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Author Topic: Character Creation Needs & Suggestions  (Read 8254 times)


Offline Sigyn

Character Creation Needs & Suggestions
« on: April 24, 2015, 10:40:22 PM »


Laundry people - Work on keeping gear and clothing washed, dried, folded, pressed and mended for the people of the Weyr. Often paid a mark or two per huge load by the dragonriders as thanks.

Store room workers - Assist the Headwoman and her Assistants in keeping the Store Rooms organized, clean, inventoried and stocked. They are often hauling supplies from the Trade Caravans and directing those who are assisting to where things go. These are also the people who delve into the depths to find Weyr Livery for new people who need it.

Kitchen Aids - Assigned to the Weyr's cooks to aid in food prep for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Often servers at the Weyrleader's Dais in the Dining Hall. They often learn to cook from the best, and eventually graduate to be cooks themselves. They also assist in cleaning dishes and keeping the Kitchen's immediate storage stocked, running between the store rooms and the Kitchen to do so. These are also the people who run food to private weyrs when the Kitchen Weyrling is bespoken with a request.

Gardeners - Some things need grown right at the Weyr, and these are herbs for healing and cooking. They also tend to grow other edibles and protect the small orchards that the Weyr keeps.

Fire Tenders - Usually strong men who keep the black rock broken down into usable pieces, they also bring in more to keep the stoves and fires in the Kitchen burning cleanly.  Their dual purpose is to break down and bag firestone with the Weyrlings and help them learn good stone from bad, and the dangers associated with it.

Thermal bath tenders - They keep them stocked, clean, hampers emptied, and tend to scrub the grim from the edges of the private baths so they stay as clean as the bigger pools. It's a big job, as they also tend the personal baths in the weyrs that have them, and will often take the dirtied laundry from there and return it for marks. Some even prefer to help others bathe and are paid for the service as well. (Not in a sexual way! Except for some... underhanded types..)

Infirmary nurses - Assist the Healers in feeding, cleaning, tending and treating the ill or infirm of the Weyr. They are not trained Healers, but are knowledgeable enough with strong stomach to help where needed. They often feed the ill, give medicines, change dressings, help bathe, and assist with physical therapy.

Creche workers - These people help raise the children of the Weyr. Often they are weyrbrats in the creche, or those with busy parents. Some may choose to live in the creche full time and tend infants at all hours, act as wet nurses, or just come during the day to keep watch over a class. They hold activities, assist the other workers, feed, change, discipline, and sometimes teach younger children and make sure that older children learn their letters, reading and math.

Cleaning Crews - Keep the Weyr and its public areas clean and tidy. They handle the controlled burns of waste, or the recycle of goods and products back to their respective Crafthalls.

Food Prep Workers - help with breaking down herdbeasts for cold storage etc. Basically butchers. They also break down and grow produce in the Weyr's garden.

Herd Workers - Feed, clean up, breed and generally work the herds of animals in the Weyr. For human consumption, they choose the animals best suited for eating and culling, and are usually at least somewhat trained in Beastcrafting.

Basket weavers - Baskets are essentials as much as the glows that usually go in them. These people are adept and quick at their jobs and can even weave patterns into the fibers of a basket. They often go out and harvest new glows when needed.

Tailors - people of the Tailorcraft Hall who make, adjust and design clothing. Usually on a more custom level than the Weavers who make more mass-used items.

"Barbers" - The lovely people who keep hair looking nice and cut. They act as Terran barbers would, washing, cutting, styling and taking care of haircuts for the people of the Weyr - both male and female. Some may even do double duty as Tailors.

Builders - Beds and whatnot come disassembled and needing set up when people need to use them. That is the primary job of these people. They also make repairs where necessary and maintain the other frames and whatnot that are needed for making dragon straps.


Older Riders - From Ranalin's time as Weyrwoman. These people will be especially affected by the loss of Cydrith as their queen, likely have some resentment about Lyrial refusing to allow her to suicide, and the poor quality of the tithes in general. Ages 30-45+. Blueriders and Brownriders

Younger Riders - From Eireth's first clutch and forward. We need riders for these dragonets (Rising Stars babies have profiles, even if they aren't babies much any more). Clutches before Rising Stars are welcome to create dragons that fit the clutch standards on the Clutch Records page.

Candidates - We always need them for future clutches! Remember that Candidates age out at the end of 23 turns unless you purchase the extended age item in the Marks Shop. There is also a reduced age item in the shop as well, that allows you to Impress younger than 13 (the limit being 11 turns).

Wingriders -These are riders of all ages who have graduated their Weyrling training. They can be placed in Fire Sky or Sun Seekers wings if they are males, the Gold Wing if they are women, pregnant women, greenriders, people recovering from injury, Healer-Riders or goldriders.


We need all kinds! We recently opened the Crafthalls as roleplay areas for those interested, and we need Crafters of all ranks and ages. Please note that it is very unlikely that we will allow someone to create the Crafthall Master before they show that they can be active and handle a ranked character.


West Inlet Hold (Minor) and High Reaches Hold (Major) need Holders! It doesn't matter what kind you want to play, from regular resident to Hold Guard, these places need a population! They both had the leading families accounted for, but you may speak with SixthGun if you wish to plot family ties with her characters.

Holdless Characters

You are more than welcome to play Holdless characters. The only reasonable plot that is in play that would have caused them is the dissolving of order at the Cothold in High Reaches territory after Ceresa killed the Cot Holder and escaped with her band of friends. Holdless are usually fugitives, criminals or those who have committed rape or murder and been tried for their crimes..

However!! When Thread comes, all Holdless characters will need to find their place within the Weyr or a Hold - or die when Thread falls on them and kills them. There is no other option.

Ranked Character Needs

A Weyr Harper - the traditional, run of the mill, cliche Harper that helps keep the records and teaches the children with his Apprentices and Journeymen. This person will be a man, as women cannot attain Master rank yet (damn chauvinists!). This Weyrharper will work alongside the NPC Weyrharper (let's call them a duo, there are a lot of people in a Weyr!) but can be separate in personality since they will be two different people.  Please plot with an admin if you are interested in this character.

Headwoman's Assistant (1-2 people) - This woman helps Ranalin oversee the Store Room Workers, the inventory lists, Trade needs, interactions with the Caravan and the Weyr Trade Master, as well as helping prepare meal schedules for the public breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The Headwoman's Assistant also helps plan Gathers, Feasts, Celebrations and whatever else may be needed for keeping the Weyr running with the Headwoman. It is entirely possible for there to be two of these people, and gender doesn't matter. These people are generally very good at Records-keeping, mathematics, and reading/writing. Please plot with an admin if you are interested in this character.

Please don't ask if you can make...

Goldriders - Our canon does not allow for a lot of them, and future Impressions are planned and based on activity on the site.

Extra Wher-Handlers - Unfortunately, there is simply not a need for a lot of Whers in our canon... yet. Our Whers are not intelligent speaking creatures like the dragons, they tend to take more after Anne's whers from the first trilogy. Since our site only has High Reaches Hold and a minor hold called West Inlet Hold open, we only need the two whers we have. A green which is adoptable, and a brown which is played by one of our members.

Ranked Characters (Weyrleaders, Weyrwomen, Wingleaders, etc.) - For the most part, we are good on the ranking members of the Weyr (except those listed above), and when we need them, we may open applications.

Female Blue/Brownriders - While our canon does allow blueriders to be female, it is not something that happens often. We have two (or will soon after the Hatching), and that is more than enough for now. Female Brownriders are a 0.001% chance of happening, and as such have not happened yet. The only female brownrider we will have will be one of a kind, or at least few and far between - and based solely on how active said interested person is.

Out of Canon Impression - For example, females riding bronzes, or males riding golds. Transgendered characters are something of an anomaly we allow - meaning we all those born female who prefer male pronouns to exist in our Canon, but their options are limited to that of their genetic gender. We also allow males that prefer female pronouns, but the same rules apply. They are limited to their genetic gender options. If we feel a character is being abused that displays this characteristic, we will discuss it with you and the character may or may not continue to be played.

Mutations/Sport Dragons- No. We are a canon site. If it is not canon, we won't have it. This means no reds, no female brown dragons, no white dragons - etc. Gold, bronze, brown, blue and green are the only colors we allow.

Hears All Dragons Characters - While we do have them in our time, Ranalin the Headwoman being the only one (who, incidentally, hates her ability and hides it - all but refusing to use it), this is another thing there will only ever be one of. It is a purchasable ability in our Marks Shop for the person who raises the marks to purchase it first.

Holders for Closed-to-Roleplay-Holds: Your character is welcome to be from any Hold on Pern, but that does not make the Hold open to roleplay at. Right now we only have High Reaches Hold and West Inlet Hold open for roleplay. If your character isn't from one of those Holds, they will need to make their way there or to the Weyr or a playable area.

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