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Author Topic: Site Rules [OOC/IC]  (Read 1542 times)


Offline Sigyn

Site Rules [OOC/IC]
« on: March 30, 2017, 11:43:59 AM »
Dragon's Rise Weyr caters to a more mature audience of roleplayers who are interested in participating in building a world together in Anne's world of Pern.We expect all members, including staff, to behave in a manner that keeps this forum fun and welcoming for everyone. Please treat your fellow members, and the staff, with respect. We want everyone to be able to express themselves in writing without worry about feeling shamed or treated badly. Everyone makes mistakes, keep this in mind!

Rules can and will be edited when the staff feel it necessary. Members will be made aware of any changes made. 

Out of Character Rules

Spoiler: Out of Character Rules • show
1.)  No member is required to roleplay the sexual component of a roleplay or mating flight.
   a.) Any sexual roleplays or extended Flight roleplay scenes must be played out on the private forum. Please see an Admin for access information.
   b.) If, at any time, a member of the forum feels that they are being pressured into writing sexual roleplay, they should report it to the Admin immediately so that it can be handled.
No member should ever feel uncomfortable at Dragon's Rise. Pressuring results in one warning, and then a ban of the offending member if it happens again. DsR Admin have a no-tolerance mentality when it comes to this.
   c.) Engaging in sexual roleplay with members under the age of 18, or characters under the age of 18 is NOT permitted. Admin permission is required for characters to roleplay at ages no younger than 16.     
Sexual roleplay is done on a locked forum (known as the 'Flight Rooms') and you must request permission from the Admin to get access. If your behavior on forum is not that of someone we would consider to be of the right maturity level or age, you will be asked to prove your age using your ID in extreme cases (with name, location and personal details EXCEPT your birth date blocked out. An image of your ID with the DSR forum behind it is sufficient as proof, but will likely be unnecessary if you handle yourself as an adult.) Access to this forum is a privilege, not a right.

Failure to protect those who are too young to view such materials is a criminal act and has already been an issue. If you do not like this policy - you are welcome to refrain from such posts and threads entirely and not gain access to this area. Further, failure to behave with maturity about topics held within the Flight Rooms will cause your access to be revoked.
2.)  Admins have the right to request that a member edit parts of their roleplays that are non-canon to the Third Pass.
They will suggest a substitution that can be used if needed. If members have a really awesome concept, the staff will work with them in order to make it canon or work it into a plot of some kind.     
3.) Adding members to private chat programs should be done at your own risk.
The staff cannot discipline members for rules broken off-site and without PM evidence. Discuss your ideas and mature roleplays on the PM system and you will remain protected by our rules.

4.) Drama during in-character roleplay needs to stay there, and be just that.
If you have a problem with another member, please try to handle it maturely, or if that isn't possible, alert a staff member immediately.

5.) All members should behave in a respectful manner towards each other and staff. We want this forum to be fun, not full of drama!

6.) Discrimination based on any parameter is strictly forbidden.
If any member should feel discriminated against, it needs to be brought to staff attention. It will not be tolerated on Dragon's Rise.

7.) Human, dragon and wher characters on Dragon's Rise must not be created with names that are Terran (found on Earth), or too similar to Terran names.
 You will be asked to edit your characters names. In addition to this, names that are created as an honorific must also not be Terran. (I.E: K'ai, L'ynn, D'vid etc.) Similarly, dragons and whers may not name names that are plays on words. Firelizards can pretty much have any name that is not offensive or related to a swear word.
For example (dragons): Ruth, Bath, Aftermath, Absinth, Acrolith, Bismuth, Azimuth, Behemoth, etc. 
For example (whers): Damask, Obelisk, Frisk, Flask, Whisk, Kiosk, Bask, Cask, Dusk, Musk, Tusk, Risk etc.

8.)Regarding the use of Dragon/Wher/Firelizard Images not provided by Dragon's Rise. This includes private models for human Face Claims.
The Staff of Dragon's Rise love to see creativity with all creatures of Pern. However, if you are creating a full rider who has already Impressed, a Dragon, a Wher or Firelizard, and you wish to use your own images (instead of those we have provided for use), please provide a link to the free-use template, or if you have permission from the artist to use the work, please have them email specific permissions for you to use the work. They should send their email to Dragon's Rise Staff.
This email should include:
"Their Name" claiming the work as their own
"Your Name" giving you permission to use it, specifically on Dragon's Rise.
The image, attached to the email.
Contact information to be held on file.

   a.) Importing Dragons/Whers/Firelizards: You may bring these to DSR from another site, provided that the Admin/creator of them gives you permission. Dragons/whers/firelizards created for you by another site are considered their intellectual property by law. Importing of these creatures (or an adopted character from another party) must provide proof of permission. Similarly, if you intend to use the image made for them by another person, the artist of the image must allow the importation of their work.

At 3mo of inactivity and no check-ins regarding your position on the forum, your characters will default to your chosen inactivity preference found on their profile. The options for this are: Adoption, Kill-Off/Death, or NPC. An NPC becomes available for use in plots as needed by any member and is considered a story-character. This does not, however, give them permission to god-mod their speech/actions in a direct manner. It simply allows them to be referenced as doing something as part of the group involved. If no preference is given, the characters will be killed off in plots. Your inactivity preference should be filled in on your profile when the character is created. Dragons that Impressed to characters on DSR, who originate on DSR, will be removed from the character and placed up for adoption.
The Staff of DSR feels that, in the span of 3mo, you can find 5 minutes of your time to log in and check in with us either by using Skype, the Chatbox, or the Leave of Absence forum.[/pl

In-Character Rules

Spoiler: In-Character Rules • show
1.) Dragon's can hear only their own rider's thoughts, and will speak only to them and people who are extremely close to them. The only other people they can hear are Hear All Dragon's characters, and those characters can speak back to them telepathically as well. Dragonets are the exception to this rule as, before the age of 8months, they have trouble keeping their mindvoice controlled to their bonded rider.

2.) All female Candidates stand for green and gold. To be considered for golds (whenever we have them - which is rare anyway), a woman must be willing to ride green. There is no such thing as a "Gold Candidate". Blue seeking females stand for Green/Gold eggs, and the Impression of a blue will be random and decided by the staff. It will never be an expected event. If the staff determines a member active enough on the forum, their Impression to a blue will happen - but female Blueriders are very, very rare and you should not expect to Impress one.

-- Female characters that wish to ride a fighting dragon should be able to handle the social stigma that a woman on a fighter dragon will incur. They are not well-favored assets to the Weyr and most male riders will treat them like scum. Greenrider females also deal with these issues, but to a lesser extent as the bi/straight men see them as a viable alternative to a male-male pairing.

3.) Riders are encouraged to be created as bisexual, either male or female genders, as riders have no choice in who a dragon is flown by. "The dragon chooses." is a common saying, and is often repeated by a rider if they bed someone not of their preferred gender.

   a.) You are never required to write smut with another rider, but typically only bronzes/golds can claim total straightness - and even they are not looked down upon for being otherwise inclined. Bronzeriders who catch golds are typically of the straight variety as this is engineered into bronze dragons by Kit Ping to Impress to young men who are heterosexual. This does not mean a bronzerider cannot fall in love with a man (feelings/chemistry happen to everyone and are unexplained after all!) but their personality would reflect that of a typical bronzerider in that they tend to make good leaders and be rather assertive with their opinions.

   b.) Homosexual riders are commonplace in a Weyr, though all riders pretend to be straight among the prudish Holder folk. 

   c. Regarding Transgendered Persons: Unique to Dragon's Rise, we also allow characters who identify as the opposite sex. (Males who identify as females, and females who identify as males). However, this does come with the restriction of said character only Impressing what their genetic gender would allow them to: this means no male goldriders, and no female bronze/brown riders. A transgendered character is most likely to Impress to a green dragon as these are the most flexible in their sexuality pairings and would provide a foil to being referred to by their preferred pronoun. These characters will never ride golds or bronzes as these dragons tend to Impress to characters who are stable in their identity as genetically male/female.

These situations do not count as a 'female riding brown' or 'female riding blue' issue as the person is still genetically the appropriate gender for the dragon's rank. A dragon will always Impress to the genetic gender instead of their preferred pronoun - this is because of the way dragons were engineered and not a slight by Dragon's Rise on those who are transgendered.

4.) All dragons obey the queens. You cannot, and will not, be exempt from this rule. Similarly, the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader's orders are final. Insubordination in-character will result in punishment of the rider/weyrfolk and grounding of a dragon for a specified period of time based on the severity of the crime. 

5.) Power play of other member's dragons or characters needs to be discussed and agreed upon in an OOC line in a post of the roleplay. Unless otherwise given permission, power play is not allowed and you will be asked to edit your response if it is seen or reported. If you have discussed it previously with the other person, please make note of this in that response.

Regarding Firelizards

Spoiler: Regarding Firelizards • show

1. Green/Gold Firelizards can rise to mate twice a year after they are sexually mature at ONE TURN from their hatching date. Clutches must be approved by the Admin and unless previously discussed, the eggs that hatch go feral. People who wish to adopt an egg from a PC clutch must make sure that the person who owns the female has purchased the ability to have a clutch from the Shop.
   a.) Members that have purchased green or blue firelizards from the shop may arrange to adopt one of the eggs from a green clutch. Firelizards bred from Imprinted firelizards are smarter than their feral/wild counterparts.
   b.) Clutches will be generated with an Admin tool randomly.
      -- Green clutches are generally 4-6 eggs that contain greens and blues. Occasionally a brown will be lain by a Green, and this is considered to be as lucky as a gold dragon laying a gold egg.
      -- Gold clutches are generally 5-10 eggs. They can produce the full gamut of colors, but those eggs not adopted by PC characters will go wild.
      -- Green/Golds can be flown and produce eggs from any other male of the species (i.e, Blues, Browns, and Bronzes can sire).
   c.) The option to produce a clutch must be purchased from the Shop if the resulting eggs are to be adopted out to other members or characters you or others own. Otherwise, fully feral clutches (not one of the babies Imprints to a character) are free.                     

2. Firelizards do not affect their riders sexually during their mating flight as much as their larger cousins the dragons. A rider might feel a slight increase in their desire for sexual activity or thoughts about sexual acts, but this is generally easy to suppress. Children might feel uncomfortable if they are young, but even these feelings can be tolerated.
3. A single character may Imprint up to 3 firelizards.
   a.) If the character is a Weyrling rider, their dragonet should be 6mo old before the Imprint of a firelizard. This allows the rider to have taken care of their dragon and the bond to cement before adding the confusion of a firelizard.
4. If a member has no firelizards at all, they may adopt a green or blue (their choice) from either a wild clutch or from a clutch of a member. This is your one free firelizard. Additional firelizards can be purchased in the Shop for marks.
   a.) If an adoption from a member's clutch is chosen for a first firelizard, that member is not required to purchase a clutch from the Shop.
5. Limit 1 Gold per character. Golds may only be obtained by purchasing them in the Shop or winning them from events. If you have purchased a gold, you may choose to get the firelizard from another gold's clutch, or from a feral clutch. Please note that there are no 'unexpected' golds. This means your clutch will not produce a gold unless there is a member claiming the gold firelizard. Fully feral clutches (see above) CAN produce a gold that goes feral.
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