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Author Topic: Searchrider Guide  (Read 768 times)


Offline Search Captain Syra

Searchrider Guide
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:54:22 AM »

Searchrider Crews

Searchriders are generally blue or green riders who go to Hold and Hall to find eligible Candidates to Stand at the next Hatching. A dragonrider can become a Searchrider if his/her dragon has a special ability to judge the inner characteristics of youths after a short, brief meeting. After conversing with their riders, the youths with stronger characters are invited to the Weyrhold to Stand.

In the world of Pern, children between the ages of 13 and 18 are usually Searched. On our site to keep variety, eligible personae can be between the ages 12 and 21 when Searched. Younger or older Candidate rights can be purchased in the marks store. When Searchriders visit the Holds and Halls, they are searching for specific characteristics in the youth. The dragons are adept at seeing the youth's true nature beneath their exterior shell by examining their posture, facial expressions, the way they answer questions, and how they act in the presence of the dragon.

Girls who are Searched are usually strong of character and have a greater empathy than other girls. They answer questions confidently yet sincerely and commonly with a well-thought of answer. They have a confident posture; for example, their shoulders are square and they have strong eye contact. Often, the girls will have the urge to stroke the dragon but they will ask permission first. Courtesy towards rider and dragon are always evaluated. When a gold egg is on the Sands, critical evaluation is even more intense because leadership qualities, obedience, and a disciplined character is needed for goldriders.

Boys who are Searched are chosen for a more variety of reasons. Qualities for a bronzerider and for a bluerider are different, so all possibilities must be viewed. Usually the characteristics would include a fascination of dragons, self-discipline, open-mindedness, and confidence. Others are important, and the dragon recommends off their opinions but in the end, the ultimate decision belongs to the dragonets during the Hatching.

Search crews are generally made up of one or two bronze or brownriders (or one of each), one or two blue dragons, and one or two green dragons who have the Search ability. The bronze or brownriders join the Searching dragons to act as bodyguards against hostile Holders, and are usually chosen by the two bluerider members of the team. The escort pair are generally very close to the blue pairs. Usually a blue and a green will pair up with one of their escorts and the two teams will go through the Hold they are assigned to and Search for potential riders.

Silver Sear Crew
Char Dust Crew
The Silver Sear team is dedicated to Searching the Eastern half of Pern. Their Holds are High Reaches, Tillek, Fort, Nabol, Ruatha, Telgar and South Telgar. They also Search at the Minercraft, Seacraft, Weavercraft, Harper, Smith and Vinter Crafthalls. Typically those on this crew will learn about the Lord Holders on their list and decide how to handle them based on their personalities. This team goes forth as if Searching is their right (as it is), and while respectful, tend not to kowtow to the Lord Holders and their not-so-subtle digs.

Bronzerider Escort: D'kaen of Bronze Orilenth
Bronze/Brownrider Escort:
Bluerider: Syra of Blue Rasenth
Greenrider: Demori of Green Caileth
Greenrider: Raesyn of Green Neyith
The Char Dust team is dedicated to Searching the Western half of Pern. Their Holds are Igen, Ista, Keroon, Nerat, Benden, Bitra and Lemos. They Search the Healer, Wood, Tanner, Beast, Farm, and smaller Crafthalls that are not listed. Members of this team generally rely on their natural empathy and ability to read the Lord Holders in their list and handle them more fluidly depending on their views on dragonriders. They do their duty as diplomats and try to keep the peace, if not openly trying to change the minds of the Lord Holders.

Bronze/Brownrider Escort:
Bronze/Brownrider Escort:
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