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Author Topic: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]  (Read 1354 times)

Description: Early Afternoon - 06.31.508 AL

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« on: July 19, 2017, 02:51:38 AM »
Lyrial was dressed in her grungy clothes preparing for her introduction lesson. She felt like floating every time she remembered how she had forced the Healercraftmaster to admit that the Healer Hall shouldn't be policing her dragons. The grace of custom, the other Masters besides him in the Craft had been present for the Table Walking Ceremony for Larisae and Lyrial had been able to force the vote to happen in a way she hadn't been able to before. The Weyrwoman smiled at the memory.

Lyrial looked out from the dais at the head of the dining cavern. It wasn't settled the way it normally was... instead, this time, it had been set up to hold the ranks separate as per the Healer Hall custom. Junior and Senior Apprentices sat apart from each other just as the Junior and Senior Journeyman and the Masters separate still. The Masters sat with her, looking out over the crowd and raised up just a bit above them all. It was the perfect pulpit for addressing the crowd.

The young woman, Larisae, was to be walked from her Senior Apprentice position to Junior Journeywoman but she was also a newly Impressed Weyrling. It had caused some problems for how to hold her ceremony in due time. Lyrial had seen it as an opportunity.

Surreptitiously she had reached out to the Masters across Pern and personally requested their presence at the Weyr. They had come. And why not? It was common knowledge that people wanted a look in the last Weyr on Pern, at the dragons and their riders who would be protecting them. Lyrial bided her time as the celebration went on. Soon it would be time to eat and the young woman would be walked by her rankmates to her new seat.

There was a small commotion by the door which the woman studiously ignored, she was aware of a tense undercurrent from some of her male riders and wasn't thrilled about it. However, she had no intention of allowing it to spoil her plans. If nothing else, the idea was for her announcement to distract from the commotion.

Finally it was time. The Healercraftmaster was standing and tapping his glass with a spoon, the crystal tinkling its sound through the cavern, reverberating against the walls and carrying. Lyrial saw the looks on the faces as they realized why the cavern was set up the way it was. Murmuring followed, quickly quieted, as Lasren stood.

"We have gathered here, today, at High Reaches Weyr, to honor a hard working young woman. As you are all aware, this would normally be a ceremony held at our own Hall -- but Apprentice Larisae has recently become a dragonrider." There was a smattering of applause and when it subsided, the man continued. "Today she will eat her first meal surrounded by those in her Craft, as a Journeywoman."

At those words, Larisae's group at her table stood, surrounded her chair and lifted it. A man stood by her side, holding her hand, as the young woman was carried to her new place among the Junior Journeyman. Her old group applauded loudly, murmuring congratulations to her and touching her shoulder gently before returning to their places. She would be the only one assuming a new rank that day. Lasren spoke again once Larisae was in her new place, "Let me be the first to call you by your new rank, Journeywoman Larisae. Consessions have already been made for you to call upon Masters of the different specializations you may be interested. They will come here, to you, until such time as your dragon is old enough to fly you to them." At this, the rest of the gathered Healers cheered for the newly ranked woman.

This was the queue for the servers to bring out the food to the tables, serving the Masters first before placing the food among the tables. Wine was not served, not yet. Lyrial wanted no one to claim there had been a mistake in the voting. No one to claim inebriation had made them vote the way they had. So she waited, biding her time as people ate and began quiet conversation when they finished. When she saw more people talking than eating Lyrial turned on her Weyrwoman charm and stood.

Lyrial hid a smile as the Healers quieted quickly, turning to see why she had stood and was looking out at them. Instead, she smiled out at them as a woman pleased with so many guests. "I am so thrilled to see everyone here, today." she began, roving her eyes over the gathered people and meeting each of the Master's eyes. "I recognize many of your faces, and I am glad you were able to make it here to celebrate Journeywoman Larisae's Table Walking as well as her Impression. Now that she has eaten a meal with her new rankmates, it is time to turn our attention to more serious matters."

Silence had fallen. Lasren was glowering, outshone by this blonde woman who held the attention of the Healers so much more than he had not long before.

Lyrial ignored him.

"As many of you know, the Red Star is being seen at the edges of our distant lands, it is coming and with it -- Thread. It is time to admit to ourselves that Thread is returning, whether you think it is or not.

This brings up a point that has taken the Weyr a very long time to broach with you all in a public setting. As a Senior Journeywoman it is my right to call a vote for matters that affect us all. I am a woman. I am also a Dragonhealer. I have specialized in it, I have excelled, and I have surpassed my Master." A man nodded, he had been her Master an believed she should have outranked him, but her gender prevented it. "By Charter law, the Holds, Crafts and Weyrs are separate from each other, rarely -- if ever -- enforcing each other's rules upon the other groups. And yet this has been overlooked where Dragonhealing and the Healer Hall are concerned.

High Reaches Weyr, as a whole, are your last chance to survive thread in comfort and yet, we must look to the Healer Hall when it comes to the health of our dragons. This is unacceptable." Her voice raised, tinged with annoyance. "As a Journeywoman I am required to pass my information to my Master and get permission to heal as I see fit. This has never been a problem as my Master treats me as his equal, dutifully signing the papers and trusting me to know what is best for my Weyr and my dragons.

I will no longer allow this to continue. I am calling for the cessation of Dragonhealing being controlled by the Healer Hall when they are not part of my Weyr nor do they interest themselves in our affairs. There is no reason for the Healer Hall to control my dragonhealing and by the Charter, this should never have been allowed to happen.

During the Interval this was more acceptable since Dragonhealing was very rarely needed and so few Dragonhealers were choosing the speciality. But in the wake of the Red Star, my dragonriders need to begin learning, training and treating their companions and they cannot do so if they are required to train at the Healer Hall, away from dragons, to learn the skills they need. Their duties keep them here, training and caring for their dragons. They have no spare time in which to spend among the Hall and should not be expected to do so. And, if I may be blunt, you all know nothing about dragons that is useful to my riders.

It is for these reasons that I have asked all of the Masters to gather here. I want a formal vote, at the gathering of Masters, to create the Dragonhealer Craft here at High Reaches Weyr. My Master," Lyrial gestured to the man, who stood, "has agreed to support me as the Craftmaster of Dragonhealing and as the last Master Dragonhealer among you, he has the right to put my name forward for this position." There was a murmuring of among all gathered; Lyrial and her Master stared them down. Lasren had the look of dumbfoundment on his face.

Lyrial turned to him, extending a rolled parchment, "This is my formal presentation of intention as required by Law. You will find enclosed my resignation from your ranks as a Healer and my Master's recommendation for Craftmastership of Dragonhealing enclosed." When the hidebound man did not take the roll of papers, Lyrial set it in front of him. He really had no choice but to take it.

Finally she turned back to the Masters. "I, Senior Weyrwoman of High Reaches Weyr, rider of Gold Eireth, Weyrmate of Weyrleader J'ren, rider of Bronze Rylarth, and Senior Journeywoman Healer of Dragonhealing under the Master Dragonhealer Venorian, humbly call for a vote to create Dragonhealing as a Craft apart from the Healer Hall." Eireth roared her approval of Lyrial's formal tone, punctuating the words of her rider.

The dining cavern was perfectly silent. Shock was on the faces of all gathered. Lasren was unable to refuse. There was no precedent for him to do so. Lyrial had followed all of the laws and records to the letter. While it was only the Masters who were allowed to vote, those who trained under them looked to their superiors, wondering who would vote with the Weyrwoman or if she would denied by the Conclave of Masters.

Meanwhile the Masters were blinking at her, now realizing why the Weyrwoman herself had invited them to the Weyr. There were more than 40 Masters, some had been unable to attend, but those she had already gotten signed declarations of support from. Lyrial still needed a majority vote, though.

Slowly Masters began to stand, declaring their support and going to stand beside Lyrial. There was only one more needed for a majority and Lyrial prevented herself from giving them pleading looks. Instead she held her head high, meeting their eyes. Pure surprise came from the gathered Healers as the one man other than Lasren who was so against women holding rank, stood and declared himself for her cause.

Lasren's eyes bugged. Lyrial's Master looked to him, "Craftmaster Lasren, the Weyrwoman has reached a majority vote in her favor."

The Craftmaster stood, slowly, his eyes reflecting malice and anger at having been subverted in his will. He had held power over the dragonriders and the Weyrwoman and was not happy to have it taken from him. "By my power as the Craftmaster of the Healing Hall, I, Lasren, declare Senior Journeywoman Healer of Dragonhealing Lyrial, Weyrwoman of High Reaches Weyr, the Craftmaster of Dragonhealing. Further, Dragonhealing is now a separate and autonomous Craft from the Healer Hall and may begin teaching Apprentices as it sees fit." he did not look happy to have his hand forced.

Cheering began from outside, riders clapped and could be heard within the dining hall. Eireth had spoken her rider's words to the other dragons to pass to their riders. All of High Reaches had been in attendance despite Lasren limiting the guest list. The clapping began to echo inside the cavern as the gathered Healers began their own clapping.

Finally, Lyrial had thought, the Weyr can protect it's own by Law. And Lyrial's heart had soared.

The Weyrwoman blinked, looking around her. The early afternoon sun was warm on her skin as she set out areas of work to demonstrate areas of dragonhealing to her interested people. Now all there was left to do was wait for them to gather. Lyrial smiled. It would be a good day.

Offline Iatario

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 08:51:12 PM »
As the grounds around the infirmary began to slowly fill with folk, Iatario took a moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of the sun on his face. While not the direct sunlight he was used to from his time on the isles, the warmth led to a small smile to line the blue weyrling's face. The small gesture might not be the beaming example others would hold pride in, Tario could feel his blue's happy rumble in response to his joy. "Makes you miss sunning back there, doesn't it?" The gardener asked leaning back against his friend's foreleg. Sunshine is sunshine, The blue teased shifting slightly to jostle his resting rider. "Well I miss the herb-hunts," Tario replied with a soft jab of his own elbow against the soft hide, "Imagine all the teas and herbs I missed," Iatario continued wistfully as his eyes drifted shut in an attempt to go back in time. "So many different combinations," Tario whispered.

I wish I could have tried some, Kinath complained good naturedly as his faceted eyes drifted open to watch the growing crowd. Do you think I ever will? The blue asked even as his attention was distracted by the crowd. A chuckle left Tario as a memory drifted across his mind once more. "You have tried a few, Kinath. You should be thankful that none of them did any damage," The tea-maker continued with laughter in his tone, "There was one that made you make the oddest noises for hours!" The small blue jostled his rider once more as he watched the memory from Iatario's point of view. I was barely more than a hatchling that time! Stop laughing at me before someone wonders what you're up to! The more social blue stated as his blue-green eyes took in the few faces turning towards the pair. The gardener continued to chuckle as one rough hand patted the blue hide behind him, "Let them wonder, buddy. Let them try and guess what's going on."

Offline S'lar

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2017, 07:35:00 PM »
If you want to make it to the introduction, you should go soon.

Is it crowded already?

No. The Weyrwoman is just getting set up. If you leave now, you will be early.

Good. I’ll be able to pick out a decent spot then.

With a stretch and a brief sigh, S’lar abandoned the scattered remains of his lunch and made his way down from his weyr to the Infirmary.

The announcement that Dragonhealing would now be under the purview of the Weyr and its leadership had caused something of a stir amongst many of the Weyr’s inhabitants – himself included. The former Healer’s apprentice naturally had a keen interest in this new opportunity that had arisen, and was now considering whether to pursue a Journeyman’s or even Master’s rank in what he considered to be one of the most important crafts. One that, in his eyes, had a great deal of overlap with his role as a rider – to save lives.

Arriving at the Infirmary, he located the areas set aside for the presentation, made his presence known to the Weyrwoman, including an offer to assist if needed, and took his place near the front of the assigned area where he would be able to see and hear everything with ease.

Offline Niriayta

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2017, 07:53:30 PM »
Niriayta peered out of her workshop and into the Weyr Bowl where it seemed a commotion was picking up. The Weyrwoman appeared to be setting up some sort of class in the open area and was wearing her Dragonhealing regalia -- her grunge clothes -- while she did it. 

The young woman distinctly remembered the night that Lyrial had posed the coup on the Healer Hall, wresting control from the Healercraftmaster Lasren. It had been... eventful for her. Shocking, as it were. However, the thing that set it all apart for her was seeing S'lar standing in the Bowl as though to participate in whatever it was. Not being able to be a rider didn't bother Niriayta but she also didn't want to stand uselessly on the sidelines while her friends got hurt around her. Somehow the idea of having the most powerful woman on Pern as her Master, teaching her how to help when it was needed, appealed to the Smither-girl who had been denied a place in her Craft because she was a woman.

Dragonhealing, Lyrial had told everyone, would not be limited to those who had a penis. It had caused a riot of amusement when she had made that announcement; most of all because it meant that a woman could hold a legitimate title of Master in the Craft if they worked hard enough. Even more, it had been made very clear that you didn't need a dragon to be a dragonhealer. Quill, her brown firelizard, chirped at her from his place in her rafters. He enjoyed sleeping on the wooden dragon's head and was looking quizzically at her while she debated the merits of joining the ranks of the Dragonhealers.

At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to go to the introduction, right? Cricket mused, and the information can help me if Quill needs medical attention, too.  And that thought decided it. Cricket resolutely stepped outside, giving a whistle to Quill to call him to her to observe and maybe even practice on. When he was perched on her shoulder, the young woman walked out to the area the Weyrwoman was preparing.

"Well," she said, nudging S'lar with her elbow, "at least this way, if you get hurt in threadfall, I can help take care of you and your dragon." Cricket said, smiling up at the huge man who had shared her bed for Eireth's last mating flight. She had enjoyed every moment of it... in fact, it was hard to get her mind off of the memory sometimes. Cricket flushed, once again seeing them making love in her mind. With a clearing of her throat, she tried to distract herself, "So, Weyrwoman Lyrial, what is this about?" she asked loudly.

"Ah! Niriayta, were you thinking about being a dragonhealer?" the woman grinned, turning to look at her in response. "This will be something of an introduction to dragonhealing for people who are interested. At the end, those who are interested can officially join the ranks if they wish to."

Offline Fiara

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2017, 08:21:42 PM »
Keeping a firm grip on her youngest's hand, Fiara couldn't help the small proud smile that danced across her features. When the young mother had begun her journaling, Ara had never thought that it would be this freeing. Somehow spelling her past out onto scraps of paper and hide eased the burden. It still amazed the creche-worker just how far she had come along the past few seasons. Glancing down at her Fiziona, Ara's pride only grew. So much had changed for her since she had fled her old home and the brunette was ready to start a new path.

As the pair joined the growing crowd, Ara gave into her daughter's tugging of her mother's hand. After shifting her bag into a more suitable spot, Fiara lifted her Fizzy to her hip with practiced ease. "Can you see all the pretty dragons, Fizz?" The mother asked as the young girl pressed a wet kiss to Ara's cheek. "Mmmhmm!" Fiziona intoned shaking her own brunette head. "Use your words, dear," Ara urged as she moved closer to the Weyrwoman. "Yes Mama! So many pretties!" Fiziona gushed with a hand waving at the different dragon near them.

"Can you name their colors?" Fiara prompted as they waited for the lesson to begin. "Mmhmm!" Fizzy agreed as she began to point at the dragons closest to her. "Blue! I see a blue one!" Fiziona started as her mother nodded absently, "Brown... G-green! Mama! There's a green one! Can I go see her?" Fizzy asked now bouncing on her mother's already abused hip. "Maybe later, Fiz," Ara chimed in distractedly as she began a mental list of the few familiar faces around her. "What else do you see, Fizzy-heart?" Ara asked turning slightly to distract her daughter from the green she wanted to meet.

Offline Br'lon

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2017, 05:01:45 PM »
Br’lon and Raytoth flew in for a landing in the Bowl after their morning outing. As they flew in Raytoth spotted the set up for the Dragonhealing demonstration. So are you going to listen to your little one and join in? The big Bronze circled overhead in interest.  Br'lon thought back on earlier when his daughter Aralion had slyly suggested he bond with her mother Fiara over Dragonhealing. "I suppose so. After all it will certainly be useful knowledge in the coming days and I never did take up a craft." Raytoth came in for a landing among the other dragons in attendance.

Br’lon dismounted and gave a bow to Lyrial. "Good afternoon Weyrwoman, fine day to learn something new eh?" He gave her a broad smile and gestured to his Bronze. "Raytoth and I would be happy to assist in any way we can as well of course." With the offer out there he walked over to Fiara. "Hello Fiara, hello Fiziona. How are you lovely ladies today?"

Offline Senior Weyrwoman Lyrial

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2017, 07:39:32 PM »
Lyrial nodded her hellos to everyone, noting that S'lar and his brown as well as Br'lon and his bronze were willing to assist with anything needed. The woman pondered for a moment; with four dragons she could demonstrate the rescue formation all dragons were taught during Weyrlinghood in case the golds needed to catch injured and falling dragons. Rylarth wasn't able to help with the particular pattern yet, with his wing still healing, but with another bronze available...

Shall I speak with the others and find out whether there is a green or bluerider pair available? Eireth asked, catching the turn of her rider's thoughts. Lyrial gave a mental agreement and the gold turned away to speak and coordinate for her rider. Aelsanth, Raytoth, my rider would like to request your assistance demonstrating the rescue formation this afternoon. Do you remember it? the gold asked the two males, she detailed it just in case and then requested they join her on the rim of the Weyr before turning her attention toward Avraneth and to finding another dragon to be 'injured'. Finally, she settled on Elmindreth. Elmindreth. I need you today. the gold told the young green.

My rider did not think to join this participation, should she be told to attend? Elmindreth asked, her question tinged with curiosity and excitement.

She need not attend, but you should inform her that you will be participating in this as the 'injured' dragon so as not to frighten her when the time comes. Eireth responded after having checked with her rider.

There was another pause as the green seemingly discussed this development with her rider. I will participate. I am to fall and pretend to be injured? she asked, and when she had her question confirmed, gave a mental nod and said she would be ready when the time came.

Eireth relayed her conversations with her rider and the woman nodded. Excellent, she thought, I'll be able to show them what a real injury might appear like. The group around them was growing and finally it was time to make the last minute call out to those who might be running late that it was starting.

Instead of waiting for a quiet moment, Lyrial stuck her fingers in her mouth and gave an ear-splitting whistle. The din quieted immediately and she smiled. "Hello riders and weyrfolk! As many of you are now aware, the Weyr is in charge of it's own Craft -- Dragonhealing. Even more of you are aware of how I managed it..." she went on to discuss how she had pulled her coup on the Healercraftmaster, "Needless to say, Lasren is not thrilled that there is now a woman Master he is not in control of, nor is he thrilled that he has lost what little power he had over the Weyr." there were cheers and hoots at this by Lyrial waved them away, "Exciting as it is, please don't fan the flames of dissent with the man. We must remain respectful if we want to repair the damage our ancestors have done with our Weyr-Craft-Hall relations." the woman clapped her hands together, "Now! I have finally set a curriculum for Dragonhealing which means that we can now accept Apprentices for teaching."

The Weyrwoman looked around at the gathered faces, making mental notes of who looked the most interested. "This is an introductory lesson to show you what I have been teaching those who worked in the Infirmary for me before we were an official Craft. It will take your afternoon, and this is the reason we have done it after lunch.

There are many of you here who are ranked in human Healing already. Given that fresh apprentices begin their training learning the basics, if you can demonstrate your knowledge you can test out of the first rank of Apprentice Dragonhealing and become Senior Apprentices almost immediately.

Dragonriders, you may remember that you had a lesson or two in dragonhealing during your Weyrlinghood. Please consider what you learned to be 'Field Healing' -- this is basic enough to get you through until a dragonhealer could assist you but not enough to teach you what is needed for being a Senior Apprentice. Who can tell me the first thing we learn about treating dragons?" she called out loudly.

The gathered group addressed her as one, "Sedate the rider, not the dragon!"

"Correct. Do you know why this is?" she continued, pointing to a younger rider.

"Dragons are fatally allergic to fellis, but their riders on fellis give them a sedative effect through the bond. This can make them easier to deal with for large injuries." the young man responded loudly enough for his voice to carry.

"Correct again!" Lyrial beamed, "Dragons are also massive creatures. The amount of fellis needed to treat them would be hard to come by even if they could take it. Treating pain in dragons is done using numbweed, a plant I am sure you are all too familiar with," there were groans at the memory of cooking the noxious plant, "additionally, and one of the main reasons gold riders are taught dragonhealing, gold are able to dull the feeling of pain in other dragons. This is done using their inherent compulsion to subtly convince the brain that they are not hurting. Dragons of all colors have an interesting ability to 'forget' pain. This is how they are able to continue fighting Thread in another Fall after being injured in a previous one. And let's be honest, dragon memories are not the best in the first place." Lyrial grinned, she then continued a basic lecture on what most riders already knew.

It was around an hour later that Lyrial gave a mental signal to her her dragon; it was time for Elmindreth to make her fall and the four others to catch and carry in rescue formation. A few moments later, a hideous shriek rent the air from high above as the green began her performance. The sound was shocking and realistic, so much so that Lyrial herself looked up with a panic, thinking something had gone wrong.

Eireth roared, which cleared any dragons from the air of the Weyr Bowl where a dot was cascading down from the high fighting altitude. The trust Elmindreth had in her senior Gold was incredible, Lyrial thought. In unison, two golds, a bronze and a brown detached themselves from the Weyr Bowl and took to the skies above the Bowl.

Avraneth flew point, below and forward of the other three. Above her slightly were Aelsanth and Raytoth. Eireth flew slightly above the males prepared to have the weight of a dragon fall on her at a high speed. The four dragons moved together like a practised team. They climbed in height as Elmindreth allowed herself to fall, one wing appearing to actually be broken and injured the way she held it in the air.

Finally, it was catch time. The green was falling with her back facing the ground, and hit Eireth's back hard. The impact was loud, and the senior gold dropped a dragonlength before her wings were buoyed by the males below her. The three dropped again before levelling out and gliding together. Avraneth used her back to allow the males a place to set their legs as the foursome stopped their flight movements, cupping air and allowing it to slowly dissipate from below their wings. Elmindreth was still and unmoving on Eireth's  back, feigning injury as she was ferried to the earth. The dragons swooped low in their glide, right over the heads of the group gathered for the lesson, to allow Eireth to land several dragonlengths beyond the humans.

Avraneth split off first, then the males, leaving Eireth alone to drop her feet to the ground and land carefully. She tucked a wing  against her side as she turned toward the open space and lowered herself to the ground. Elmindreth, still appearing to be an injured dragon, was gently rolled to the ground where she lay with her wing extended in 'injury'.

There were screams, gasps and cries as people watched the demonstration without realizing it wasn't real. Lyrial raised her voice high over the voices, "In Threadfall, a dragon can be injured very badly, often on their wingsails, which causes dragons to be unable to make it safely to the ground. What you just witnessed is a very advanced procedure practised by the riders in case there is a dragon that needs help." People quieted, still alarmed by the apparently injured green. Elmindreth had played her part well.

She is not hurt. Eireth informed her rider, a tone of smugness in her words. She played her part well Lyrial was grateful for the reassurance, since the green had done such a wonderful imitation of an injured dragon.

Lyrial cleared her throat, turning her attention to the gathered crowd. "Elmindreth, our 'injured' green -- is not harmed. This was a demonstration of what a rescue looks like. First thing's first, who can tell me what I do first?" she asked, still trying to calm their nerves since she hadn't prepared them for the falling green.

Offline Fiara

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2017, 08:11:52 PM »
Ara did her best to keep her attention split between the crowd and her daughter as she waited for the lesson to begin. While she knew that the gathering could take a good portion of the afternoon, the brunette was glad that her daughter was the patient sort. As long as she had something to occupy most of her time, Fiziona was a happy child. Hence the bag still hanging off Fiara's shoulder. Inside were a few quiet toys and a few scraps of hide for Fizzy to doodle on. There were also a few soft snacks and a water-skin carefully packed to one side.

Ara was so preoccupied with her mental tally of the distractions for Fizzy that she barely noted that they were no longer alone among the crowd. "Br'lon!" Fizzy called out happily as she raised one hand towards the familiar rider. Fiara felt her cheeks heat slightly as she turned towards the bronze rider. "Hello, Br'lon," Ara began offering the father of her elder daughter a smile, "We're doing well." Ara wanted to continue, to ask Br'lon how he was and how his bronze was doing, but the timing of the day seemed to be against her as the weyrwoman began her speech.

As the riders and weyrlings around her chimed in the often practiced lines, Ara felt a tug of jealousy deep in her heart. While it wasn't a strong pull, Fiara often wondered what her life would have been like if she had escaped sooner. Refusing to let the painful past cloud the day, Ara distracted herself by pulling out a soft toy for Fiziona. Thankfully Lyrial's speech soon provided a better mindset for the young mother as she began to cover information that Fiara didn't know. A frown appeared a few times on her face as she tried to keep up with what the other woman was saying.

In fact a frown was marring Fiara's face as a horrid screech filled the air. Tucking her daughter tight against her, the now frantic mother let her brown gaze dart around to find the source of the sound. Her heart seemed to stop in her chest as her vision was filled with the falling green. With her free hand now rising to her lips, Ara's thoughts now centered on what could have shattered such a peaceful afternoon. As her heartbeat returned to hammer in her ears, Ara watched with a sort of child-like fascination as the larger dragons sprang into action with practiced ease. "Oh Mama! She's falling! Can the Pretty Queens and Ray help her?" Fizzy asked with the same awe ringing in her one. "I hope so, Fizz," Ara whispered laying her cheek on the toddler's head.

The pair watched as the group did their best to return the injured green to safety. If Ara's grip on her daughter was tighter than it had been just moments ago, Fiziona showed little sign of the discomfort the hold gave her. It wasn't until the Weyrwoman spoke up again that Fiara remembered that they were in the bowl for a lesson. A sheepish smile flickered to her face as she dared a glance at her friend, "Did you know?" She asked simply hoping that Br'lon would know what she was referring to.

Offline Niriayta

Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
« Reply #8 on: August 05, 2017, 07:04:59 PM »
Niriayta waited patiently as the group assembled for the Weyrwoman to speak. Her newest journal was in her hand, along with her lead pencil in order to take notes. She didn't care if this was just an introduction instead of a first lesson, Cricket intended to take full advantage of the knowledge she could gain.

She was making marks on the paper to indicate what she was preparing to take notes on when the woman's high pitched whistle split the air. As the lesson began to cover the basics of dragonhealing, the Smith-girl began to make her notes. If only she had been afforded such a chance in the Craft she had wanted to practice... they would have found her to be a dutiful student. Cricket found herself forgetting everyone around her as she focused, taking notes and calling out when she knew an answer -- which, Niriayta noticed, wasn't often. She would definitely be starting as an Apprentice.

The basics about dragons, whers and firelizards were interesting to the young woman and she found herself poking and prodding at Quill to see the different items that Lyrial went over. It amused her to no end when the little brown began anticipating what she wanted and showing off parts of himself to her. Niri had to guess that she was imaging to him strongly as she made small drawings with her notes.

After a while she looked down at her journal and noticed that it looked like gibberish. Niri blinked. Apparently she had reverted her writing to the cipher that she and her parents had used when she was stationed in the Hold with Denir.

Dragon Anatomy Basics
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Pdmsaze tmhq ftdqq qkqxupe ftmf bdafqof ftqud qkqe. Ftq uzzqd yqyndmzq ue fdmzexgoqzf iuft ftq agfqd fia uzodqmeuzs uz ftuowzqee. Ftq uzzqd yqyndmzq ue geqp itqz ftq pdmsaz ue egnyqdsqp uz imfqd fa mxxai ftq pdmsaz fa eqq ituxq bdafqofuzs ftq qkq. Ftq agfqd xup ue ftq ftuowqef mzp fqzpe fa nq ftq emyq oaxad me ftq pdmsaz'e tupq. Pdmsaz'e xmow qkqxmetqe mzp dqxk az ftqud qkqdupsqe me mppufuazmx bdafqofuaz. Pdmsaz qkqe mdq ygxfurmoqfqp mzp itudx zmfgdmxxk. Ftqk qkqe mdq mnxq fa dqrxqof pdmoazuo yaape iuft ftq oaxad mzp ebqqp ar ftq qkqe dqbdqeqzfuzs ftq uzfqzeufk ar ftq qyafuaz.
With a shrug, she turned her head back to the Weyrwoman who was trailing to the end of her basic education lecture. A horrendous sound split the air and Niriayta saw the panic on the blond woman's face as she snapped her head up to look into the sky. Niri was on her feet in seconds following Lyrial's gaze and spotting a green dragon plummeting down through the air.

A sharp gasp came from her mouth as the group assembled watched the falling dragon. The roar of a dragon made any other dragons in the air quickly disperse as Eireth, Avraneth, Aelsanth and Raytoth left their perches on the rim of the Weyr Bowl and began the formation. Niriayta watched with her hands clasped in front of her as they dipped and moved together as though they shared one mind. Eireth, the largest dragon, caught the green on her back, letting the weight drop her through the air to the backs of the males, and that drop from Eireth on their backs landing the males' feet on Avraneth below them.

The four in the recovery dive fell low over the heads of the spectators making her, and many others, duck as though they were going to be touched by dragon feet. Cricket saw the entire group level out before the dragons peeled off one by one leaving Eireth to land herself and the green safely beyond the crowd.

There was a throat clearing sound that distracted the younger woman from staring at the gold and green dragons. Lyrial had cleared her throat, turning her attention to the gathered crowd. "Elmindreth, our 'injured' green -- is not harmed. This was a demonstration of what a rescue looks like. First thing's first, who can tell me what I do first?"

Cricket's heart was pounding entirely too much to answer, still unconvinced that it had all been fake.
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Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
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Watching the people gather for the lesson, S'lar smiled at the sight of red hair headed almost unerringly towards him. Having Niriayta there would make it much more pleasant to sit through the lesson… and also be highly distracting. Somehow, he didn't think he'd mind.

He chuckled at her comment as she came up beside him. “I can’t think of a better nurse.” He grinned. “I’m glad to see you here. Everyone should know at least a little of this.”

They settled into a companionable silence as Lyrial began her instruction, explaining the basics that many of the riders knew to the newcomers who probably wouldn’t, including Niri. As the Weyrwoman continued her lecture, S'lar made note of a few smaller details that had slipped his mind.

I probably should've brought something to write on myself. He thought ruefully, looking over at Cricket's copious notetaking.

“If you’re interested in continuing after this, you’re welcome to study with me. We can use Aelsanth as reference. I'm not sure how far I'll be able to progress, but I intend to try for at least Journeyman rank.”

Since his brown was a part of the demonstration, S’lar was one of the few who was already aware of what would go down. Even so, he was still surprised by just how realistic the exercise appeared. 

Apparently the green is a talented actress.

As they watched the green plummet from the skies, he caught her panicked reaction and spoke up quietly to comfort her. “She’ll be fine,” he said, pointing as Eireth cleared the airspace and the rescue wing took off. “See, they’ll catch her easily. It's part of the lesson.”

Good job up there. You all performed well.

Of course we did. It will be much harder to perform mid-flight during Threadfall.

Of course it will, but that’s why it’s important to practice now.

Seeing that much of the crowd was still coming down from the adrenaline, he decided to take the lead and answered Lyrial's question in a calm tone.

"You would start by cleaning and oiling your hands, so as not to get any dirt or bacteria into the wound when examining it. The first concern when treating any major injury is to prevent infection that could cause further complications."

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Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
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Eireth has requested my assistance in a rescue exercise. The Bronze informed his Rider and joined the Queen where he was told. Very good, that'll get everyone's attention I'm sure. Br’lon noticed as the Weyrwoman started her lesson that Fiara was struggling to understand the topics he and the others had learned earlier on in their training. "Would you like to join me after the lesson to go over anything you need help on? Raytoth is plenty big for the both of us."

When the screech filled the Bowl, Br'lon flinched and went stiff for just a moment. Ray and the others were almost immediately in formation to catch the falling Green. Once he was able to gather himself again Br'lon moved to reassure the girls immediately. "Of course they help her. You know Ray and the others are big and strong so catching a little Green is no trouble."

When confronted with the question from Fiara, Br’lon gave a guilty smile. "Ah....yes, I did. Though that Green preformed a whole lot more convincingly than I was prepared for."

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Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
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Lyrial looked around at the faces that were still reacting to the surprise of the rescue. There were many of them who had initially reacted with fear but were now calmly looking for more instruction. These were the people who could remain level-headed in the face of danger or in the wake of an emergency. Children who had been watching and listening to the demonstration looked distraught still but the Weyrwoman hardened her heart. Thread was coming. The children of the Weyr would be running errands and helping where they could when the dragons were flying -- they'd need to get used to the sights and sounds of an emergency.

The woman dragged her eyes away from the children in the crowd and opened her ears for a response to her question. It came from a dragonrider, to her surprise, but Lyrial smiled at him encouragingly.

"You would start by cleaning and oiling your hands, so as not to get any dirt or bacteria into the wound when examining it. The first concern when treating any major injury is to prevent infection that could cause further complications." the large man was saying. Lyrial recognized him as the rider of the brown who had flown with Eireth in the rescue.

That's exactly right. Healers and Dragonhealers use redwort solution for it's antibacterial properties. A red stain often coats your hands if you don't first oil them. The oil also prevents the numbweed you will apply from causing you to lose feeling in your hands." Lyrial explained while she mimed cleaning herself with redwort. "A relative of this redwort is used in the kitchens and other areas by the non-medical team for less severe situations that require clean hands. That solution is clear and can easily be used to make soap-like cleanser." The Weyrwoman went on the describe the differences in the two plants, subtle as they were, and the other properties they held.

"You will come to find that we Healers, both of humans and dragons, use a lot of herbal mixtures for healing or making into poultices." Lyrial grinned, moving to a table set aside while Elmindreth settled herself with her 'injured' wing in a patch of sunlight. "Let's say that Elmindreth, our lovely green here, had broken a bone in her wing. After washing and disinfecting my hands, what would I do next?"

"Assess the injury!" came a call from the crowd, eliciting agreement from those around them.

"Right!" The Weyrwoman beamed, going to the green's side and having Eireth ask her to attempt to extend her 'broken' wing. Elmindreth made a show of being unable to, and Lyrial went to the bone that would have caused her to be unable to move it. "This bone," she began, having the green tilt her wing toward the crowd, "is called the 'inner bone', beside it is the 'middle bone' and lastly, the 'spar bone'. These three bones make up the main flexibility of the wing and the structure for the sails -- or the membranous parts of the wings. The inner bone and primary mainsail," she paused, pointing the parts out, "support the main weight of the dragon. The secondary and spar mainsails and the mid- and spar bones allow for agility and manoeuvrability in the air.

In the case of a broken or injured bone, we would have to very carefully move the wing back into a furled position against the dragon's side and set the bones properly. This is a very painful procedure and a gold dragon would be asked to dull the sensation of pain for the injured dragon." Lyrial carefully guided the green to pull her wing against her side and patted her. Elmindreth responded by dropping her head down to the woman for scratches on her eyeridge. "You did very well, Elmindreth, thank you." she told the green, who didn't respond, but the green and blue of her eyes whirled faster with pleasure at the praise.

The Weyrwoman went back to addressing the crowd, discussing herbal remedies, surgery and bandaging techniques, first aid and basic care, dragonet care for their first year to ensure proper growth and nutrition, post-mating flight care, thread-score treatment, field healing, emergency procedure and dietary needs in short bursts to give a general idea of what went into being a dragon healer. Between discussion and questions, this part of her afternoon took another couple of hours. She then let them wander about the Weyr Bowl where stations for most of the topics had been set up.

Lyrial also wandered through each of the stations, answering questions and speaking with some of those who had been in the crowd for her lectures. She was making mental tallies of those who said they would be signing up when another, real, pain-filled hoarse cry echoed through the Weyr Bowl.

Just over the rim of the Weyr Bowl a small formation of male dragons were flying in tight formation supporting one of their brethren between them. The dragon, a brown from the looks of it, was half-draped over the back of the leading bronze who was supporting it's frame. Two other brown and a blue made up the descending party and Eireth roared to clear the airspace again for them to land.

As they got closer the Weyrwoman saw that one of the injured dragon's shoulders was oddly deformed, appearing to have bone sticking out it and her face paled noticeably.

This emergency injury was not a planned one.

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Re: Open Invitation [Open/Dragonhealing Intro]
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S’lar did his best to pay attention to the summaries as Lyrial lectured on about the numerous aspects of dragonhealing, all of which were significantly important to the proper care of their beloved bondmates. In truth, he was slightly surprised by just how much there was for the Weyrwoman to go over. So much of it was habit and daily ritual by now, that to have it all laid out even without going into too much detail reminded him of how overwhelming the first few years after pairing could be.

The discussions did a great deal to help him remain engaged with the lesson, and in the back of his mind he made a note to acknowledge Lyrial’s skill at teaching if he had the chance to compliment her on it. It was also encouraging to see just how many people were actively interested in what they were here to learn. He had feared that the complexity of the topic might dissuade some folks from sticking with it, even in spite of the looming threat of Threadfall. Cricket was once again proving to be an excellent student, and he answered her quieter questions as thoroughly as he could without distracting the people around them.

As the mass of people began breaking up into smaller groups, S’lar put his arm around Cricket’s shoulders and used his larger size to help steer them through the crowd. “So, what station do you want to hit first?” He smiled. “We should probably do all of them eventually, but if something specific interests you we can start there.”

Some time later, the second scream echoed through the Weyr Bowl, and he looked up expecting another display.

Did I miss her making another request?

No. This one is real, and struggling. His brown sent as he took off from his resting place in the Bowl to land back up on their ledge.

As people started to panic once again, S’lar scanned the crowd for Lyrial and began running towards her, pushing up his sleeves. “Weyrwoman,” he said to draw her attention respectfully. “How can I help?”


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