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Author Topic: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners  (Read 1409 times)


Offline AWLM N'vet

[THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« on: December 01, 2016, 12:12:05 AM »
Mock Threadfall
The Sun Runners Show Their Skills

Threadfall over LOCATION: Over High Reaches Weyr
Severity (also determines how many Threadfall events):
Rolled 1d5 : 2, total 2

Threadfall Severity          Damage if hit   
1 - Light Threadfall1-200
2 - Fair Threadfall2-401
3 - Medium Threadfall4-612
4 - Heavy Threadfall6-823
5 - Torrential Threadfall8-1034

[OOC: Please forgive any errors in this RP post, I can't edit this once I post it to decide on the Thread info.]

N'vet, as he predicted, was preparing the Sun Runners for their display of skill before the Weyr. This display was before Lyrial and the Council would address the Weyr at large and inform them of why their clutch had disappeared... and where they had gone. He was nervous. Not for his weyrlings, but for how the Weyr would take the information. He only hoped that their skills were as impressive as he thought they were. C'rin had worked everyone on the Isles very hard to prepare them.

"Alright everyone. Remember, this is the performance that will determine your careers as dragonriders. The Wings are watching, talking, judging and determining who they want to tap into their ranks. J'tir and J'ren are hard asses and, make no mistake, they will pick apart your displays up there. Based on this showing, they will choose their taps and then at your Graduating Ceremony when you get your honorifics you will also learn your Wing.

The veteran riders will be raining the same fake thread down on you that we used on the Isles... the twist is that they also have all manner of extra things like unexpected clumps, large and small, that they will test you with randomly. Be prepared, they are treating this as if this were a real Threadfall. They need to know that they can depend on you to defend them when their backs are turned." The greenrider paused to hand out cards to a few people. "Now, I planned a few things to happen. These are major things that can happen to you in a Fall that I found in Records. I am going to reenact them and throw them at you... you are expected to react accordingly." N'vet stopped, looking around at the Sun Runners gathered around him. "I will act as your Wingleader for this; make me proud." he said, meeting each one's eyes before moving to the next.

"Let's how High Reaches how hard we worked."

Offline AWLM N'vet

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2016, 12:13:04 AM »
Threadfall Events:
Please note that the number of events used from this list is determined by the number rolled for the severity of the Threadfall.

List of Dragonrider Pairs numbers randomized for Threadfall: 3, 26, 6, 30, 10, 34, 38, 37, 17, 39, 3, 31 (The Sun Runners who went back in time. Only the active member's pairs.)

[Randomized list results of dragonrider pair numbers -- Thread Severity: 2]

Randomized pairs to participate in events are Jerilex and Reinarth with Rynic and Bronze Laerynth.

Off-Topic: Event 1 (Jerilex): • show
You come out of between and a huge tangle of thread is swerving right towards your eyes! (Roll 1 D20; Use dragon's DEX Stat)

Event PER Check: 30
Thread Severity: -1 PER (Fair Fall)

Under 30: Your dragon is hit in the face by "Thread" causing major injury to the eyes, or the area around them. (Your pair will sit out the next Threadfall -- if this were a REAL threadfall they were fighting.)

30: Grazed by "Thread" as you move to avoid it.

30+: Your dragon sees the falling "Thread" and catches it with an amazing display of flaming skills, sure to impress any watching critics.

Off-Topic: Event 2 (Rynic): • show
Out of nowhere you are clipped by a large glancing blow on the shoulder, that will leave massive bruises. You look at the stone like object in your lap and it steams and then springs open with live thread! It was a thread ovoid!

Event PER Check: 32
Thread Severity: -1 PER (Fair Fall)

Under 32: The "Thread" from the oviod attacks your leathers and eats through them, leaving major threadscores on your legs where it landed. (Your pair will sit out the next Threadfall -- if this were a REAL threadfall they were fighting.)

32: The oviod doesn't react to the organic matter right away, but you are left with very minor injury before you get between.

32+: With lightning fast reaction times, both you and your dragon recognize what is in your lap and kill the "Thread" with the cold of between before it damages you, your dragon or your gear. AMAZING!

Code: (Threadfall Event Response Code, plug in the dragon stat required, and the dice roll of your threadfall event.) [Select]
Pair XYZ's Check:
[Dragon Stat needed] + [*roll]1D# (Event Dice Roll, usually 1d20)[/roll] = OUTCOME
OUTCOME - [Thread Severity Number] = EVENT OUTCOME

**Note that you wont be able to do the outcome subtraction of Thread severity until the roll is cast - so that is something we will have to do in our head when the roll is posted. You only have to set up the roll with the dragon stat and event dice number and post it.
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Offline Kaltyra

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Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2016, 09:22:04 AM »
Kaltyra was for the most part composed in light of what they were about to do. She had trained hard even if she wasn't the most well liked of her class. And Pridanth, the green had taken to the sky as if it were hers to own. Ever since their first lesson Pridanth excelled in the air. Kaltyra did her part of being a team player and trying very hard to forge some relationships with people that were positive. She still wasn't sought after much for companionship but she had people who didn't mind being in the same wing as her. She worked harder because she knew that her personality repelled people.

Hearing everything N'vet said, she straightened. This was her chance to shine. They had been training for this for months and months. Finally after all the intensity of Weyrlinghood they had the opportunity to show off all that hard work. The leaders of the Weyr would know soon enough what Kaltyra knew, she was great.

Slanted brown eyes met those of N'vet, in a steady, unwavering, I'm ready to do what is needed, kind of way. Kaltyra felt strong standing thing in her leathers. Today she would have to show them that she could work with her Wingmates. That she wasn't someone who only cared about herself. Kaltyra knew she could be an asset to any Wing and hoped that today proved to them that she would be.

Pridanth never doubted her abilities either. So it was that the pair felt prepared and confident that today would go well. 

Offline Slayne

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2016, 10:46:36 AM »
Pair 26's Check (Rynic + Laerynth):
[18] +
Rolled 1d20 : 19, total 19

Offline Zy'kou

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2016, 06:53:47 PM »
A smug sort of smile danced across Zykougan's tanned features as he listened to N'vet's speech. The whole class had worked hard over the past two turns and Zyk couldn't wait to show off. Of course the daredevil was hoping that he and Tabranth would have a true chance to show what they could do. His brown on the other hand was waiting with all the calm of a deep pond. Such contrast, right dude? Zyk asked his partner as he shifted in his spot. A rumble filled Tab's chest as a flicker of amusement filled the human's mind. "Right then! Shall we show them what we're made of, Tab?" Zyk asked aloud so his neighbors could hear him.

As they waited for the right signal, Zyk took a brief moment to check the audience for any sort of familiar faces. There were a few of course, mostly faces from his runner days or from the creche. However there were a handful that made Zykougan's face break into a goofy grin. Breaking the serious mantle that Tabranth had settled on their shoulders, Kougan raised one arm to wave at his family. Well, some would call it a wave while others would wonder if the brown rider had come upon some sort of spasm! Glad now that he had visual confirmation of his mother's safety and the discerning eyes of his brother and father now upon him, Zyk turned his attention back towards his Wingleader. Determined now to outshine his past performances, the daredevil settled his mind to match the zen of his life-partner. "Let's do this Tab," He said softly to the brown who agreed with him whole heartedly.

Offline Ith'rien

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #5 on: December 03, 2016, 07:32:40 PM »
Sleep was apparently not going to be something she was allowed to have any time soon. Once her weyrmate had gotten over the shock of their return, she had practically locked her in her weyr. Ithiskarien knew it wasn't the best way to show that she was a competent rider, arriving to this very important mock Threadfall. Khyrth was not as concerned about how they might do today. Then Ithiskarien was much more likely to worry and much more likely to make a mistake. One that would bother her for weeks to come or even longer.

Despite her lack of sleep, she arrived looking as put together as ever. She had her hair neatly back in a braid, her leathers were impeccable as was the rest of her. She stood in line, hoping not to make a fool of herself.

Unlike those who seemed more than confident, the longer that N'vet spoke, the more she wanted this not to be so important. Her blue eyes looked up to meet N'vet's. His measuring gaze made her stomach flip but at the same time, she knew that they were prepared. They were probably better prepared than any Weyrling class before.

This will be fun! She wasn't sure she agreed but it certainly wouldn't be boring.

Offline Seachrider Raesyn

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #6 on: December 16, 2016, 02:18:23 AM »
Raesyn bit his lip, feeling shaky and short of breath from the nerves as they waited. Because of that anxiety and so he had something to busy himself with, he checked over his straps yet again. He had probably already checked them a dozen times. Everything seemed like it was in order, so he checked over his own appearance, making sure he at least looked out together.

There's nothing to worry about Raesyn. It's just like drills, right? And we're pretty good at those. I mean, we're pretty awesome. We just get to show everyone else that today. It was one of those rare moments where the green was speaking only to Raesyn. Neyith liked to talk to anyone and everyone, normally, but even she realized that now was not the time. Ooooh! I wonder if I'll get any new admirers if we stand out today?

I'm not sure I want to stand out all that much.

The green ignored her dragon and went on. I mean, we were around the same old males for so long. I want to talk to even more blues and browns and bronzes! Raesyn shook his head a little. His chatty green had become quite the flirt starting some time before her maiden flight and it never died down.

Shhhh. N'vet's speaking to us now! The green weyrling tried to quiet the green, who had been going on about various other males from their clutch and Carith's clutch. The green's nattering seemed to calm him down though, mostly mindless chatter though it was. So by the time the Assistant Weyrlingmaster began talking, his nerves were far less shaky already, and by the time he finished, Raesyn was able to grin broadly at him and the other weyrlings in their class, his bright optimism returning to him.

Everything will be fine. Yes it will!

Offline R'leck

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #7 on: January 21, 2017, 02:50:11 AM »
There was an unusual sense of urgency and fierceness in Gryseinth as the bronzepair stood at attention, waiting for N'vet to finish his speech and command them to take off. Releck's chest swelled with every word of the assistant weyrlingmaster. Their class had worked hard. They had worked tirelessly, risked more than any weyrling group ever had, traveled back in time and made it home in one piece. C'rin's training had given them the skills they would need to fight Thread. They would be the best, the strongest, the... Pay attention, Releck. The bronze's chiding was slightly amused, even as he arched his neck and kneaded at the ground. Even if this was all a practice session, it was far from a game, and something deep inside of him had been aroused by even this simulation of Thread.

We're going to impress them all, Gryseinth. Lifting his chin, Releck tightened the straps connecting him to his bronze's harness. Their gear was immaculate, he knew. He'd triple-checked before leaving. Yet, he needed to check a fourth time. Nothing could go wrong, not with the wingleaders watching. He would not shame himself and his dragon. Nodding to N'vet when the man met his eyes, Releck took a deep breath. They were ready. They would be the best. Risking a glance down towards Rylarth's form, he squared his shoulders. With luck, they would wind up in the Weyrleader's wing.

Offline Iolana

Re: [THREAD] A Display of Skill by the Sun Runners
« Reply #8 on: January 23, 2017, 01:20:51 AM »
The crisp morning wind freed tendrils of hair from up in Iolana's cap, which then wrecked havoc on her face. As if they were waving their little hands in freedom from no longer being trapped and that was exactly how she, herself felt. The green rider stood tall as they were addressed by N'vet and shown off to the Weyr. She had been waiting for this day, the day to prove her worth as a woman and as a daughter of T'rius.

Part of her grinned knowing that the Golds were still babies, that two years had gone by in the blink of an eye for those that remained in the present whereas she was now older, taller, matured and nearly a full rider. She was eager to get back into the swing of things. But first, we must impress the Wingleaders. Her green spoke with as much barely contained enthusiasm as her rider felt. The way they flew was they way they thought, as one. They never needed to say much to each other.

As she climbed onto Lyricth and readied to take off into the sky she briefly wondered how her father felt out there, about to watch his second born take to the skies. She may be a green rider, but she was going to prove to them all that they were going to be invaluable to their teams and Pern. She was thankful that her father hadn’t been there in the past when she had made a few missteps.


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