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No New Posts Training Grounds

Located within the weyr bowl proper is the training grounds. Here young weyrlings and their dragonets learn the basics of being a rider. From bathing to oiling and then onward to flight and travel Between, this is one of the more common places to find fresh batches of weyrlings and sometimes candidates as well.

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No New Posts Feeding Grounds

The feeding grounds of High Reaches Weyr takes up a large section at the base of the weyr bowl. Herds of wherries roam about, ready to be swooped down upon by a hungry dragon. Since the numbers of Dragons have dwindled, there is plenty for the dragons to eat on.

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No New Posts Weyr Lake

A clear, freshwater lake that is shallow near the bank and deeper the farther back you go toward the edge of the Weyr. Dragons have more than enough space for diving and rolling on the gravel, sand, grit on the bottom of the lake. This grit helps riders and dragons alike to scrub hide without leaving it dirty.

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No New Posts Dragon Infirmary

Injured dragons need a place to stay that does not require strenuous movement to reach. This massive cavern can house up to twenty-five bronze dragons at one time and is located on the ground level of the Weyr. Only the most serious of injuries require recovery in the Infirmary and most often injured or sick dragons are seen to in their own weyrs. In addition to couches (depression-style) for the dragons, there is a smaller area dedicated to supplying the Infirmary. Cots are also housed in this area for use by riders who wish to use them in order to stay near their dragons during recovery. If there are resident dragons, a Master dragonhealer or several Journeymen ranked dragonhealers are in constant attendance and sleep in the Infirmary during critical healing phases.

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