didn't. When he swore that he would give her as many children as she wanted. At a price. "I will make that promise... If you and I are not both old and aching, too tired to keep going and have left the Weyrs in good, young hands. If you live to be a hundred and ten Turns I will be old enough to go with you. And I will.

But. If it is early and I am able to keep going and be the strength of the Weyr until I can follow you, I will. Please... Don't deny me in our old age the choice to die with you." she bent to kiss him deeply, cementing their promise.

With a rougish grin and kissed his nose, "Now. I have one last request." Lyrial twined her hands in his, "One day... I want to be able to call you my husband, too." secretly she wanted him to propose and set up the hole surprise. The upside would be that their children wouldn't be seen as bastards to the Holds if they were married. Not that it mattered...  But if their children didn't wa to be dragonriders they'd have the option to take over or found their own minor holding of they had a family name behind it. Or rather, a high profile parentage like theirs.

The smell of hot food was calling her and the logic and love from J'ren made her appetite return as she once more turned to spear food on her fork. The greenfruit was sweet and tangy and Lyrial especially liked the little seeds that dotted it. "I wish more Records had survived about the Isles. I'd love to know what this fruit is supposed to be called." she commented idly.

At the man's comments about hoping for a daughter the woman smiled, "Well. We will have one of each at least. I'll brood them until I get a boy and girl, even if it means multiple of each!" she popped the fruit in her mouth and made a show of moving just enough out of the way that J'ren could also eat. The movement had the effect of exposing much of her upper thigh to the man and Lyrial affected not to notice. She also leaned forward for a large bite of bread that had her robe and nighty riding up her back as it moved with her arms.

If J'ren wasn't careful, he'd be late for his morning meeting with the Wingleaders to plan the day's training exercises. Lyrial was already making plans to have Eireth bespeak the other men's dragons. Perhaps she and J'ren could use a little practice in the topic of baby-making!

Offline Weyrleader J'ren

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #8 on: October 08, 2017, 07:53:16 PM »
“Ah sweetness, I won’t refuse you that. When we are old and gray and the Weyr is in good hands, and our children are grown, we’ll go together.”He said, planting another kiss on her lips. He watched as she cast him one of her wicked little grins, the kind that meant she was up to something, before kissing his nose. Oh she was up to something for sure with that look in her eyes, he was sure of it. J’ren clasped her hand as she made her request, letting out a bark of raucous laughter at her request.

“I knew from the beginning you were going to be no end of trouble. At this rate you’ll shatter the sensibilities of all the poor Holders and Masters!” He laughed gruffly, kissing the side of her head affectionately as she popped a piece of the tangy little fruits into her mouth. Marriage wasn’t a standard convention in the Weyr, though to be fair their current plan for the next mating flight was unconventional too. “Perhaps..” He started, considering what she was asking of him. “It would open options for our children.. It seems like you’ve been thinking about it an quite a bit.” He reached around her to snag a bite of sausage.

J’ren watched her bend, taking note of the way her clothes were riding up in the back. He laughed again, this time a bit the sound coming out darker, with the hint of wickedness she had a habit of bringing out in him. His hand dropped to her thigh, calloused fingers caressing the soft skin beneath his touch. She knew exactly what she was doing, he was sure. J’ren pushed the robe off her shoulder carefully, pressing his lips against the back of her shoulder, working his way up to the side of her neck. He nipped the side of her neck, chuckling against her skin.

“You wicked little woman.” He rumbled, kissing the exposed flesh. “You are my favorite kind of trouble..”

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #9 on: October 10, 2017, 07:30:14 PM »
Lyrial giggled girlishly and smiled at J'ren over her shoulder. "Just wait until you see what I have planned when all the Healer Masters come!" she said, thinking back to her many correspondences with the ones who would not be able to attend their soiree. She spent the next little while eating and explaining her plan, even going so far as to pull out some of the letters and Charter Laws that she was planning to use against Craftmaster Lasren.

The Weyrwoman was excited, Dragonhealing would be part of the Weyr at long last, and the Healers would control nothing. It had been her personal project while J'ren was training with the Wings. "For it to work, though, everything has to appear as though the dinner is just for the greerider doing her Walk. Otherwise, Lasren -- that canny old coot -- would figure out that there are too many Masters in attendance." she sneered, remembering the man who had kept her Weyr under his thumb by attempting to control her healing.

"They can't know the weyrlings are gone. We need all the goldriders in attendance and we might need to make trips to the Healers who can't make it. The vote needs a majority in my favor, or Lasren could ground the request permanently. I'd never be able to put Dragonhealing up for its own Craft again..." Lyrial turned to look at J'ren. "Do you think we can pull it off?" Her plate was empty and the klah warm in her mug where she sipped it.

Offline Weyrleader J'ren

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2017, 07:30:21 PM »
J’ren listened intently as Lyrial began explaining every bit of her plan, the amusement clearly written on his face. It was clear just how excited the Weyrwoman was, with all the things she had been maneuvering into place. Lasren wouldn’t stand a chance against his fierce, determined weyrmate and her exemplary planning. The man listened in silence, nodding when required; content to watch and listen while finishing off his breakfast. He cleaned his plate as she finished, savoring the last few bites of sausage. She had certainly been busy while he had been dealing with training weyrlings.

“Gathering the Goldriders won’t be a problem, I’m sure they’ll be happy to have your back. I’m sure we can gloss over the fact we have weyrlings missing, if anyone asks its simply an extended training exercise specially designed to promote Wing compatibility and and teamwork. It’s not as if it would be the first time we have done things outside of tradition.” He replied, downing the last dregs of klah in his mug. J’ren took a moment before continuing, snagging one of the cups of juice and taking a sip.

“Listen, love. You have done so much work getting your plan together that you can’t fail. You’ll take the wind out of that smug old codger’s sails and make Dragonhealing its own craft. I have complete faith that you’ll get all the votes you need to wrestle control away from that dour old heardbeast.” The Weyrleader got to his feet, wrapping her in a comforting bear hug. It was moments like this when he was reminded just how much smaller she was. J’ren placed another kiss on the top of her head affectionately, giving her a gentle squeeze. “This is about the only time I’d suggest working on not smiling so often.” He chuckled.

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #11 on: October 14, 2017, 04:28:03 PM »
Lyrial nodded, "I want to borrow a Wing's worth of bronzeriders to ferry in the Masters. The Journeymen an Journeywomen can come on any color, but I feel like the Masters deserve some favor curried from them if I want to get their votes for this. Of course, their Apprentices can come on the bronzes with their Masters but if there is no Master to be picked up then I don't think a bronze needs to ferry." Using the bronzeriders was a stroke of preference, especially since the bronzes were not often called on to do ferry duty unless large groups or heavy items were in order. Blues and greens were preferred for ferrying flights since they were smaller and more agile for getting into the air, but their carry capacity was lower for the same reasons. Speed was one thing, comfort was another. The woman's brow creased, "The goldriders will also show that we are giving them respect by attending -- not just because the girl Walking Tables is an adopted sister of one of them. The Craftmaster likes to think he's being kowtowed to." Lyrial added a smirk to her creased brow, "I bet he expects me to pick him up personally, but... would you find a green weyrling to ferry him? After all the horrible, sharding attitude he's given me I feel like I should get to cough back at him. Especially while I wrest control of my Weyr back."

The Weyrwoman worked on stacking their dirty dishes together and placing the klah pitcher on the warming table. After a quick check to make sure the fire was still going below the table, she turned back to J'ren to listen to him speak, "Listen, love. You have done so much work getting your plan together that you can't fail. You'll take the wind out of that smug old codger's sails and make Dragonhealing its own craft. I have complete faith that you'll get all the votes you need to wrestle control away from that dour old herdbeast."

"You're right, of course, but I still need the support of your men to ferry the Masters, and that's where you come in. I could ask them, but I dont want them to feel pressured because 'The Weyrwoman asked me.' I want them to feel comfortable enough to say no if they are tired! You men work hard, I know it. I just wish I could have more riders at the event to witness it." Lyrial sighed for a moment, looking crestfallen because this was a big deal for her, then brightened. "J'ren! That's it! I can have Eireth relay what I'm saying and she can send what she sees through me to the dragons! Then they can show the riders and the whole WEYR can be there together!"

She was still beaming when her quipped at her. "This is about the only time I'd suggest working on not smiling so often." Lyrial turned to the mirror, practising her confident face with her head held higher. J'ren had once said it was her "Queen Stance" because it was a look no one would dare refuse.

"For once, I don't think they would dare." was her only response.

Offline Weyrleader J'ren

Re: These Old Bones
« Reply #12 on: October 22, 2017, 10:32:00 PM »
“I’ll gather the Bronzes and ask for volunteers first, under the guise of bringing them in because of who specifically is Walking Tables. Might curry some favor among the Queens for the ones that chose to volunteer, too.” He chuckled, moving from the table to snatch up a clean shirt. J’ren tugged it down over the broad expanse of his chest, covering the faded scars that accompanied so many years in the Weyr. While he wasn’t exactly dressed to begin the day, it was enough to cut a bit of the chill from the night hours. “As for finding a Green willing to bring him in, I have a few thoughts on that. I know there are quite a few riders that feel personally slighted by the man, and a few Greenriders that would be all too happy to insult him like that.” He flashed Lyrial a short, wicked grin. “Of course whoever does it will have to be on their best manners, someone that can be formal but in the infuriating way that some of the Greens have cultivated.” He knew of a few that fit the bill, but he’d not make a decision right away, not without speaking to the riders first.

“That's it! I can have Eireth relay what I'm saying and she can send what she sees through me to the dragons! Then they can show the riders and the whole WEYR can be there together!" Lyrial sounded excited, the bright smile on her face giving way to the stoic look he had unceremoniously dubbed her Queen Stance. J’ren closed the space between them, using his good hand to slip a knuckle beneath her chin, tilting her head up just a bit. “The whole Weyr will see what you have worked so hard to accomplish.” His voice was low, filled with pride and respect as he murmured quietly to her. “The entire Weyr stands behind you, not simply because of Eireth; but because of how hard you work on our behalf.” His eyes met hers, holding the stare for a long moment. “The old timers that hadn’t been swayed before will be rethinking their stance after this. A move like this is going to stir things up, but the Weyr… The Weyr will weather the storm all the stronger for it.”


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